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Last Posted: 3 Jun '19

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3 Jun '19

Zoetic: is a Greek word which refers to a person who touches on the very essence of the human experience....

My human experience would be improved greatly if this share price moves it's arse and catches up with where it should be!
10 May '19

That was a quick in out trade... Not bad for 40mins!
11 Apr '19

That's what I was thinking but they're good prices if sells. If they were then I'd have thought we'd have seen quite a dramatic decrease in the sp. Like you say, hard to determine.
11 Apr '19

Blimey those are some large chunks changing hands this morning. Doesn't appear to have shift sp either way. Anyone care to elaborate?
8 Apr '19

The 540k was a buy..... I'm guessing the other two at 500k were too. But you're right it's still sliding without news. Hopefully not long now though. We know the technology is good, they just need to sell it!
5 Apr '19

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'THROUGHOUT THE UK' ..... It's only a matter of time and I don't think it'll be long in coming.
3 Apr '19

This is AIM... There are no morals!!! - It's ok, I'm a mere mortal too
3 Apr '19

And another 100k.... - bloomin annoying... When someone sells a few hundred quids worth it drops like a stone..... £75k in buys and it hasn't moved!
3 Apr '19

110 & 125k Buys just in..... Seems there are some others that share the same confidence.
18 Feb '19

Any ideas why it's up 3.51% with 12,492,075 sold vs 2,250,817 bought?
8 Nov '18

You're right Leas, with a current market cap of £28m the company is undervalued regardless of Flu-V. The trouble with AIM is people chasing rainbows. We've all done it, myself included. Flu-V can indeed just go to P3 but if we proceed before NIH confirmation we'd be going down that path alone. Trevor was however confident that should that be the case it would be done with non-dilutive funding. IMO with independent confirmation it's a different ball game. Long term and with hopefully a return to profitability in 2019 I'm confident this will come good. Any deals on the side will just be a bonus.

As for CEO replacement, not as far as I know yet. There will be an RNS of any new appointment I would think.
8 Nov '18

The way I see it goes back to the RNS of March 26th this year....

"Kym Denny, CEO of hVIVO, commented:Â

"While we note the preliminary determination that the primary endpoint only trended to statistical significance, we are mindful of the prespecified additional analysis being conducted by the NIH, that may have an impact, before opining conclusively. That said, the symptom reduction data we have seen in this study with FLU-v is incredibly exciting and consistent with this universal flu vaccine candidate's putative mechanism of action. In the real world, ultimately, it is symptom reduction that is a clinically meaningful outcome if it can reduce the more severe flu disease, which is the concern and significant burden of healthcare systems across the world. This is, to our knowledge, the first time a universal flu vaccine candidate has demonstrated statistically significant reduction in a symptom score in humans. As a result, we believe FLU-v could be the most advanced universal flu vaccine candidate in development. With its potential for significant disease efficacy, broad protection against all flu strains, simplified manufacturing and the ability to be administered as a stand-alone vaccine - rather than in combination with traditional seasonal flu vaccine - FLU-v could help provide relief from flu to people across the globe."

In particular - "we are mindful of the prespecified additional analysis being conducted by the NIH, that may have an impact, before opining conclusively."

We are still awaiting NIH conformation and as our trial was conducted by ourselves with our own vaccine any potential investor would surely want an independent verification before singing a deal. Hvivo isn't in control of when this confirmation will land. It could be (and wouldn't it be nice) that a deal has already been lined up if the NIH results confirm our own. The results could land tomorrow or it could be weeks/months away but my guess is that there won't be any progress with Flu-v until this confirmation lands.

All in my opinion of course and don't mind being corrected if I'm way off the mark. DYOR
23 Oct '18

Time frame? ......... Between 24 hours & 2 years, roughly.
15 Oct '18

I didn't have time to research the other companies or what stages they're at. I've always got the impression we're further ahead though. Not sure on the engineering of the other drugs either but the good thing about Flu-V is the relatively simple manufacturing process and that it doesn't need refrigerated transport/storage. One thing's for sure, I wish I'd had more in my cash account today because as someone mentioned earlier even WITHOUT Flu-v the SP is a steal at this price. IMO DYOR etc.
10 Oct '18

I think it will take an announcement from a talking cat with a dog wearing a silly hat whilst juggling to make this go viral.
9 Oct '18

I see in the DM there's a bit about the latest Flu jab. Shame they couldn't have followed up the article with news about Hvivo & Flu-v possibly being the future. Show's how much of a game changer it would be if it comes to fruition though. One jab suits all.... $$$$$
5 Oct '18

That's someone with some confidence considering the slide we're (temporarily) on. Maybe something's afoot eh?
4 Oct '18

I'm happy to hold here as I think the majority of us are. I've been in since low 30s and this is one of only two shares in my modest portfolio where I've averaged up. Like you say, once news drops and if it's what we're anticipating then we should see a good rise but I do have to keep reminding myself that this AIM.... Anything is possible!
2 Oct '18

Guess we're in the doldrums for the moment. If there is news it'll probably come out of nowhere and catch everyone by surprise (I'm hoping). That's why I'm happy to hold on to these for the foreseeable because the upside is potentially massive.
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