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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Last Posted: 16 Apr '19

16 Apr '19

Ďand transform the companyí, another encouraging RNS.
15 Apr '19

I have no idea how low it could go, I didnít think it could go lower than Newmont buy in price but it did. This is now around the pre Newmont announcement so Iíd really like to think this is the bottom.
15 Apr '19

Morning all, keep holding and have faith that once drilling news comes, results will follow soon after that and then production etc. The price will look very different over the coming months/this time next year. I imagine most if not all holders of OMI are sitting on paper losses, some large and as frustrating as it is that we arenít all in massive profit this can flip round over night and no one has lost anything until you sell. The recent update was very positive and confirms that Newmont are looking at OMI as a priority still. Have a good day and try not to think about it too much if you can! I donít think it will be much longer before drilling news is announced.
1 Apr '19

Great update and further reassurance that Newmont very happy with their investment decision.
1 Apr '19

Yes, bit of a delay but sounds like oex will be getting a good result either way, just going to hold and wait now.
22 Mar '19

Iím just being patient now as still very confident for there to be a complete turnaround with it again. This year will be a turning point, fundamentals remain very strong.
22 Mar '19

Canít believe itís dropped this low
22 Mar '19

I thought 11p was a bargain...
12 Mar '19

Section 4.3 of the Anza Technical Report would be useful to look at, can find it on their website of you havenít read through it already.
12 Mar '19

A pound, Iíd be over the moon if it reached 5p!
12 Mar '19

I hope holders benefit, I donít imagine the rise will be as huge as people think though as a lot will be priced in already. People may get lucky though and there might be a big pump and dump again but weíll see. Iím more concerned about OMI, far greater potential here.
8 Mar '19

Obviously there are reasons for the MMs to drive the price down and I donít think itís just lack of news driving it down. Who knows whatís going on behind the scenes but I think we can expect some very positive news when it does eventually come which will drive the price far higher.
7 Mar '19

I blocked Webbs after his 2nd post on the board I think it was, months ago. What a depressing person, heís been talking OMI down since he began posting.
6 Mar '19

Everyoneís agenda is different though, many want to trade but for lth drops like this are nothing to worry about, fundamentals of company remain the same and come end of the year it will be a different picture.
6 Mar '19

Pre Newmont I donít think cash position was great having checked the finances. I believe it unlikely there would be a placing requirement given that Newmont are providing financial backing. I think if Newmont were going to pull out they certainly would have done it by now and should have done a great deal of research prior to coming on board anyway. There were several offers on the table that were available to Orosur at the time of them going with Newmont offer too.
6 Mar '19

I think the Barrick fiasco would have created some uncertainty, it made me consider what their priorities would be but that should have gone now as Newmont have told them where to go. Itís just a case of having faith now or not as the case may be for some who decide to either jump ship or not invest. I had an e-mail response last year from Ryan Cohen of Orosur saying that they wouldnít release pointless news to the market. Iím glad about that as it creates a scenario where you can lose a lot of money with little hope of recuperating it for years. This is a different opportunity altogether, Newmont are going to fund this Company through to production, canít get much better.
6 Mar '19

I donít think that huge buys will initially ultimately lead to the sp dramatically rising one morning. It will simply be the release of news causing a big re-rate upwards and investors then hearing the news and piling in causing it to push up far higher. Iíve researched this company a lot and Iím confident that all will come good and others can think what they like, good luck to them.
6 Mar '19

It means that to Ďmake a marketí and potentially generate buying that theyíve dropped the price below the Newmont buy in. Letís not forget the knowledge and expertise Newmont have and they thought a fair buy in was over 20% higher than it is now. All it means in my opinion is the bounce will be bigger when it comes.
6 Mar '19

The drop today in no way reflects the buying and selling patterns, wouldnít be surprised to see a fairly big rise tomorrow or next day or potentially an RNS. No way Iím selling at a loss at this point to chase other rainbows, Iím in for the long game!
3 Mar '19

If I didnít have a lot of my money tied up already in this share and other investments I would be putting a lot more in at these prices. I have a substantial holding in this but am sitting on a fairly large paper loss currently due to the bewildering antics of the sp. I have complete faith that I will be in profit by the end of the year and whilst it does not thrill me to see the sp dropping it means nothing in this market place. It in fact only makes me more confident as Iíve seen this so many times before only for shares to go up several hundred % over night. Itís only a matter of time before an RNS is released and then another one and this rises dramatically. Have a good Sunday all.

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