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Fri 18:37

or is that H&L selling up for Woody. Although I thought he didn't hold Vod shares in his funds anymore.

He might have been proved right at this moment in time though so he was 5 years ahead of his time.
Fri 16:36

"Ergo I can only conclude that taxes on fuel in the UK are far higher than justified by the economic fundamentals."

It would have been much more if Labour's policy had been implemented with the green inflation busting taxes every year. I remember a petrol station having a Labour queue and Conservative queue with higher prices on the Labour side and everyone queuing for the cheaper petrol.

To be fair this government has frozen the tax for as far back as I can remember but as we move to electric cars there wont be any tax, too high or not, from petrol and what then. As alluded too, that tax will have to come from somewhere else or means less government spending in other departments.

So whilst I agree in principle that its too high, people still seem happy to pay or forced to pay but its generally accepted. Everyone has their own views on tax levels and where it should be spent. Like most Im happy for more taxes, that I personally dont have to pay and against those I do. So tax cuts for those with names ending in 557 and more tax for those ending in You! is fine by me
Thu 17:08

Averages are just that. So 1.88Bn euros one year and 0.52Bn euros another. Keeps it within the normalized average. I suppose. if the deal goes through that cost will be spread over a much larger client base too. Might even have some cost savings filtering in by then anyway.

When the 27 in Europe unite it will mean only x2 spectrum licences will have to be bought unless Brexit goes wrong as hinted and no one in the UK (maybe less an independent Scotland) can afford to buy anything so no spectrum needed.
Thu 09:07

Dan, I did play in a band a bit back but we didnt get anywhere and more chance getting on Top of the Pops as a dancer in the background then being on stage. I could send you a 78 for your gramophone or are you up to FLAC.

Yep love live music and music in general. In fact I found the Night King music in Game of Thrones quite moving and has been on my playlist quite often recently. It nice when you find something that moves you. Not great for the gym though.

Back to Vodafone, good to get the spectrum but how does that fit with the average cost? I suspect its rising a tad. Although maybe it might be better for it to be seen as a sort of tax. Im sure the bean counters will be using it to off set something. I wonder what the governments would do if no one bid? They want the tech, the people want the tech but why should they get it for free?

I wont be rushing into 5G mainly cos its not going to be where I am for the majority of the time but who knows where that will be in a couple of years. How long till almost national coverage. Still Id be happy if they could keep my minimum speed guarantee. They got it working Monday and its been dropping since and its below this am. Maybe 5g will sort me out
Tue 14:51

Well I wont be getting an income boost in Aug as I didnt get any shares. Whilst it will take a couple of days for the tech guys to work out why, terms and conditions were mentioned.

So it looks like I will be conserving cash after all, once its returned. Still I did say it was only a half top up and that the yield wasnt as good as it has been and whats 7 pence (or a years divi) between friends.

I take heart that there will be another round later on and or await Brexit/Trump/Markets to aid me adding more of something later.
Tue 11:36

Gerry557, if GSk split, surely the share price can't perform as badly?

Well the stronger part might do better than the weaker part ...... until things change and the stringer part has a downturn. With no support it might not be good.

If it did split there might be calls to do a merger .... and the cycle continues. It seems a lot of effort thats not likely to prove much. Why cant the two halves just improve whilst reporting to one boss. What about the synergies, all those cost cuttings companies do when doing deals to get bigger.

I can see both sides to the argument and both ideas have worked previously but unsure how to value one above the other. As for Divis, its already quarterly and if you want more you can always buy something else. I suppose GSK could go monthly but the overall divi amount would remain the same. Why not just do one big divi instead?

If it splits which half would you keep?
Tue 08:51


Your right, what do you play? Best you pop over and join our band. Bring your 5g phone and we can periscope it to all the other villages.
7 Jun '19

Just checked the HL website and its not there although maybe that is because its suspended rather than swapped for bad performance.
7 Jun '19

Yes I saw the director buys so scaling back doesn't sound like its an issue

Still not showing up for me though. Maybe it will sort itself out over the weekend unless there are lots of people with pencils sorting it all out at my cheappy broker.
7 Jun '19

"I had wireless internet at home in 1980 using amateur radio, the board from a sinclair spectrum and pakrat software. Took 12 hours to download a page from the internet ..LoL!!"

How long for a Game of Thrones download? Even the book would take ages. Eight seasons in UHD with atmos might require a few garages full of hardware.

Id be happy if Vod customer services could manage left hand talking to right hand and just keep my ticket open so someone could get me my minimum speed guarantee. Im saving on the monthly broadband costs and it might go someway towards offsetting my divi cut.

Still at least I can bet broadband here and it not interrupted by sheep getting in the line of sight of the microwave system!
6 Jun '19

Exoplanet, thanks for the link a bit worrying about divi cover lets hope Emma gets a grip.

Pokerchips, maybe she had a vile of something to stab into any wandering hands ...... and if she sold him the antidote we might be quids in.

I wonder if GSK will split, I think its looking like it might. Its what Woody has been calling for all this time till he sold out. Not looking good for him and his fund right now. I wonder if Hargreaves Lansdown still have him in their top 50 funds
6 Jun '19

Sale of Sheffield office building at 25% above Valuation. Nice if you can get it and it will be interesting to see where the funds end up that betters this.

Wonder how they are going to manage the placings with the SP rising so much
6 Jun '19

Nothing showing up with my broker today. Still it said "after" the 5 June. Ill check back at xmas then!
6 Jun '19

Hi Longish, Yep we may all be on different paths but each heading in the same direction. Some join the path later or leave earlier. I suspect Im walking up the down escalator at the moment. Ill get fit or too tired at some point.

Still its nice to know a tad more cash will be heading for the pot even if I have to wait till Aug. Still there are other shares to fill my time till then and lloys doing quarterly divis next year has moved them up my buy list. Im a sucker for quarterly divis and wish Vod followed suit. Would save all those big divi drops and sucker rises to bag a divi.

SP now dropping lower than the divi having looked positive this am. Looks like JackD called it right for now, good luck to him.
6 Jun '19

Ex divi today and a re-based hoorah shout from me even though the last post is playing in the background. Is that an omen or just a reminder that our share problems are nothing in comparison to past history being remembered today.

Sorry to here of your losses JackD, but you were always honest with your deals and reasoning and nothing wrong with a bit of de-risking. I must admit to not really understanding TA but just because I dont understand it doesnt mean that I will diss it completely. Dan's (is that better danieth) whilst fundamentals are important, the SP rarely ever shows the true value. It seems to follow over and under cycles depending on sentiment.

The charts posted earlier by Longish and Trendfriend, tell me where we have been. Im not sure how to extrapolate them or what happens when the trend lines cross? or is it the trend is your friend ...... until it isn't. I suppose it could "breakout" at some point but will it be up or down on that line?

I do see charts with resistance and support lines, again not sure how they are worked out but they do seem to correlate and I would rather buy at the bottom of that range than the top. It didnt work out really so far with Vod but there is still time. Hopefully that time will help me keep adding value one way or another, divis SP rises or relying on my other holdings to support whilst this is down.

This system does not always work I have a few "expensive lessons" on my books. Still it could be worse I could have sold up and put it all in Woodys fund!
4 Jun '19

danieth, and what was wrong with my divi cut comment?

I did say I didnt want to start something ........ Exchange rates moving in our favor although what will it be when the exchange is made.

Looks like we have got that divi today in the SP rise ......... over to Brexit/Trump/China et al
3 Jun '19

The resolution has been passed so you should be getting your new shares. I wonder what would have happened if the vote was no?

Must check the broker on Wednesday to see the final outcome. I doubt its been scaled back. SP just hovering over the placing price ..... will it go under. Might put the dampeners on the next placing if it does. I doubt the SP will be rushing back up with another placing on the cards and then there is Trump/Brexit and both have been fairly quiet.

Might be a busy summer
3 Jun '19

Yep should take 3.7p ish off the price. Good job they cut the divi or that drop would have been much bigger!!!

Hope I haven't started something now.... it was said in jest!
31 May '19

Buying back 1 percent or less debt that due shortly anyway. Makes me wonder why? Is it just timing, using up cash in hand. Id look to roll that on and pay off the more expensive stuff. I suppose they have a team of people managing this so my lack of understanding is of no real concern. Any other views
30 May '19

seem OK and nice and steady as one would expect. Bump in the divi and continues till 2020. Then what? Harder times ahead going forward or might just be stolen by the next government by the sound of things along with a few others that might get sucked up.

SP down on the day but markets generally subdued and local threats dont help. Hanging on for a bit longer, maybe it will all blow over!

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