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Today 14:21

If the Directors had been honest and not filled their pockets with the proceeds of the multiple placings here and in PCGE then the companys would have succeeded.
PCGE Delists on Friday,so RP only has WSBN to service his extravagent lifestyle in Dubai,theres nothing wrong with living the high life but not on shareholders who have been mislead and derfauded.
I personally believe the NOMAD here will walk after the delist of PCGE,they generally dojnt want to have any association with fraudulant Directors,but I guess RP is just hoping he can get the EGM out of the way and go for the last biggie,the placing after consolidation.

It was always the pension pot builder by whatever meand.

A crook he is and seemingly getting away with it,for how much longer that is the key question
Today 13:05

Hopefully the FRR court case will go in shareholders favour,they do deserve a good result.
GMS I recall had an almighty intra day rise from 10p earier in the year,perhaps you will see that again here,Im actually surprised that this isn't significantly higher.Seafox will pounce at 18p if the BOD don't get a grip,hopefully there will be a positive RNS re the banking covenant,that will be too late then for Seafox with a sp appreciably higher.
This is a high net worth company with an exceedingly low Mcap,you shoud do very well.
Today 12:42

Hi GFD hope you are well
Just looking at this stock again it does seem to be a steal at 10p given the NAV,and a possible offer,low ball of 18p by Seafox .
Hope you do well with your 800k.

Fri 20:17

No problem GFD,

Should do well here now,

Thu 19:50

GFD I can vouch for is as credible as anyone on any of these platforms.

An astute profesional meticulous in his reserach,and above all a thoroughly decent human being.

That accusation is totally out of order
Thu 13:09

Unfortunately for anyone still holding theres only one certainty post EGM,a consolidation to enable placings above the par value of 0.1
Results are likely to be poor.

No one will buy this before the restructure otherwise youll be throwing a far bit of cash down the drain.

PCGE will be delisted end of next week,suspect a fall here on that new,

Cant trust RP that's the problem
17 Jun '19

Was always the fraudster RP grand plan,Infact the Nomad resignation and failure to appoint another,which is the next RNS is the perfect excuse and cause for the upcoming delist.

Well done Poulden you truly scammed investors,times running out for WSBN too.
17 Jun '19

Poulden did a massive fraud with CPDC two years ago,its all there in the RNSs,
My bet is there are NO Chinese licences so as I said he defrauded investors at PCGE and the company should have been booted off AIM two years ago.

TW is good friends with the crook Poulden,can you imagine the Shareprofits wtrie ups if they weren't!

In the Middle East if you bounce a cheque its a prisionable offence,I just so hope this fraudster is charged and proved and kicked out of the UAE

Black Swan another crooked company,no doubt Pouden has been putting funds into that shell,its very easy when you look at this,all companys based in Dubai,and the crook Poulden in charge of all three accounts.

Poulden is living it up at Our expense,he goes on the F1 tour business class,Emirates!.

Hes a lying scumbag and I shall not rest until hes banged up.

Maybe Watchdog would be good starting point as clearly AIM have and are turning a blind eye to this scam.
17 Jun '19

Fraud and deception,misleading shareholders,breaking every rule under the sun,Poulden is a crook and so too manelli,Sun and Bryant who by the way split the 278,000 gift 50/50 with Poulden,just another deception planned carefully by Poulden.

My guess the 100M sell three weeks ago was Pouldens commiting insider trading,typical

Best to set up a group and bring a Class action against this Fraudster
17 Jun '19

Poulden has been working hard to formulate this personal get rich scheme as he did with PCGE,.There was never any business but lied to regulators to keep the listing.

What will happen here is a consolidation of 4/1 with a deferred share attached just like PCGE.
Par value above 0.1

Placing at 0.15 to raise 600 to 1M Free cash.he will again pocket the proceeds,rince and repeat whilst the par value is exceeded.

Of course holders will end up massively diluted.

This absolutely needs to stop,is is basically theft
17 Jun '19

This is a scam just like pcge,the crook is hiding in Dubai,hes been duping shareholders for a couple of years,hes amassed a cool 2M,and the cheek of the guy is orchestrating the same for WSBN holders.
I cant believe he is still getting away with it.

time this fraud stopped
17 Jun '19

Big mistake buying this stock pre EGM,likely substantial dilution in July with authority if passed to issue up to 8BN shares.
There will be a large placing post EGM,but before then the financials come out and will make for dire reading

PCGE delists in a few days so another big red flag.
14 Jun '19

Its a certainty that any value you have here today will be diluted to oblivion come mid July\
In the meantime there will be the Full year Accounts which will not be happy reading.
RP will look after no1 hes not bothered about his 154M shares,he will just award himself an equal amount from the new share capital,]
12 Jun '19

PCGE was a scam well run by the master RP he netted near on 2M over two years.
WSBN is a scam,yes he holds 154M shares but how much has he taken out,just look at the warrants and fees by way of shares.
I just know hes been trading this just as he he did PCGE,he doesn't follow the rules but it appears hes never been investigated or at least the authorities have turned a blind eye.

He hides in Dubai,with AGMs EGM is Gibralter,both companies registered in Dubai.

This EGM RNS I did call a few weeks back,it will enable RP to maintain his lifestyle,rather further build his pension pot,its an absolute scandal and one would have thought Tom Winifrith would have been onto this but NO,they are mates.

RP is a despicable individual and has no consideration for anyone but for himself,hes shafted investors and with this latest charade hes going to shaft his loyal shareholders again and again.

FCA and SFO should get involved here
12 Jun '19

Brox good post.
RP has been living off PCGE and WSBN rather funding his excessively lavish lifestyle via multiple placings.
Well he truly screwed PCGE holders and with a likely delist on the 30th of June and a total loss for holders he now only has WSBN to play with to fund his lifestyle.

I said this a few weeks back anyone holding should seriously consider their positions as now its clear after that latest RNS that he once again will screw shareholders here too.
8BN shares the authority to issue,so a given at the EGM,no one to oversee or audit proceedings!!
After the 2nd of July RP will put into action the capital restructure which as you point could see existing holders diluted with an initial 50% loss just as he did with PCGE.

In my honest opinion I believe RP is a con man,who has deceived investors,the sooner he is stopped in his tracks the better.

Whats inevitable here is a repeat of PCGE,cross check RNSs they re almost mirror imagaging each other,my best guess is RP is on his last legs and this inevitable capital raise at the expense of hard working individual investors is this dispicable indivuals last thieving raid.

I dont believe anything that gets reported in RNSs produced by RP theyre all spin and lies,the Honduras Go.ld mine,no I dont believe that either.For two years he lied about the infamous Chines gaming licences at PCGE,but we know the rest,suspension,Nomad resignation and upcoming delist.

the same will happen here,its all been a massive pension pot builder for RP,Manelli and gifts galore to all the NEDs oh and the 278K payout to Bryant,

All serviced by investors who got conned,and the never ending confetti machine that RP unbelievably keeps getting away with.

its all actually IMO criminal.

Watch this space!
11 Jun '19

So PCGE delists in 14 days unless another NOMAD accepts the position and today there was a RNS at WSBN for an EGM notice with a resolution to increase the share capital by 8BN.
Anyone holding WSBN will be seriously diluted,at least though they have the opportunity to take out whats left of their investment,unlike here it looks like everyone has simply put been fleeced.

the crook should be brought to book,who will audit the EGM vote,I guess nobody.
11 Jun '19

So Richard Placing Pouldon wants the authority to issue a further 8BN shares.
Get out I say before the obvious
11 Jun '19

Again mirroring PCGE,
So RP will increase the share capital then consolidate with a raise above the magical 0.1p par value.
Come on guys wake up and smell the coffee this is another placing in the making,rather free cash for the lifestyler and his cronnies.

Anyone in this IMO should take out what they can before heavy dilution,PCGE will delist in 14 days so bodes badly for RP and this entity/
4 Jun '19

Going the same way as PCGE,
Exact mirror image,wouldn't surprise me if this isn't suspended on AIM too.
Did warn folk
4 Jun '19

Lloyds and HL no longer allow trading in this stock.
Can anyone trade this now?

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