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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
Exclusive: Hardman & Co Investor Forum - Severn Trent, Calculus Capital, Volta Finance, Residential

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Tue 08:09

And pj and jj et al all need one so this placing is important.
23 May '19

It looks like pj took your money to the races and lost. What gets me annoyed is he was paid to. Sad for the personal investors and hope those that aggressively ramped this share and showered abuse on my more negative outlook lost their shirt. Management always looks a bit dodgy to me.
26 Apr '19

Either way nobody is making money here - excepting those lucky enough to be on a salary. Where has Crude gone with his self assured belief in himself and belittling manner - is David71 still relentlessly polishing his stick. I think everyone must now agree that I was right to distrust pjs and sounds ability to make shareholders rich. Those that ramped this share must feel stupid to be so wrong.
12 Apr '19

Are you lot still here dreaming. I am now convinced the only people making money here are being paid a salary - part of the Million a month cash burn. When that runs out theyll be back for more - and theyll want a party on a boat on the Thames. Theres no pleasing some.
15 Mar '19

So pleased to hear ongoing positive stuff going on - makes me me feel warm inside. Reading between the non news rns items leads me to wonder if anything is going on except for the payroll office paying salaries and bonuses. I think this will drift downwards until there is no money left. Hope Im wrong.
26 Feb '19

Health warning Certain posters seem to suggest that reading my posts influences persuadable, stupid, ignorant people into buying shares , what an insult to the vast majority of you! so if you are daft, a muppet, incapable of rational thought or your own decision making, please stop reading now, ( to my knowledge, I have yet to push anyone else’s BUY button),the Daily Mail is a suitable alternative. However if you have more than half a brain and are capable of making your own mind up, you might want to carry on reading! ;-), be warned, but not surprised, it’s a positive posting. A very nice announcement from AMS at MWC in Barcelona , remember Lumentum are the key VCSEL module supplier to AMS and IQE supplies Lumentum with VCSEL wafers. The KEY importance here is that the AMS Merano photodiode opens up the world of 3D sensing to MID RANGE smartphones, at present Face ID is restricted to high end models. This will significantly increase the TAM ( total available market) for IQE VCSELS :-). New technology always starts in high-end models, before becoming ubiquitous- think air- con in cars! That’s the way 3D sensing will go in all sorts of applications....from rare to common place. hTtps://ams.com/-/ams-unveils-slim-ir-laser-flood-illuminator-optimized-for-3d-optical-sensing-in-mobile-devices By the way, don’t forget for a moment, that whilst 3D sensing in smartphones is at present the biggest use of VCSELS, automotive and industrial applications are equally large if not larger markets. :-) I have being ‘banging’ on about GAN on Silicon for years , yesterday’s joint announcement confirms that component of IQE’s portfolio is/ will be delivering significant revenues for this year but more significantly a huge $$ revenue flow in the future :-) Another pet subject of mine is the use of VCSELS for HAMR- heat assisted magnetic recording. IQE will be supplying Seagate with VCSELS for the laser diodes mentioned and demonstrated in this great BLOG, it’s worth reading as it explains simply how this technology works. Data storage and how to ‘handle it’ is a major issue in a world where everything in our everyday lives is recorded and stored in the cloud. The ability to deliver 20 terabyte and ABOVE HDD’s will drive Seagate’s, and hence our revenues. The ‘plug and play’ facility is critical- simply put it means that these HAMR drives can be used exactly the same way as conventional drives, meaning customers have to make no costly infrastructure changes to utilise radically new technology. Another gravy train at last, about to take off hTtps://blog.seagate.com/craftsman-ship/hamr-milestone-seagate-achieves-16tb-capacity-on-internal-hamr-test-units/ Don’t expect daily posts from me, I will post when there’s something relevant to add. I received SO many messages and requests asking me to reconsider my decision to stop posting, mainly from ‘lurkers’ people who don’t post, but want informed debate news and analysis, I aim to pro
18 Feb '19

I think this rns tells me that if you look really closely down the hole they drilled you may smell a whiff if gas. Dont get too excited as it is still such a small amount and it is held so very tightly, that there is not much chance (at least as far as I can tell) for it to be extracted without lots of horizontal drilling and mechanical stimulation - will it be commercial? Only God knows - hardly a gusher.
13 Jan '19

So that mouthful means it could be a nice day tomorrow - but we dont yet know. With that the share price almost tripled. Gosh clutching at straws comes to mind.
7 Jan '19

I would take this as an opportunity to offload some of this. Usual hype about nothing - special sensitive detection equipment to sniff out a smidgen of gas - hardly going to heat my house on that let alone cook my daily dozen (sausages)
17 Dec '18

It’s like drilling several times into the same brick.
10 Dec '18

Crude I’m no old soldier - but your constant ramping into a falling share has probably caused some misery to the suckers who fell for your positive spin. At the very least you should apologise if only because you were wrong and foolish.
10 Dec '18

Crude you’ve changed your tune - you have certainly condescended to me in your time. You have in the past been very bullish about Sound giving us your very important opinion about how professional and trustworthy Sound was and what a good investment it was. Crude you gave me the impression you were clever and I was misguided. I think you should apologies or ever correct my grammar or spelling or further talk for hours about geology and clever deals pj may be doing or how rich you are and how special the South Downs are and what a big house you live in. I’m in awe
10 Dec '18

In saying “I told you so”. I have been warning about investing in this share for almost two years and it seems the price is teetering on a single digit. I wanted to use stronger language but was warned off - but suffice to say there is a strong smell of dishonesty about. What is such a shame is some have lost a lot of money and this has been life changing. Capital is hard to come by - especially when you are older and in retirement as some are here. I think Sound has been selling a dream - and they sold it hard, maybe too hard - then there are the scared bullies on this board who sold that dream too. They dressed it up in long dialogues of semi technical speak - and conversations about where the price will get to - and what they are going to spend the money on. What is so pathetic is they thought that if they call you names and crowded out a dissenting voice somehow they would change the outcome and make Sound successful. I hope the financial conduct authority look into this (are they still called that) as it is palpably wrong. There is still time to save what you have left - companies like this sometimes end up owing more that they have ie go bust then 10p turns into 0p
7 Dec '18

Just picked this up from advfn -seems appropriate

“you really literally are mathematically better off in a casino.

SOU = 13p.

Roulette, money down on black. There's a 48.6% chance you'll hit that takes you to SOU 26p equivalent.

Let it ride -there's a 23.7% chance black will land again. SOU = 52p.

Gherkin buyer? No problem. Let it ride again. There's a 11.5% chance it's black once more SOU=104p.

Just as a casino uses chips as a disconnect from real money to desensitise gambling away cash, so AIM management use tripe and the illusion of formality, proper process, technicals etc. etc to desensitise risk.

The risk profile at SOU is an absolute joke. It is Mickey Mouse.

Without having to listen to hours of worthless technical guff from the likes of Brian Mitchener & James Parsons, and following them into Africa trying to convince yourself it's all real, you might actually enjoy yourself at the casino.”
5 Dec '18

I hope your right but I’m not sure how prudent your being
5 Dec '18

Who will want to buy it? Seismic is one thing but once you have drilled through it a few times and discovered all the layers are non porous and too dense and tightly packed to hold economic quantities of hydrocarbons then all you have is empty desert. Should have sold on seismic alone. I think each empty hole just makes it less attractive.
5 Dec '18

When promises of future wealth and success have been made repeatedly and hinted at and it is all bluster and becomes nothing. Then when the management go silent and make no hints of a liquidity event it then really does mean that there is no plan B and then if the next two wells are empty Sound will be worth? I can not believe that if there was not some glimmer of hope we would not know about it. If this share reduces to zero you may wish you had got out even at this level.
3 Dec '18

I agree with you - the share price is low and that is why in your words “desperate talk of takeovers”
3 Dec '18

Mick - you’ve hit the nail on the head - “only happens when the share price is low” - I think that is why Iqe is vulnerable. No one would want to buy it if it was too expensive.
28 Nov '18

Captain Mannering Crude - you are so forgiving of Sound and it’s failure to creat shareholder wealth yet you pour scorn on anyone who can see what’s happening and who points it out. Pomposity at its best. I think Fellrunner has seen the light and is happy to share. May this board be balanced and brave

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