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Fri 15:18

Would be interesting if it went sub 2p as that would be a key bounce level if e past is any guide. If the drop is caused by a placing then I wouldnt bother NTM as it would be just a dilution down and the money used to keep the plates spinning here. A small fall today and if the selling on the bid doesn't relent then 2.2p on the bis coming dhortly. Watch this space as Flx is about to fill it.
Thu 17:25

250p. Market is obviously pleased with the update. Company is trading well but struggles above 240p. A further move to 250p would be good progress.
Wed 13:45

Sound yesterday after becoming disillusioned with the companu and reinvested the proceeds here. Bought at 37p in 2014 but have had a few divis here.I see this one as substantially undervalued and largely ignored by the market.
Wed 13:15

What a load of piffle that is! Every 'analysis' has as a source 'Falanx'. What have they done in the nine months since that report despite its outlandish claims and overly-optimistic outlook? Holders are hitting the acSELLerator here with a five thousand pound dump today. I shudder to think what they shelled out for that as they are unlikely to have made a penny but most probably shipped a large loss. Oh well. Onwards and downwards with FLX.
Wed 09:31

Fair play to you Noel as you continue to bang the drum for FLX. Looking at the few trades there are more fall on the ways as we are already on the bid. As usual the official spread will be a joke as you can buy well within it and any attempt to exit in decent volume will be below bid and lead possible to a further drop in the SP. Only bottom fishers or contract news can support this now.
Tue 13:26

Not my prediction Matthew C. I will however take note of it and be back to congratulate you on your foresight if it comes to pass.
Tue 12:38

Zoooommmm! The best short around is the gift that keeps on giving. Only down 5.88% today but as always anyone who wants to exit in any volume will get under the bid. TBF a news lull and lack of contract announcements are the hammers that bang nails into FLX.. It won't be long before the question of funding arises as there are lots of snouts in the trough here.
Tue 11:39

No sign of FLX's cheerleaders or those who only want their opinion echoed here by holders. All gone into hiding so they can pull it out of the bottom drawer if it ever comes good. Silence from the company. Silence from the cheerleaders and FLX chat self-appointed gatekeepers. Shhhh :)
Tue 11:31

Great update today and hopefully positioned to make progress from here. The fall from 900p to 585p was totally unwarranted so UDG is probably still good value even after a rise today. A hold above 700p by close would be useful if that could be established as a floor here. With the dollar strengthening it will be useful income and a hedge against the Euro and Pound with a good RoR in three years. I am looking to add more here.
Mon 13:30

today and a decent divi. Heavily reliant on the oil industry so with political risks supporting the price of Oil it is no surprise to see an upturn. This had looked sank at one stage so it is no surprise to see investors scuttling to grab some today. Given the divi and warming prospects then it is possible that for new investors who haven;t got in yet, even after a 12.5% rise that this ship hasn't sailed yet even now.
Mon 12:51

though the NAV is only around 96p. Election results are on Thursday so perhaps there is a post-election boom in the offing. If the NAV can go back to 105p this is one of the best plays around.
17 May '19

is starting to show a nice pattern. Pretty reassuring in the wake of PMP's PW this week. There has been a couple of sales this morning which happen invariably after an inline statement. I was thinking of unloading some but I may hang on as it could have further to go. It will be underpinned somewhat by today's reassuring noise coming from the company.
16 May '19

before this is clipped down. Sellers getting closer to the bid and buys can be had at 2.58p when the official ask is 2.75p. Watch this space cos FLX is gonna fill it.
16 May '19

at last?
15 May '19

a little. In the words of 50 cents:
I don't know what you heard about me
Cos I am a bleeping PiMP.

The fall was overdone and the divi underpinned for now so it would be no surprise to see a further recovery above 1000p
14 May '19

I think the problem is WGR if they don't get to grips with the sales dip we will have a succession of PW's and an inevitable divi cut. The divi is safe for this year but if the recovery is slow then it ill be up for some. I am holding for now as I expect a slight recovery as bargain hunters come in. I may well sell into any strength as the investment case is less compelling now.
14 May '19

I have had my ar$e handed to me on a plate this morning. I never sau certain things like a dip in Asia. I won't be selling though as the divi is being maintained and the yield is attractive. Very disappointed though with what is usually a well run company.
10 May '19

Confident buys? Yet the ask is back to almost where it started the day. There has been NO buys anywhere near the official ask price. I said below at 2.85p this is the best short around and I would short it out of existence if I could. Happy to say at 2.57p it is still a cracking good short.
8 May '19

after updates repeats? No wonder people are going elsewhere for entertainment.
8 May '19

getting that sinking feeling which is never good where a mattress is involved. Those founders who cashed in on the PO probably have nests that are well feathered. On current projections any holder who thinks there is something to salvage here is probably dreaming!

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