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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold


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Sat 15:05

From the recent events and recent debates i have a strong feeling FRR are on the right track. Though i have never met Zaza and SN i am beginning to admire their sagacity and acumen. It gives me profound relief that we are in safe and prudent hands. We may not be able to decipher their actual mind process here but the series of events suggest Mr Hope is completely outplayed by our master poker aces.I for one do believe Hope is in a panic mode and is seeking a speedy compromise to save his skin. I do see some form of communication from FRR in the horizon very soon.
Sat 12:22

It is healthy to have differing opinions. But what most people find here is constant egocentric bickering that benefits no one. The net result is scaring off any potential investors that might ponder to dip in. Yes we are all hit badly by some bad decisions and historical issues but we need to move forward and give the BOD a fair chance to restore confidence. It saddens me to say a lot of learned posters have quit this BB as they cannot take this barrage of constant sh.t anymore. Hopefully things will change in the future and we will all be happy and proud Vast share holders again.
Thu 13:48

YJ is acting like a shy maiden from the Victorian era ,who is only allowed to utter a few words occasionally by her family. To preserve the modesty of the family(in our case frr) such restrictions were quite common.
Mon 20:51

Yet too close but too far!!!!!
Mon 20:50

The glass is half full depends how you take it!!!!!
Mon 20:02

Court case in USA reminds me of the OJ Simpson Trial which was televised live by some channels.With Zaza and SN going for the final kill I hope Mr Hope is at least not deprived of his undies. As bugsy suggested pink undies would suffice for now as the man needs to keep his modesty.
14 Apr '19

Some snippets from the telegram gp.
1)Diamond news this week real possibility.
2)Zagra final results on the cards.
3)New indiginisation rules very near to be agreed.
4)AP thinks GM IS TRIGGER.
5)BP more advanced than we think given the monies raised and wait will be less than 3 months.
6)Positive news of institutional investor financing in first week of May.
7)By next year Vast will be a new company with producing assets.
8)Andrew is under incredible pressure to get things over the line and frankly he knows it! He will deliver very soon.
9)AP will be in Zimbabwe in summer so I expect some material progress will be made.
10)Zimbabwe minister of mining will be in London in June.
AKS gave the following info.
Looking FWD to some serious news next week. See SP brief but positive response:

[12/04, 09:42] aks: Hi Andrew, will you be doing a podcast next week on the back of some significant news?

[12/04, 10:00] Andrew prelea: We hope to
13 Apr '19

Cheer up everyone and enjoy the weekend surely something good awaits us this month.
13 Apr '19

Kingsley i agree with you. I find it strange that some shareholders(if they are) are on a demolition mode,they are constantly trying to knock down their own house and still expecting it to fetch them good price. A lot of senior LTHs have migrated to other Boards because of constant moans here. I am only worried about the silent majority who can only come here and get adversely effected by constant de ramping.This in turn has negative influence on the SP.
12 Apr '19

In spite of constant placings Mr Budd and his Buddies are still buying relentlessly. They still seem to be brimming with confidence. I hope this month changes our fortunes for good.
12 Apr '19

Some positive views today from Telegram gp.
1)AP hopes to do a podcast next week on the back of significant news .
2)I do think that money needs to be made available for diamonds before sign off so we are ready to start from the off hence part of placing funds.
3)To be fair if ap delivered Diamonds, cornerstone, institutional, offtaker, BP running, manaila back up and running
And mid tier.
4)They are not pissing this money away. They are creating value.
the company is about to be in its best position ever.
5)I think the directors buying says that they know the placing isnít good for PIs but they are telling us itís necessary right now.
12 Apr '19

I agree Fantasy the only thing that AP has delivered on time is PLACINGS. Lets see if can deliver that MOAR this month all sins will be forgiven.
12 Apr '19

The sentiment today is uniform across all boards apart from a couple of diehards. I am an optimist and will try to track a silver lining somewhere!!!.Lets see if the good Mcap mantra works for Us. April is the turning point for all of us Vasters. I am still mostly optimistic that something good will come out. The work force in Marange and BP has increased manifolds so maybe the overheads.?Hopefully some sort of works are in progress in both areas?.
12 Apr '19

Fantasy i know just bit gutted what Andrew Placing i mean Andrew Prelea says and what he does. Hopefully there is something good to say today Aahhh.
12 Apr '19

Someone called it right yesterday regarding the placings. My personal view is that i am not happy with these constant placings and dilutions. Did speak to AP about this in the last GM but he was of the view that once BP and Diamonds start producing it will be the Mcap that will matter and not the number of shares. Oh well lets keep the faith and see what April has for us.
11 Apr '19

AP told someone recently they still have £700k left in their coffers.There shouldn't be a rush for a placement at the moment as the costs/month were $200k when Manaila was in full production.Just my view!!!
11 Apr '19

Some possibilities before the GM might be on the horizon like a JV sign off on the Diamonds?.Why was AP in Geneva to talk with Mercuria,could they be back as we've got rid of SSGI. We are on very good terms with Mercuria!!!!
11 Apr '19

We are on the cusp of a new restructured cash generating Vast. Many thanks in advance to AP and our new CFO for making the right and measured decisions in recent months. These actions will definitely create long lasting shareholder values and hasten our march towards a mid tier company.

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