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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
Exclusive: Hardman & Co Investor Forum - Severn Trent, Calculus Capital, Volta Finance, Residential

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Today 12:37

watty- pennydealer is posting because he is wanting the shares lower. He said this himself last year: If you take any interest in what this guy says then imo you deserve to lose money. no matter what the news is, he will post negatives for that reason. Biased view if you ever see one- hence filtered from me. atb

"Rampers try to ramp a share price because they are probably losing money as the current SP is well below what they paid. A deramper has an interest in buying a share and wants in well below that shares current SP in the belief that share will rise......Simplistic explanation, I know, but I would be more interested in buying the deramped share every time."
Today 11:39

more posts filtered again I see. Cant be any bad news in that RNS. SUBCO need money. yep. GUN have money- recent raise plus cash is circa £800k. The slightly less stake means the cash will go further. Still a huge prize at stake.
Get the farm in done and even if GUN get a free carry of say 10% through drill that would be huge for a company like this.
Today 10:32

yep. I like the news. GUN have circa £800 k I make it.
that should go a long way to do a work programme- as they have 22.5% of the asset.
Then farm out to a larger partner.
Wed 22:12

Billthebank- I agree, but now GUN is the only listed vehicle with a stake in the assets.
Looking forward to seeing how this pans out. I canít see much wrong with these oyster assets.
In fact reading this makes me even more bullish
Wed 13:19

Deltalo - if gun put in £500k then Northbay imo will need to be putting in £1 mill to keep their %
Wed 11:51

good first post Lord Sussex.
We are all adults here- or should be.
Oyster currently worth circa £0 on this mcap.
Afren and Oyster spent circa $20 million on block 1101. Lots of work done. Described as world class.
And trolls on a BB trying to tell us it is worth £0. Ok we heard you first time. I think its worth a lot more than £0 so I will hold and add
Wed 10:44

I think it will. can sell over bid and not a lot of shares around. Lets see.
Wed 10:43

- on the other side before I held I observed and this was constantly bashed when it was 0.022p and it went up more than 3 fold.
And one of the ones bashing it claimed to have sold in the 6's- which is slightly odd as he was bashing it at 0.02p.
Hence filter button. I will keep my shares here :-)
Wed 10:13

could be pushing 8p by lunch
Wed 10:13

Woodlaker- I find the filter button useful. No point arguing with them. Its a good sign though that they are all here.
Watch when it goes quiet for a few days. That's when they have all bought in again.
Wed 09:03

depends when you buy and sell. If it was that bad this BB would be quiet.
The fact it isn't tells you all you need to know
Wed 09:00

yep. that's a lot of cash.
Wed 08:41

Moving strongly. Bid is following the ask. Practically no shares around even higher up.
Wed 08:32

Ben has worked out it is $7.5 billion revenue over 25 years
Plant scaleable up to 6 fold
Wed 08:30

A post from MR C- great insight

Back costs and dev premium should deliver 50-60m dollars in back costs. That then leaves us to find $60m to fund our $120m subscription for 40% of the project. The good news is the project is expected to deliver $130m EBITDA and 40% of that would be c$52m attributable to Ncondezi. Pay back one year if we borrow $60m. $52m ebitda value has to be in region of $500m or £300m valuation for us shareholders. Again a word of caution per opening paragraph. We need to see the shape of the deal. If the back costs and premium combined are in the $50m bracket then weíre in clover and thatís where I see the £1 value. Discount it back for good measure by 50% and 50p doesnít seam unreasonable

Thatís the opinion of Mr C on twitter
Tue 22:02

Future event and all that.
But unlikely the company will be valued at cash value only.
Oyster asset should add a lot on the mcap - hence Iíll hold and add some depending on others.
All eyes on one of my main holdings tomorrow
Tue 21:16

ďnow itís heading to 0.015-0.020 range

Splatted you are correct LSE is a joke Iíve never deramped in the whole time Iíve been on LSE canít stand derampers.Ē

Tue 20:17

On the proactive it has been mentioned 10ís of billions not that it makes a difference anyway
Tue 18:27

Yep- shares nearly always presold and then converted.

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