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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment | Watch Now

Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
Richard Slape, Oil consultant - Avoiding Losers and Picking Winners, his personal strategy

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8 Mar '19

RK. I already have my chosen charities. last year I gave 3,500 € over the year.
BMN is going through a no news period and conversation is diverging into off topic.
Our of interest, studies show most charity donations per personal wealth come from the poorest in society, the richest are the meanest, coldest . anyone beat my 3,500€ ( which is a meagre 0.13% of my net wealth) . I feel a little ashamed at that. how do others compare ? generous social consciences or selfish capitalists?
8 Mar '19

Pdub, you are 1 of the "lucky" ones. I am really pleased for you and your care. I have personal experience witnessing great NHS service, but sadly also negligence. in this BB there are a snall number of individuals (or family thereof) currently enjoying excellent NHS service. However, if that small number were in fact 100, or better still 1000 patients, we would see a clearer picture of the good and bad from a better sample. no-one on this BB has their head in the sand and naive not to read the horror stories in the press. . anyway...... BMN is why we are here.
8 Mar '19

roscon, I have worldwide sanitas (bupa) full medical care. oncology, everything, top level cover. Am sure many on here can afford that themselves and loved ones avoid the NHS . BMN has bought me private health cover
8 Mar '19

pdub. FACT. UK 5 year cancer survival lags european average. UK 5th richest country in world. something not right there. agree. total lottery in UK about quality. 1 person sings the next negligence case is quietly swept under the carpet. sorry off topic. but i seen Germany and Spanish superior health care to that of the UK. id rather be sick in Spain than the UK any day. each to our own opinions. I can only draw on my comparisons.
8 Mar '19

think the UK MPs are too busy having a civil war in parliament. besides, UK knife crime, homelessness, appalling NHS. Brexit induced chaos more important than a few cash wealthy capitalists with spare cash to gamble on AIM.
26 Feb '19

MassiveRay...this is not a dating site . I am here for BMN, not your health or vanity.
24 Feb '19

swampdub....well, considering by end of March, 5 weeks away from now, we should be seeing an RNS about the dividend policy, an RNS of H2 2018 financials, I'd say as each week passes, its getting more highly probable an RNS falls.
24 Feb '19

broncomv. ... well done on chosing BMN. I, like you, are hoping for a decent dividend payout out year to live off. a 3p share when SP is at Broker Target of 87p is 3.4 % dividend. Not too unrealistic.
1,000,000 shares paying 3p dividend is a nice 30k a year income
24 Feb '19

Valiant, thats a nice story you tell. May I be rude to ask how many millions (of shares) you are holding ? Are you 1 of the major holders , having got in at such a low price ?
Best Of Luck
23 Feb '19

Bobby, this,is the book Mark Chapman was reading at the time he murdered John Lennon. Maybe you should put it down, and read Viz instead.
23 Feb '19

Roscon, I certainly hope there are no MAMILS on this BB. ( MAMIL = middle aged man in lycra). The thought of them looking like this as they research BMN puts me off my lunch
21 Feb '19

IH...did they release you early on condition of a gagging order ?
21 Feb '19

anyone got any funny jokes today ? hopefully when people cash in BMN they may be able to afford a more upmarket brand Xmas cracker than Poundstretcher home brand
21 Feb '19

Ophidian, ok, thanks for your answer.
21 Feb '19

Ophidian, do we know its FI selling ? If so, any idea how many left to go ? Has a shorting attack been ruled out ? Or was there 1 on the back of the selling ?
21 Feb '19

Ophidiam. as someone who has worked as an engineer (software , electronics) in military, aerospace and mobile telephone for 25 years, I have a lot of history of project planning, timescales, deliverable due dates. Believe me, every project is massively underestimated in timescales.
21 Feb '19

20 Feb '19

Alfa, no I am saying, at my age 51 I am prepared to invest 5 years. but I would then use the proceeds for lifestyle benefits. by 75 years old I want to have spent it all and " lived".
20 Feb '19

RK, Mrremmy..... I see 5 years +. How many PIs really are happy to wait that long realistically ? those in 20s or 30s yes. 40s, yes, 50s me ...ill be 56 years old....... just about ok to hold that long.....those in 60s or 70s?..... cannot really see them holding long.. i' d want out to actually enjoy the benefits for enough years...
20 Feb '19

"...and it may be sooner than people think.

I can say only that Alpha knows who I am."
Posted yesterday by SMISHMAN 12:38

What does he know we dont ?

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