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Sun 09:50

Roscon....well done to your father and support. I use a man bag, run 10km in 45 mins, and ski hard. do I feel feminine ? no. Man bags have not taken off in the UK. I live in Spain and cyprus. fashion is different.
I have a messenger bag made in Barcelona... nukak brand ...up-cycled car, bike, truck inner tubes. anything recycling gets a big thumbs up from me and the environment.
British men can be identified abroad by their use of a rolled up Tesco carrier bag to carry their day items lol.
Subject of knife crime..... problem somewhere where crime is low and quality of life is high. ( hint/clue..... I left the UK in 2000 )
Sun 09:35

stoggy88..... 15 posts, and you want to get back to discussing BMN?..... you've not exactly been a prolific contributor to this BB with 15 posts. It's Sunday, markets are closed...... but feel free to start the BMN discussion........
Sun 09:12

pdub.... "handbags" is not sexist anymore. As a man, I carry a man-bag....keeps my phone, cash, sunglasses etc in. I even use face moisturiser. Modern man has evolved .
Sat 09:38

Alfa... yes photosynthesis. another solution remove all the cows. stop eating red meat.
Sat 08:10

electron orbits s1,s2..... takes me back to A level chemistry days. The principle of the LED .... movement from an electron in ''excited' higher orbit back to its normal state orbit....emitting a photon. The guys behind this got a Nobel prize
Thu 16:21

RNS on its way?
Thu 14:26

Serenus, I recall as a lad in the 1970s we used to have an electric milk float driving around the streets delivering silver and gold top milk...even orange juice. The concept of electric battery vehicles is not new....... but the technology has to evolve ...... and that is where 25 years or so has to pass.
Thu 14:22

Serenus...... Golf aka 'waste of a good walk'

However, interesting article. Why has this taken 25 years from the early 1990s university battery testing ?
Is it the availability/cost of vanadium, or the technology / manufacture process which is now cheaper,easier?
Thu 13:59

seems like 40 - 41p is the new "strong and stable" baseline for BMN. The SP could fly on news...
Wed 08:27

dry land......

sorry off topic. Will not post more non BMN today.
Wed 08:21

Brexit voters..... can't find 1 anywhere these days, all gone into hiding like Manchester United fans since their fall from the glory days
Wed 08:19

who on here voted for Brexit ?
11 Jan '19

RK, I'd like to know what Fortune eats for breakfast, and I'd ask Mikhail if he's ever seen Some Mothers Do Have Em, ..... sorry, its late, and my weird sense of humour
11 Jan '19

gkb47...tame seller ? ..... could it be Chartist2 ?
9 Jan '19

cgartist2.if you leave the UK, keep a UK bank account open and your UK trading platform open. through experience in past, so easy to close bank accounts around the world, but hard to open..... you need local utilities, address etc..... if you have a UK bank account, and UK trading platform open, you are free to trade on it wherever you are in the world. 1 exception.... cannot trade in UK ISAs as non UK resident
9 Jan '19

ukstevrg ... if you have previously accumulated UK shares, then become non resident, those shares do not need to be disposed of. they can be sold during period of non residency... or even later if you return as UK resident. same with UK property. you just become non resident holder of such assets.
9 Jan '19

ujsyeveg. in the past I used a UK trading platform. I now have a cyprus platform which I trade in worldwide markets. nasdaq, ftse etc
9 Jan '19

Chartist2, you have to remember, you are talking in the context of UK tax residency rules. BMN is listed on London based AIM. I suspect most investors are UK tax residents. however, there will be many, in fact the BOD will be AIM BMN holders as non UK tax residents. In my particular case, there is no tax for me to pay on CGT where I have my tax residency.
Don't want to get into politics, but if you do not like UK rules of play (taxes), you are free to move to live in another tax jurisdiction which suits your tax objectives.......but...wait....oh no....Brexit takes all that freedom from you now :-( hope you weren't a Brexit voter
9 Jan '19

Cgartist2 ... spreadbetting, lottery etc is gambling and therefore not a taxable investment. they are tax free winnings. Investing (for example in BMN) is not gambling. Like buying a but to let house. come to sell and its taxable on your investment gains . (i use term taxable obviously relating to the country tax rules of your residency) . some jurisdictions are tax free for certain CGT .
9 Jan '19

Alfa. I am tax resident of Cyprus. no CGT or dividend taxes. I retired 4 years ago, visit UK as non tax resident (allowed up to 91,days a year - complex as HMRC do not use the black/white 183 days ruling to decide your tax residency...also need to have no ties, keep a home there, have work there or dependants etc etc).you can be out of UK more than 183 days BUT still be tax resident due to keeping a home, family ties, work etc. in my case, based on my UK ties, I can visit up to 91,days a year and maintain non tax status. I live part remaining year in Spain (which is in fact black and white 183 days rule I stay under this amount. I have a home in cyprus, pay social insurance in cyprus, utility bills and have a limited company in cyprus, and am an employee of that conpany. it gives me a robust concrete centre of finance there. Basically you have to have a tax base somewhere in ultimate defence against any challenge. HMRC can ultimately ask then if not a UK tax payer, where do you pay tax ?.....cyprus is my legal tax base. so 1 day I can sell my entire BMN holding , and so long as I do not return to UK within 5 years ( not from date I realise CGT, but from total period outside UK previously), I do not pay UK CGT. complex. there used to be a time UK tax residents would take an extended 1 year holiday outside UK, to realise CGT and escape tax..but this temporary non residence has now been closed by HMRC due to abuse. now you need 5 year absence.

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