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Member Since: Sat, 8th Sep 2018

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Last Posted: 6 Jun '19

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6 Jun '19

(1) my name is Expert for the ironic reason everyone on share forums is an 'expert". it's my sense of humour. I explained this previously.
(2) BMN will take a percentage share (cannot recall exac t, think it's 84 %) of BE. BE wi ll be VRFB supply company.
BMN itself wi l not be a VRFB company.
(3) knuttie et al, think I post bull spit. But I post facts. where was the much waited for by the "experts" rerate on back of 2018 financials? The past 3 spikes in V prices past 20 years have ALL fallen back....quickly like this time. oh wait, the messiah, Terry Perles has a crystal ball to read into the future and the "experts" all believe....halelujah. we are saved.
(4) Experts here talking February of the great 2019 resurge in V prices...... now 6months into 2019 ......where is it ?
(5)very very worrying that Bearscarer this morning posted a prediction SP of £15 - £17 . complete deluded fantasy as Peter Jones off Dragons Den would say. yet no-one here criticised this mega uber exaggerated evaluation. I find that worrying. so much so members are on here now in the 'blinkered' zone of share infatuation.
(6) knuttie (grumpiest man alive) with his multi millions, has filtered me. a wise move ? think about it...... I own 4 million BMN shares, when I start selling (at some point as we all will), dropping 50k sells on a daily basis for 80 days...... would LTHs on here not like to know who is doing this ?
Which leads me back to me self-humoring name "Expert"...... I am 1 of many on here , as clueless as each other.
Now, anyone want to tell Knuttie( now,he has me on filter), to fly over to Lake Como and join me for a beer.....he might like to know at what point I will start selling in 50k tranches
6 Jun '19

Sanchez, you suggest low V prices aid VRFBs market. not entirely correct. Core BMN business will always be steel industry and anyone with a brain realises higher V price above cost price equals increased nett profit. Vanadium in VRFBs will utilize leasing model, so VRFB purchase cost will not involve "ownership" of Vanadium. My opinion is a higher V price than we have today will be financially beneficial to BMN and BE VRFB future profits. you disagree
6 Jun '19

Pdub, you forgot to mention the great 2018 financials RNS of 3 weeks ago.....which did......erm....absolutely nothing to the SP.
Whats your explanation for this ?
6 Jun '19

Sanchez, there is an ongoing shorting attack / long term background seller on the back of plummeting V prices. when this changes, so too will the SP
6 Jun '19

Pdub, I don't see why fundamental news, JSE, Mokopane licence (pretty much assumed anyway), Vanchem closure will cause significant SP re-rate. We need V prices back way higher, which will be catalyst for short closures. IMHO, the plummeting V prices, aided facilitated the massive short attack. These need reversing, then the fundamentals may come back into play
5 Jun '19

Pdub, I agree. fundamentals are no longer driving the SP.
1 Jun '19

Don't see why JSE will bring SP growth. I saw SOLG move from AIM to FTSE250 to Canadian TSX at a time the SP went from 46p down to 26p
31 May '19

just sitting around the shores of Lake Como enjoying Moretti beers ..... I realise I will need BMN SP to hit £10 a share in order buy a villa like Clooneys. If only I had bought BMN 12 months earlier.....£2 SP would have been enough
28 May '19

Vauch, don't let the experience put you off SA. Remember these exact things can and do happen in the UK. Knife crime capital of the world.
28 May '19

ninja....try holding your finger with the other hand. that should help
26 May '19

quote TP "The fact that China produces almost no niobium means that imports are a very good proxy for consumption. Import data is readily available, so it's easy to see the growth in niobium imports and therefore, niobium consumption in China.

Far less obvious is the impact of the new situation on vanadium consumption, given the fact that China is historically a net importer of vanadium. So the internal supply/demand changes are not readily available -- visible"
26 May '19

nickerby.....indeed 1.7% rise is great. let's see how it.moves next 3, 4 weeks. Terry Perles is.no doubt an expert in Vanadium. However, China is as transparent as North Korea or Moscow.
26 May '19

loudspeaker..... exactly, how many other 10,000mtv stockpiles are there "accidentally waiting" to be discovered in China, when they wish to influence V prices . no-one knows. China is opaque.
For me, this is the key....... Fundamentals clearly make no influence on the SP. It's a sustained Short attack on the back of V price falls. V price recovery will be the catalyst to unravel the shorting, and then allow fundamentals to have an input in SP again
26 May '19

gkb47...... I agree with Terry Perles in that China is opaque. we do not see what they do. have they been stockpiling Vanadium, and this has driven down V prices? TP thinks so. But is thus correct. they have been importing more Nobium as we see that. vanadium they have import3d for years, so we see no nett change......... but have they been silently accumulating some to stockpile over several years. if so...... who knows when these stocks could run out........ this week, this month, this year,...next year ? no-one knows...... not even Terry Perles the messiah. China is opaque.
26 May '19

Pdub. I am a realist. By nature, and after a career in safety sensitive software of aerospace and military, applications, most effort goes into analysing, developing, and negative testing of systems ensuring if things go wrong, those events are covered and catered for. it's why your plane does not fall out of the sky....but your Samsung smart phone locks up and reboots.....(because phones are non critical and commercially minimal negative testing takes place). Your 500€ smart phone would cost you 6000€ if it underwent D0178b aerospace software validation.
26 May '19

James..... nice and hot in Cyprus now. I am there right now. Then off to Lake Como next Thursday.
26 May '19

Lets hope Terry Perles is correct. It seems the only thing that will move the SP north will be rising V prices (which should result in shorters closing). Fundamentals of BMN now having no effect on SP. If Terry Perles is wrong.......... then it's going to be a long long wait for some to get their paper losses wiped out.
25 May '19

what's the point of arguing over things out of your control like V price or SP . If people are truly LTHs of BMN, then why in fact post on the BB at all?. research info, news analysis 1 thing, just mud slinging is wasted energy. pointless wasted energy.
24 May '19

Mremmy...... I posted same yesterday Thursday 16:18. still a good read
24 May '19

mibo........ never jump onto a spike....... been that in the garden.....or stock market ha ha

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