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21 Mar '19

Though you get the live price on H/L you don't always get to see the trades that move it. Often inconsistent.

I feel they are only showing the trades that influence the way they wish to be dealing
21 Mar '19

3 upward buys in ten minutes after a quiet morning. Is something a foot? It would be nice to see some serious upward motion
21 Mar '19

Disappointed but it confirms the Zubairs will not walk away. They know the importance of the asset. As we've felt for a long long time it is the government clearly in control of time scales here.
20 Mar '19

I wonder where too?
20 Mar '19

TT Let me get this right! Are you saying these tiny deals seen on many shares are not individuals or groups trying to manipulate the price but are actually organised through the brokers, who I assume are paid to blatantly manipulate what effectively becomes a crooked market?

Are you also saying that they do so by deliberately adjusting the software algorithms to achieve their aims?

While I would not be surprised in the slightest, do you have, or have you seen proof of this behaviour in the past because surely that has to be illegal?

It's hard enough to earn a few bob on here as it is trying to find the winners without those sort of shenanigans!
20 Mar '19

You can afford beans?
19 Mar '19

Amen and oink to that
19 Mar '19

Lot's of us fantasists about mystery, perhaps when you've been around a while, you might get promoted and gain fame on the other channel lol

Shakes head at it sometimes!
19 Mar '19

Not doubting you Jrlo because I converse with a board elsewhere but just pointing out we do get loads of these every day on here and they can't all be true otherwise the bloke would never get any work done :0))
19 Mar '19

Bluffmaster the Tanz government have certainly disappointed me over the prolonged nature of this but at the same time knowing how our own government works it shouldn't be at all surprising.

As one who spoke out about the PR last week I couldn't agree more and I'm pleased I got through to them. Time will tell if that is more well thought out in the future, again fingers crossed it will be.

I think you may be right about some leaving at a lower target than they originally planned but personally I think having suffered this last two years, it would be a bit silly to bail out when once the paper work is dealt with, the FFD is about to kick off. All the agony for no gain? That's not for me, I'm here for the profit I came for and won't be going anywhere
19 Mar '19

I agree on the extension being a level of comfort but if it is to be announced I felt it should be now and not on the last day and I would like to think the board might realise it would not go down well to be left to the last minute. We are close enough to that already as it is and I can already imagine the noise on here.

I think as you said, if it is to be extended it should be announced no later than this Friday and if it doesn't come then my instinct will expect even more a successful out come next week.

Fingers crossed eh?
19 Mar '19

Agreed, the Bod must come out with a statement of some sorts before next weekend but as I said last week the longer it goes the more I feel it will still happen in the time frame.

I feel sure they know by now whether it's likely to happen because they will have meetings scheduled if so. If they haven't, it is time to come clean. To be told of a further extention to longstop on the last day or two would be insulting to the long suffering shareholders here. At this stage I'll stick with my feelings as I just can't see the Bod being that silly. I hope I'm not made to eat my words!

Meanwhile we are at a seriously bargain price if this goes ahead as planned next week because I would never expect to see this level again afterwards

So for the newbie it's a little gamble will it be next week or a little longer. Ultimately mid to long term I don't see anyone buying now doing anything than make profit
19 Mar '19

Much as I want to be believe and expect to believe, I'll be much happier when that comes out in public. With respect there are far too many people coming back saying they've held conversations. If they were all true it might explain why we are waiting to get the official news. The poor fella wouldn't have had the time to write it up ;0))

Bloody good buy right now below 10p isn't it.
18 Mar '19

No worries Ken you wouldn't have said it to deceive
18 Mar '19

Was good mate though trying to put your foot down when the floor drops a few feet is a new skill learned and entirely different to a beer wobble :0))
18 Mar '19

Barking of course you are crowing, you love it but I do agree with your point. People should not be banking on dates given to them. They are almost always estimated to give holders a little guidance but they are never promised and the more people throw Paddy's excuse me Irish ;0)) the more those shorts have to latch on too.

If you a long term holder and wish to see it rise then keep your own council when it doesn't go quite to plan don't give them bullets
18 Mar '19

Like I said overnight. People seriously need to make a distinction between an estimate and a promise. If they can't then they always going to blow hot and cold and investing is not for them.

Hang on a minute, day traders behave that way don't they. Let's get realistic here a couple of days beyond estimate and Armageddon arrives Jeez!

Sounds like my ex flipping if I didn't do a job around the house within ten years. Get a grip woman lol
18 Mar '19

I'm due a turn of fortune myself Good luck
18 Mar '19

Interesting. Kenrun said on Friday that it would be shut. I assumed for the hang over after St Patricks. How's your head ;0))
18 Mar '19

Well we all know that shit happens Docit

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