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London South East Natural Resources Briefing webcast: #Emmerson #Alba #Condor Gold #Gold analysis
Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Tue 09:13

Never mind corn flakes, I'm sat with napkin on my lap awaiting a golden egg or two on toast.

Waiting around kicking heels is boring
Sat 20:59

You called the price right but I didn't believe it would go this low and it is what it is, but a farm out has arisen and with government delays it has helped prices to where you predicted. I still believe this to be massively oversold however, my comment was with regards to your final paragraph re the government.

"Amateur Hour. Looks increasingly like are prioritizing (probably rightly) other resources based on probability of success".

As I said there are no others with enough resources to cope with demand increases and LPG is at least twenty years away.
Sat 20:05

You might have a point if the others had enough resources to fulfill the countries requirements during the coming years but they don't, it's as simple as that!

With any possibility of LPG out of the window production wise within the next twenty years, I'll not be losing sleep over speculative scare stories
Fri 17:18

Notify people of the notice and moderators remove immediately waste of space this site lately. Total Joke

Self destruct t minus 30 minutes
Fri 16:41

Agm circular to appear shortly

Warning this post will self destruct within 24hrs
15 May '19

A little background on the site that's used to knock all those that are positive

Hidden owners running in New York with Scottish registrar under a privacy email address.

Three changes on three unique IP addresses in two years. Using two different registrar's. One change on two unique name servers over two years.

A part of a shorters tool box me thinks.
14 May '19

This place should have been renamed the Aminex bleating board two years ago because that's what people have done. Pete nice to see you are now seeing what I've been saying for God knows how long. It only serves to put people off, but then that's exactly why some do it!

It's still a strong buy here
5 May '19

Simples Irish. It's being played on the back of the month Cpr delay. Not long now though :0))
2 May '19

The government is not going to spend money on appointing a team to sort the terms out if it has no intention of giving the licence.

My understanding of it, is it will be wrapped up in the extention but I would expect the Dev licence to follow fairly soon after.

I see some real positive points here and feel I can look forward to a drill this year realistically perhaps around three months after granting.
2 May '19

BG as I said last night "For the more positive and optimistic amongst you (who need to speak out sometimes) in case you missed it, the licence should come with the gas terms & GSA attached to it, which means from date of award there should be no further bureaucracy to stand in our way".

Now let's be honest, if they weren't going to issue the licence they would hardly be negotiating the gas terms and GSA would they?

Bloody fantastic news to my ears. It confirms it's on its way as far as I'm concerned.
2 May '19

Strangely enough it's quite comforting when the destruction brigade turn up on a share. Often lots of new names all speaking like they've been with the company for years yet their very first words and every word after are continually attacking management.

In the vast majority of cases they are just con men winding up others who have lost the odd %.

They are either shorting or want a cheaper entry so look out for the bargains just as we have here right now.

Sub 10p Rediculous cheap
1 May '19

Besides cost benefits we might get to hear more information that otherwise we might not have due to the stricter regulations.

On that same subject another issue here I feel is no matter what news, good or bad, the BBs and the same group everytime smash it to pieces.

That tells me that the we are either targeted by those seeking to gain from downward movement or we have the most pessimistic bunch of shareholders a company could have.

These often over the top reactions fueled by agitators who openly admit to poking their nose into things that they supposedly have no interest in, in my view impair the boards decisions over what to put in the public domain and so effectively we could be shooting ourselves in the foot.

While there has been little to shout about in recent months the fundamentals of the 1.87tcf and the additional 945ish bcf at Jurassic level still remain and we are but a signing of a piece of paper away from that, CH1 and the FFD that follows

For the more positive and optimistic amongst you (who need to speak out sometimes) in case you missed it, the licence should come with the gas terms & GSA attached to it, which means from date of award there should be no further bureaucracy to stand in our way. That is an unexpected bonus for me!

Financially we had 1.86m at eoy and have added 2.4 following the raise. There is reasonable expectation of licence award and farmout completion prior to 31st July and bringing with it 5m and high confidence of being paid the disputed 3m we are owed. Total 12.25m this year.

Good night all
30 Apr '19

Real **** take going on here today. Just shows how bent the markets are imo

Bigger fools those who are falling for it!
29 Apr '19

Give the noisy neighbour his ball back or else he'll only keep kicking the fence. Thank god the Easter school holiday is about over
29 Apr '19

Can't point to it right now but only in recent weeks did I post a link to an article showing where those terms were being relaxed in the resources industry
29 Apr '19

Something odd about Kiliwani Chris but I'm not sure why the hold up. I've heard a few speculative arguments but I'm beginning to think it might be a tactical approach. Not doing us much good financially at the moment though
29 Apr '19

News for you P0. It don't work with the amount of none invested vultures who sniff around this place :0))

I too am demoralised and extremely frustrated but I maintain it is not of the managements doing.

Patience is thin but I'll not be walking away from this without the profit I aimed to take from it.

29 Apr '19

When actually will the action begin? Still waiting for those 21 drill ready pads to start drilling.

Some have been trying to pump this on Twitter for all its worth over last few weeks but until some machinery starts to turn, I don't see the point in ploughing more in.
29 Apr '19

The usual vultures are circling ready for the results.

As we've had no income for a year, we all know they are not going to be good, save your breath, it is all about the licence and the farm out being completed here.

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