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Tue 12:16

all this rya/ezj are taking the sector down again talk is just nonsense, so lets just agree to cease it as each day is different and each day the shares swop places, its a bit infantile to be honest and not a lot of use to anybody. As for cross posting, just like to make clear i own IAG RYA and a small few EZJ, so assume i have a certain contankerous individuals permission to post on all those BB's.
Tue 12:11

just do one johnb, you only pop up to complain, try getting some friends instead it will improve your life, just a friendly suggestion.
Tue 10:08

sounds ideal i shall screenshot that for the wife, shes the cook in our gaff, me i burn cornflakes. Love a good steak although i have been warned i may not be able to eat much of one again (meal sizes only as big as my hand maximum). Im gonna ask for a hand transplant with Brother Lee Love
Tue 07:21

hope the ECG went ok Aether?

Am still salivating about the steak and chips, and no such luck with the nurses to report im afraid.

interestingly you boys can almost dumbell curl my entire weight - am now 61kgs, down from 75 at christmas. Good for weight loss is stomach failure lol.

So wheres this dog heading todaynthen do we recon, up for a change?
Mon 16:36

mr o deary os a bit of a brexit doom monger though to be fair, hes been vocal against it from the off so 8 suspect he can see further than he is saying and there is a politicsl angle to his zero visibility comments.
Mon 15:43

then again clearly not. theres that optimism getting in the way again, bu99er
Mon 12:38

late morning, might even end up level by cop if we're lucky.
Mon 12:35

i hope not craig, i have 2k worth of these in the bottom draw, dont want to see another carillion flybe or debs here.
Mon 12:33

yes mate, staring out the window at the blue skies above Plymouth (so technically im in Devon)
Mon 08:37

this will be why. still making a good few bob though.
15 May '19

aether, am back to where i was in january unfortunately, am seriously thinking of moving hospital after a number of goofs here this time, might be discha4ging myself tomorrow and representing myself at a different specialist centre in Brum, lost confidence in the consultants here unfortunately. Never had the hosepipe upwards, can only imagine that to be very unpleasent mate but im sure you'll shake that off :)
15 May '19

aether, dunno mate stuck in bloody hospital again chained to a bed mate
15 May '19

heres hoping for another nice little 'rise' today, keep em crossed.
15 May '19

i still cannot endorse your views fully im afraid

my brother in law is director of a listed specialist battery manufacturer and ive seen his r&d facicilities and factory ete. he has a client list (oil oddly) who required a specific battery pack making at 6k a pop and it last for 24hours then is scrapped (because of how they have to use it) only the outer plates can be recycled being substantial piece of copper. it is a myth to think the rest of the battery is recyclable, your cars battery will be no different unless its lead acid which it obviously isnt.

The wind turbine facts also disprove their eco credentials. hundreds if not thousands of tonnes of concrete required to hold them up, loads of metal in construction, and again transported accross the world, and no power on windless days or too windy days. There does however have to be a balance.

whats should and could easily be done by government, instead of asking for charge points on new builds and banning new gas connections, is to make it compulory to have roofs made with solar panels. i live in a big bungalow with 4kw on the roof and my annual electric bill is 158, i cook on electric and heat my hot water also.
Also, compulsory rainwater harvesting, reduces runoff and reduces sewers discharging neat sewage under heavy rain conditions. just running toilets off these saves over 40% with minimal outlay. i save more as water is my field and have constructed my own system that can produce even cleaner water. simple ueasily done cheap changes that make a difference which should be built into building regs.

not going to tie this board up however, its an oil share board to discuss BP, if your interested in such a 101% eco viewpoint id suggest having a look at the Navitron forums rather than the BP one on lse, some good stuff on there to read and learn from, cheers.
15 May '19

agree we all need to limit where we can but your plastic and metal car is made from oil, the metal bits mined by diesel plant and shipped round the world in metal boats burning vast quantities of oil, and power stations use gas to provide electricity. battery materials are highly toxic, again take oil to mine and desecrate landscapes in far off lands. i am not adverse to eco stuff. i heat my home soley with wood, have rainwater harvesting providing 80% of my water (its my field) insulation 1m thick in the roof and 4" celetex on all my external walls, solar panels on the roof. my car does 76mpg (polo diesel) but to think you can do away with oil is ridiculus. look where your food comes from and the goods you buy - it might be eco friendly but not if it causes damage elsewhere or is shipped miles and miles.
14 May '19

hyper, i assume you dont own, or your pension provider own, any shares in the industires you deride? Not likely to be finding many converted souls on here id suspect given its an oilly board.
13 May '19

billy you need a beer matey and a lie down else you'll be in the bed next to me mate :)

Fully agree though it is a load of feckin tosh, in this game they always say diversify across shares. Glen does that in one package with all the things it produces and trades, all essential, which makes it doubly annoying. Time for Ivan to F off i think he's asleep at the wheel.
13 May '19

hopefully the yankers will do us a favour and pick it up a bit, find out in a tick.
11 May '19

lol superb craig lol.

Go on billy, tweet the geezer, dare you :)
11 May '19

just noticing in the news that the tango man has a newly arrived battle group on its way to park up near Iran, the reterick is getting a bit louder too. Hope he dont start a 'real' war over there, wouldnt put much past him.

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