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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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Wed 10:07

Forward selling isn't illegal Imas & Amili IF the shares have been forward sold, but they have not been issued to the market as a result of the BOD being voted down, are you proposing LTH foot the bill in order for the BOD & Brokers (who by default must have orchestrated such a situation) to walk away both richer & scot free? That's not even taking into account a potential short squeeze scenario whereby you're bailing out shorters.

I don't profess to know the in's and outs of investing and I am not invested here, from the side lines looks like its a gamble on this billionaire chap making the RTO happen, surely if that's the case he or anyone would want it as cheap as possible? Make of what you will of that considering yesterday's RNS.
Wed 05:50

I have been watching PSL/BOU from a distance, keenly interested in how things develop.

I am relatively new to trading, with only a year and a half under my belt - This situation, the potential RTO and now a potential forward selling & short squeeze scenario in something I haven't encountered before so have found this genuinely interesting & enlightening as to the pitfalls of the markets.

I have a couple of questions, if anyone cares to share their opinions...

If this is a "short squeeze" has the rise not already occurred over the past weeks trading sessions? What are the potential pitfalls for a PI - Is it that there isn't a short squeeze and the price will drop back to "normal" levels?

I gather that forward selling is a way of raising capital, is it being inferred that as the resolution to issue more shares was voted down, those shares do not exist yet have been "sold" already forcing the broker to buy at normal market prices to settle positions?

Would appreciate someone with experience explaining. Feel for LTH as it all seems a bit confusing, cant work out if people are being shafted here or not?
9 Apr '19

Welcome to New LTH wasn't exactly far off. Rinse and repeat in the Aim casino I'm afraid. Hopefully we get the restimulation permits and this really will fly!
9 Apr '19

"The last time there was even just the rumour of a takeover the SP spiked on 8p before dropping down once said rumours denied." - A lot more shares in issue now, unlikely to ever see those highs again.

1.5p-2p for IPPC on its own - based on reducing production figures (44k for Jan & Feb) compressor tech will be needed and that costs hundreds of thousands & is custom built to order. Then you have CH's 180K p/a salary to cover. 3.5p when re-stim permits are granted, original forecast I had.

As stated, DYOR - AIM is a gamble. You might be able to bag today, just be protect your investment is all I am saying.
9 Apr '19

New poster? Me? I might have gone quiet but you'll see most of my posting history is mainly AST and it is, in broad terms, positive.

The IPPC is as you say massive news for AST and it not worthless, no doubt but as I have said, this share HAS been a **** show for years and that you cannot deny.

I hope this is the start of a long road to get my money back. Don't like my thoughts / opinions? Filter me!
9 Apr '19

All new LTHs!

This has been an absolute **** show for YEARS. The asset is undoubtedly there and worth circa £200m+ BUT with the BODs ineptitude (August doomsday RNS upon which a lot of people sold, only to be followed by an all is well RNS 3 day later) and the under-hand tactics from the Slovenian's unfortunately it is not a straight forward scenario.

So yes, AST now have the permits for the gas processing plant but guess what - We cant get the gas out of the ground in any great quantity to make it worth while. As far as I see it (a long suffering LTH deep in the red) the only viable option from the IPPC permit is for INA to send us Croatian gas and for AST to send it back, clean or to send it into the Slovenian grid.

This is not a de-ramp, as stated I am a LTH and would love nothing more to get out of this in profit or break even at least; hell I want you all to buy it, tell your friends and family to buy as well, so selfishly I can get out.

Seriously though, D.Y.O.R.
3 Apr '19

Is full of shit, gets things right by fluke. Called SNT & MTPH correct but lied about AST & DEB. Lesson here, don't trust anyone (DTA).
18 Mar '19

Ramped SNT - Crashed. Ramped GCM - Didn't move. Ramped RMP - Crashed and then some.

If I've learnt one thing, is to be wary of any stock you comment on, especially ramping.
27 Feb '19

"No new material information will be released at the investor meeting."

Best. RNS. Ever.
16 Feb '19

CH has been using the time to amass dirt on Leben - it would be a savvy move to employ people to do some digging on a guy that's claiming to be whiter than white. This is seems a bit too convenient, the SH meeting date set for 27th, if there's no news it's walking into the lions den for CH.

Is Leben's past being used as leverage / to convince those higher up he's overstepping his remit, as seen in the MAGNA case?

Anticipation will build pre 27th, if only amongst us LTHs. The herd might join if sentiment returns.
14 Feb '19

Not sure who he is exactly but he's called quite a few things right - placing at MTPH & SNT and the whole timeline.
14 Feb '19

So not a spectacular RNS however I can't help but think we are basically still at the same place as after the 04/02 RNS just minus Ackers & Co. as SHs. Think it's a slight overreaction to mark it down so much the.
11 Feb '19

Profit - We are focussing on SNT - Ackers & Co are relevant to the whole situation!
11 Feb '19

Good post there Madchatter! Something is going on here - few possible outcomes, be it a reversal in fortunes for the company or possibly a RTO led by Ackers & Co. Interesting times, especially this week. GL to all those involved. All imo.
11 Feb '19

Jarvy - Sure I've read somewhere it's a 75% gross profit margin on M2G, someone please correct that if it's inaccurate.
11 Feb '19

Mad chatter, if they convert the entire £10.4m pipeline in 1 year that would be a lot more than £10m mcap working on a p/e ratio of x7, even a fifth of the £10m would see it at £7m-ish mcap by my rough calcs. DYOR as always - I hope they land a sizeable chunk of it and it flies!
11 Feb '19

Now .165 to sell, turning quickly this one, from NT to full order in seconds. Here's hope it fly's this week! All imo.
11 Feb '19

11 Feb '19

NT to sell / 17.7 to buy with HFX =\
7 Feb '19

Gone to Negotiated Trade for £500!

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