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UPDATE: #COPL set timeline for Q2/Q3 Nigeria drilling programme
RESULTS: IFA led wealth managers AFH Financial results show strong growth

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Today 18:06

CH has been using the time to amass dirt on Leben - it would be a savvy move to employ people to do some digging on a guy that's claiming to be whiter than white. This is seems a bit too convenient, the SH meeting date set for 27th, if there's no news it's walking into the lions den for CH.

Is Leben's past being used as leverage / to convince those higher up he's overstepping his remit, as seen in the MAGNA case?

Anticipation will build pre 27th, if only amongst us LTHs. The herd might join if sentiment returns.
Thu 11:18

Not sure who he is exactly but he's called quite a few things right - placing at MTPH & SNT and the whole timeline.
Thu 08:41

So not a spectacular RNS however I can't help but think we are basically still at the same place as after the 04/02 RNS just minus Ackers & Co. as SHs. Think it's a slight overreaction to mark it down so much the.
Mon 23:55

Profit - We are focussing on SNT - Ackers & Co are relevant to the whole situation!
Mon 22:19

Good post there Madchatter! Something is going on here - few possible outcomes, be it a reversal in fortunes for the company or possibly a RTO led by Ackers & Co. Interesting times, especially this week. GL to all those involved. All imo.
Mon 15:05

Jarvy - Sure I've read somewhere it's a 75% gross profit margin on M2G, someone please correct that if it's inaccurate.
Mon 08:52

Mad chatter, if they convert the entire 10.4m pipeline in 1 year that would be a lot more than 10m mcap working on a p/e ratio of x7, even a fifth of the 10m would see it at 7m-ish mcap by my rough calcs. DYOR as always - I hope they land a sizeable chunk of it and it flies!
Mon 08:27

Now .165 to sell, turning quickly this one, from NT to full order in seconds. Here's hope it fly's this week! All imo.
Mon 08:25

Mon 08:25

NT to sell / 17.7 to buy with HFX =\
7 Feb '19

Gone to Negotiated Trade for 500!
5 Feb '19

TPT - "The issues over bullying, harassing and hate emails was somewhat a separate subject but also needed to be addressed because they have become totally unacceptable this day and age!" - The age of free speech, whereby we are censored & scare mongered into silence for fear of a politician who is full of his own self importance over-stepping his mark, again.

Monday I had David someone or other baiting me RE AST and the permits, he posted a GIF of a rocket or meteor with the caption "AST Incoming" - Now, what is the difference between that and the nuclear explosion GIF posted after the RNS announcing legal action? There is non, apart from the fact I can tell its a joke. Just like Slovenia and their antiquated processes.
4 Feb '19


Also wonder what the update sometime next week will say...
4 Feb '19

Bought in this afternoon after holding off for a whole, it will be an interesting run up to June 19 & if sales continue along the same trend, hopefully the SP will recover the the .25p-.30p range just for starts. I'm, dyor.
1 Feb '19

As I've said the finer details are being agreed on; we want what is best for the company - it's interests, future and by default the SP and our investments.

My own personal view and I do not speak on behalf of others or the Investor Group with the following:

CH must explain his salary, take a reduction/alternative in shares in the aforementioned until there are tangible results and if not then tender his resignation or be forced out.

Timescales need to be provided (legal action & permits, how long will we wait?) & kept to, both related to remuneration & keeping us in the loop.

INA Contract renewal again linked to remuneration.

Compression equipment - Timescales, cost/results & longevity.

I'm sure there are more points to add & as a group we will agree & call for an EGM for it all to be discussed.
1 Feb '19

The investor group is far from twaddle. The 5% threshold has been reached and we are currently in the process of hammering out the finer details & objectives for the EGM. As mentioned, a provisional letter has been drafted and once content is agreed will be sent by a solicitor to CH & AST.

This isn't a joke. This isn't hot air. We will call an EGM and force answers that have not been forthcoming in recent months.
29 Jan '19

The herd is due once the updated revenue figures land (expected early Feb) I for one am in this for the long term (imo full SP value is in the 50p region) but makes a decent opportunity to trade as well! GLA DYOR.
25 Jan '19

Beat me to it Hotshot! How'd you feel about your recent 3k investment Kashdog? ;-)
15 Jan '19

ITX have signed deals with Croda, Solvay and Nouryon....don't forget the potential for a deal with Unilever - The research is on this board - Former head of R&D at Unilever stated Itaconic Acid is on Unilever's list of development tech moving forward. Short or long term, ITX has A LOT to offer, if you want the full whack, hold and hold for a long time. All imo, DYOR - Links can be supplied upon request as well.
15 Jan '19

EC - It hit 1.2p WITHOUT permits and settled around .8p WITHOUT permits.

Yes, we LTH are annoyed with the situation, sitting on huge paper losses - I myself have called for an EGM in the passed weeks. However, I am open to differing opinions and new developments. As stated by others, sentiment has turned, amongst LTH if nothing else and the market has cottoned on.

The positives....

Mr Leben has been pro-investment on Twitter
UK Diplomats publicly backing the project
Carver gone
Regional O&G man in
More money (granted not mega bucks) in the bank than expected.
AST looking into other ways to get more gas out the ground without the required stimulation permits.
CH going full time again.

I honestly think this nightmare has light at the end of the tunnel.

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