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Fri 20:31

I really hope for everyone on here that it’s true, by the way. I just don’t believe things until I’ve seen the evidence.

Time for my meal. Have a good weekend everyone. I hope next week is profitable for you all.
Fri 20:19

Please provide a link to the “other chat forum”.

It sounds far too good to be true so I’d be very surprised. And the price seems terribly high.

I could falsely say that I heard the price will be £3.00/share. Now someone on the other chat forum can repeat that, giving the source as “another chat forum”.
Wed 22:12

Let’s say you’re a market maker and you drop the price deliberately and let it keep on falling. That should engender fear and promote more selling... which promotes even more selling. Do it for a day or two, retain a proportion of the shares sold to you, then do the opposite - raise the price. People suffer from FOMO & jump in, buying. You offload a mass of shares sold to you days beforehand at a much higher price.

I’ve wondered if that happens but I have no idea.

Get it wrong and when you raise the price, people sell. But if you’ve got deep pockets and you have decades of experience behind you & decades of knowledge of human psychology, you can ride the times you get it wrong - and you can always drop the price if it’s getting too costly for you.

In theory, sell volume should equal buy volume. The fact that it often doesn’t surely means that the market makers must on those days be left either with excess shares or “owing” shares.

I am just guessing.
Wed 21:59

It’s not that the share price necessarily falls. It’s that one day it’ll fall and another it’ll rise. There seems to be no correlation.

I wonder if it’s market makers doing things to make money, if I can put it that way. I thought they weren’t allowed to do that - that every sell is matched with a buy - but there are legal loopholes in many things. I am just guessing.
Wed 19:59

Manchego, my original comment got onto that but I deleted it as I was guessing. If anyone knows, I’d be grateful.

All I can say is that the first time I saw buy & sell volumes listed, I thought you’d be able to predict the movement. I quickly learned that it’s not that easy.
Wed 18:19

DMcG, re “I'm not delusional or ramping it's just on LSE its stating 2 million more shares bought than sold do the price should be going up not down surely”

It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. It should do but it doesn’t.
Wed 13:11

@TheViking, thanks for that.

Re “I agree there some on here who spout an absolute load of Cr8pp”, I groaned when I read “fill your boots” a little while ago (I think that was the full financial analysis offered in the comment). It’s partly why I responded to Kiwikev’s comment on 100 posts - Kiwikev may write sound, informative comments (and I wasn’t suggesting he didn’t) but some people get a high count writing things as inane as “fill your boots” or “Go up, baby!”
Wed 13:03

Kiwikev, thanks for that. I didn’t take offence, and there’s no suggestion in my comment to the contrary. I was making an observation on your comment. Everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion and hearing the opposite opinion with reasoning is a good thing.

Incidentally I agree that our comments don’t move markets. However they may influence PIs, causing them to get their fingers burned as happened with Carillion for example.

I hope the SP goes up and that PIs make lots of money, by the way. Whether that will happen is a different question.
Wed 11:37

Why 100? Why not 1000? Or 10?

There is no threshold. Everyone is welcome especially if they’ve never commented before. It can be daunting for someone to make their first comment.
Wed 11:23

Re: “Warning to derampers and rampers” (in upper case, no less!)

“Anyone posting untrue comments or misleading information on this forum will be instantly reported today. This applies to those ramping and to those de-ramping. Keep it clean, opinions allowed. Stupidness, also will get you a ban”.

This is the funniest comment I’ve read for ages. Hilarious.
29 Jan '18

... you could always quote an hourly rate for
compensation instead of a fixed sum and tell them how much time you've spent on it so far (again, keep both reasonable). This allows you to increase what you ask for should you spend more time on it between now and when (hopefully) you get your money.
29 Jan '18

i don't know what the value of your trade was but if it's significant, I'd write
to your broker (e.g. via a secure message on their website & keep a copy) and tell them that you're claiming the statutory rate of interest at 8% per annum on the sum owed plus (quote a figure for your time e.g. £50/£80 - keep it reasonable). The relevance is that I've done this before and been paid. It's easier to do it now than to first mention it when they tell you they'll pay you. In my opinion there's a psychological impact of mentioning it now rather than when they've decided to pay you. There is of course always the risk that it'll irritate them - it's up to you. But I can't see how they're allowed to do what they're doing, and if they were they'd refer you to the term/condition in their contract allowing it. In fact, I'd ask them which term/condition allows it - see it they can quote one.// 8% on £10,000 is £2.19 per day - £60 for a one-month dispute may not seem much but it's better than nothing.
29 Jan '18

Re Crest: If you held shares electronically through a broker and never had a paper share certificate, your shares should also have been held by Crest. Crest should make your shares *more* secure. I suggest you phone/email your broker and ask them (without referring to your complaint) if the shares you hold via them are always held via Crest. //Crest is explained here: http://www.londonstockexchange.com/traders-and-brokers/private-investors/private-investors/about-share/how-hold-shares/how-hold-shares.htm
29 Jan '18

I couldn't agree more with 4unme - consider contacting the media. i would not be at all surprised if there's a quick payout plus perhaps something extra to say sorry if the media take the story up.
23 Jan '18

Asking you the value of your loss is personal so please ignore that question. All you need to know is that costs are live for claims above £10,000 so litigation gets more stressful, expensive and risky. Hopefully though, even if your losses exceed £10,000, you won't need to take it to court
23 Jan '18

Fleccy - very helpful comment.// Vijaykuve - Re response from Selftrade: "Your contract notes states that the settlement date would be 16 Jan 2018. I am sorry but if you require further assistance please contact an independant financial advisor".//The settlement date is irrelevant in my opinion. What matters is when the contract was entered into (the sale of the shares) and the terms & conditions. If the latter excuse non-payment, I suspect that that may be unlawful i.e. can be challenged. Most people wrongly think that if a term is in the contract, it's automatically binding. May I ask if you have lost more of less than £10,000 (the Small Claims limit)?//Your contract is with your broker. If someone won't settle with them, that's their problem//
22 Jan '18

Personally, I thought he was a Walter Mitty.
22 Jan '18

The share price is now reading as 0p on here so I wouldn't be surprised if this chat does vanish soon. It's been a pleasure talking to everyone.
21 Jan '18

I agree. I'd be sorely tempted to contact the Money section of national newspapers as there's a good chance they'll be interested.
21 Jan '18

That's rhetorical by the way. It takes nerve to recommend buying just before it goes under and then to post a comment inviting people to email you so they can benefit from your market-predicting prowess.

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