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Today 19:06

True, but that could be delays unforseen by new disoveries in clinical development, alongside with our collaborators too. awahich is why i still say criticisms of the BOD are unfair for a very simple reason..........we do not know exactly what is going on for now.

I get what your getting at, i felt it myself, but that was largely out of frustration, lets see what comes out that the company couldn"t discuss. Goodnight.
Today 18:20

It is funny though we get very few posts where investors do not believe in the science any more just a reality that comes with humility remembering our current share price.. In a year where we have seen 19p and now 7p, confidence does get hit, we all look for what we are missing/missed, i just think in this market a good run of news will see us rise pretty quickly.

Being positive in our outcomes due to the lack of negative posts IMHO, and i think what has been seen largely by delays is actually clinical improvement/development which the timelines were not thought to be so long by many of us. Going in to 2019 with news of SCIB 1 IND , GC results, and the unusual situation of investors having had a good two years working with us for mutual benefit.Even the extension to the Karolinska Institute is more than welcome, and we seem to be in a very tight circ;e, the new CEO of Oncimmune is Peter Johnson (Univ of Sotom) and another Board member from Karolinska, lets just compare that to three years ago in terms of strategy, and potential areas of major news. Newbies are buying in at low prices, we are topping up at low prices, and the potential upside is exciting compared to the downside and possibilities. Lets hope that starts translationg into the IP in the coming months.
Today 15:59


Just wanted to clarify that when i say i have written off my investment, it is just my way of taking Scancell away from being my focus. At 50p even if i sold that would bring in £72,500, that would come in very handy indeed.

DA I think you explained that rather well in the previous post, hich kind of answers why there has been not so much negativity, but reasoned posts by many. ATB all.
Today 12:04

Feel very similar Ivy, on all points, said last year really I had mentally written off my investment here, but still had the dream we would come good eventually, and funny enough I was only disagreeing with some criticism of the BOD, because on the other hand they have given LD all the time she needs for clinical development, which is essential as we have no room for errors in trials.

Just been rather surprised at our weakness the last couple of months falling back again from the 10s to 7s. My average is 17p now, not exactly happy with that, but the route back to the 20s is realistic with news and trials ever approaching nearer. Lets hope we have bottomed out, just about, wonder if we will be subject to a share tip or two before the NEW year?
Thu 22:16

Well, losing for some up to 95% of monies invested over time, will never achieve happy investors, and being told to phone the company to hear the truth, well thats another story altogether. Glad i don"t play hockey, given the weapons.
Thu 22:02

Balke Seven, yes it is a forum to debate VAL, not just ramp it. I"ve said it so often but a good post easing peoples concerns can in many cases alter some peoples view. Instead here it leads to abuse and character anhillation. Do you think that is the way to be???

Remember, people like me are here because my interest with many cancer companies is what they are developing for the betterment of all. Is that not a good enough reason to post and ask questions? Probably a far beetter reason than seeking a quick buck on false pretences IMHO. Time for bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thu 21:55

Thanks Freddieboy, will keep my version to myself.

Still these words trolls, derampers, scum etc etc, used for anybody with a contrary view rather than debate. One thing i will share is that a couple of people still post in such a manner that many are put off by there posts as we see here with the increased selling, today as low as 1.035. That is not MM games, that is people willing to sell at that price, hence the falling SP. Not MM games as some prefer to blame.

Shame really, pretty sure there are many decent people here, proven to be right as the months fly by, just makes me laugh to imagine fourteen of all people would say such a thing. Mirror, mirror on the wall, indeed.

Anyway, wish yer luck, AIM has certainly seen the last of my money, and i am sure that many people now realise timelines and funding to gain just approval, let alone become commercial is a costly exercise, and the ability to read RNSs properly is essential. However bad the BOD might or not be the interpretation of the rampers was very naive, unrealistic. I even saw a poster today claim thats two compounds both now commercialised, do you really blame people shouldn"t challenge that? ATB and goodnight.
Thu 20:47

rightback, thanks for replying. I really wasn"t having a pop, I had level 2 for three years and it really did help me in many ways, but as you say it changes in seconds, making it very difficult to predict anything, unless you have it on all day., and far from what some say there are no privileges given by LSE.

Just thinking how to spend my 300 a year savings, lol.

Just out of interest whats happened to "my best buddy" fourteen??
Thu 20:06

Buys 358k

Sells 000000

A welcome sight!! Night you guys.
Thu 16:55

Was just asking out of interest. Yes i can tell what is a buy/sell, the spread is quite large anyway, but the 1.105/6 are clearly sells and the 1.1.14 plus are clearly buys. I"ve just given up paying for level2, unless you are trading a lot it doesn"t help. Sorry to mention that rightback, but your forecasts????.

The only tick up that didnt make sense was upping the ask to 1.40. I dont think anybody paid more than very low 1.20s.
Anyway, good luck.
Thu 16:00

gige, just out of interest, can you not tell which trades are buys/sells? Why is it a joke? It happens on every share.
Thu 14:07

At 8p.

Volume 350k, all buys
Thu 12:04

Volume 150k, all buys.
Thu 11:58

Yes DA.

Volume 100k, all buys today.
Thu 10:14

Val Ju, don"t really want to speak about VAL anymore, i have given my views, tis a case of what happens at the end of the day.

Yeah im 62, my father died on Xmas Day 2012, mother a year later on the day i was first diagnosed!!! Your post did touch me when you spoke of your mothers struggles, same as mine, just enjoy Xmas, good memories, and yes for many people Xmas is full of bad stuff, my advice, just enjoy it. Take care.
Thu 09:42

Ruck, tend to agree with you re current SP, just got a feeling we will get IND before New Year. Just a feeling, but will be a good lead into 2019
Thu 09:32

Val Ju, even yesterday sellswere 1.105/6 all others were buys. Not sure why 1.30 is showing as ask. Will tick down.

Hope alls well with you.
Thu 08:23


Professor Ola S Winqvist MD PhD is a Professor of Cellular Immunotherapy at the Karolinska Institute and Senior Consultant in Clinical Immunology at the Karolinska University Hospital. Professor Winqvist received his medical qualification in 1991 at the University of Uppsala. He then went on to achieve a PhD, focusing on experimental medicine and autoantigens in Addison's disease. He held a post-doctoral position at the Scripps Research Institute in California for three years and was Chairman of the Swedish Clinical Immunology Society until 2017.
Thu 08:22

More familiar names to the jigsaw.................................

Dr Adam Hill, CEO of Oncimmune commented: "Oncimmune's forward strategy is designed to unlock the latent potential in the Company's immunogenic protein platform, through developing a number of commercial propositions, underpinned by leading immunodiagnostic science. I am delighted that Professor Johnson, preeminent as an authority in cancer and immunology, has accepted our offer to Chair the Company's new SB, leading a team of experts, namely Dr Roope, Dr Pashayan and Prof Winqvist, who are all leaders in their chosen fields at the intersection of Cancer and Immunology, as well as medical practitioners. I look forward to working with them, leveraging their expertise as we deliver the next chapter of Oncimmune's growth over the next three years.
Thu 07:06 Peter W.M Johnson appointed as Chairman of Scientific Board comprising leading cancer experts.

Theres a face we know. ATB

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