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Fri 01:35

Buys 112k

Sells 21k

Didn"t do any dummy trades later on today, but for long periods today you could only sell 30k shares at 13.02 despite there being 5 MMs (now 4) on the bid at 13p.

Expected to see a sizable delayed sell as a result, none have resulted so far. All that as the SP finally made 13/13.50., drifting down for another red day.

Pretty determined to achieve a red day, lets see if it makes more sense tomorrow.
Thu 16:26

13/13.50............Cenkos take up the Ask.
Thu 16:18

Been watching that on level 2. Seems like a little bounce back after a sharp fall.

Just MO but Bermuda Shorts has a few bios in his P/F, and im pretty sure he has researched them very well.
Thu 13:58

Yep, trades at 13.45 are buys

911 trade lol, Pending News......!!!
Thu 13:08

5 MMs on the bid at 13p. Still can only sell 30k at 13.02. Thats with H/L
Thu 10:47

Hmmm, a big delayed sell to come IMHO
Thu 10:36

Now that is what i have been waiting to see. Here"s hoping that is the first of many...................................

21/06/2018 09:24 51,660 13.55
21/06/2018 08:38 1,462 13.55
Thu 05:30

Thank you Ray for joining in the conversation yesterday. It has been a long time since i visited the Scancell website, and not only then do so many things make more sense, including the Grand Challenge, but it has refocused me enormously. As far as Grand Challenge goes i don"t remember ever having read that pdf. So much information that ive been craving for, on my own doorstep. I know my memory has been compromised but not sure how that happened. if it did, i do remember suggesting that all parties must have been working together for some time, feel the same now and am really looking forward to their findings.

So we have drifted down from 15.50 on the ask to yesterdays 13.60/64 being paid., just three buys, in a very low volume day. Even if we do drift on the ask to 13.50 hoping that becomes our new low, and if i had the funds would have topped up late yesterday FWIW.

With SCIB 1 & 2 financially ring fenced for trials, MOD 1 & 2 in late development and MOD3 the subject of Grand Challenge, not even to mention the new platform received from Nottingham University, we trade on with a M/Cap of £51.62m. IMO that is about what i reckoned around June 13th, and would be good to see some support today.

Still none the wiser about H1 news update, sure i read it here. Very possibly not, my memory is not so goo these days.

I couldn"t help thinking again last night, that from inside that team lies future commercial activity for us. We know ouit is imperative for our treatments to work wonders in humans, Scancells and LDs involvement in this Grand Challenge could well elevate us to levels where bidding will take on a new life. The exposure to others in the Oncology Arena is awesome, relationships will be fermented and that list of team members seems to get more impressive each time i look.

Potential, potential and more potential is what i see, happy to hold through this and IMHO the 20s beckon. A dry dock for many of us.
Wed 19:01

Fascinating. The development in the laboratory must be at full speed too.

Night inanaco.
Wed 18:49

Hence my interest in the Roche/Foundation deal.
Wed 18:32

A very good reminder, haven"t read this for ages................................

The Research
In a project spanning four countries, across two different continents, Professor Durrant’s team aim to develop a better understanding of molecules on the surface of tumours – known as ‘tumour antigens’ – that could be targets for treatments. The team will screen huge numbers of these tumour antigens and use machine learning tools to predict which of these would trigger a good immune response in individual patients with cancer. Alongside this, the team will be testing a variety of ways of delivering the treatment to make sure that their vaccine gets to the tumour as efficiently as possible.

Armed with this knowledge, the team will then test their ideas in investigator-initiated clinical studies – with a special focus on patients with head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and one type of brain tumour. This will provide crucial missing pieces of the puzzle as to how personalised cancer vaccines can impact patients.

This research could result in a paradigm shift in the way we treat cancer. If successful, these templates for cancer treatment will allow doctors to easily identify which antigens to target, and then which type of vaccine to use, to create truly bespoke vaccines for each patient. As this type of treatment will be personalised based on each patient’s unique tumour, this could radically improve survival on a global scale.
Wed 18:19

The Grand Challenge award aims to revolutionise how cancer is diagnosed, prevented and/or treated by
providing international multi-disciplinary teams the freedom to evaluate novel approaches, at scale, in the
pursuit of life changing discoveries.
Project Blueprint aims to eliminate tumours by treating patients with specific vaccines. Prof. Lindy Durrant
will lead an international world-class team to investigate the full potential of the tumour vaccine concept by
building blueprints for an effective therapy for patients with most types of cancer. The project focus will be
on head and neck cancer, glioblastoma, lung, and pancreatic cancer - all of which currently have a poor
prognosis - in which treatment with Modi-3, a product generated from Scancell’s Moditope®
platform will be
assessed alongside vaccines targeting new mutations within individual patients’ tumours.

i think we all understand that
Wed 18:08

Can"t remember reading that from CH, thanks.
Wed 18:06

Ray, SCIB 2 has been designed specifically for lung cancer, as it will go on with future SCIBs. The science of diagnostics will cover many other conditions.

It is a very exciting development to the whole Oncology field, and as you say no wonder Profs were lining up!!!

Lets hope we walk away with that prize, just over four months to results, time is moving fast. GL to you.
Wed 17:24

Absolutely does, I am just very interested to now how it has refined SCIB 1 for example, readying it for trial with Keytruda. Must be some pretty amazing findings, which i am pretty sure have contributed to waiting just a little bit longer to trial.
Wed 16:31

Buys 27k

Sells 45k

Night peeps.
Wed 14:06

I posted a few days back that news was due end of H1. Sure I read that here, is that the case??

A spark of life at 13.64, bid at 13.11
Wed 13:11

Tend to agree. A watching brief for me GL

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