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EXCLUSIVE: Alastair Smith, Avacta Group CEO gives an Operational Update

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Today 10:45

Didn"t know that bigd. Where did you see that?
Today 09:23

No TF, you posted this, tell the truth......................

..C7 - ''Just a hunch, but the Conference itself has our name written all over it''. I will be the first to congratulate you if you are right and something re. Scancell emanates or materializes at the CIC but I respectfully point out, atm the CIC does not have our name written over it at all does it ?

Post all you like, you must have had a bad night, the medication is talking, stop whining etc etc, one thing that is a fact is your posts are worthless, second hand news, irrelevant and judgemental, and very personal. Have a good day.
Today 09:11

Yep Ivy, feel exactly the same. Will be good to see a nice rise here on merit alone.

Have a good weekend all.
Today 08:56

Last one to you TF, I stated at the time the interesting people with links to Scancell last week. So there was nothing new in that.

Your negative reaction to whatever i post is your problem, not mine, and noted by quite a few. Grow up.
Today 08:52

I think you asked relevant questions the other day. It is mildly amusing that most RNSs result in a negative reaction, and last weeks one merely informing us of the results next week, went down very well.

No mysteries here IMHO, we know just about, apart from the left field, news coming up, a few decided to get in or top up, ttraders seeking a few to make a few bob. I am champing at the bit to read the Final Results, have no idea as to how the financials will look, but do feel we will get a good update.

I keep saying after Grand Challenge for financial news, winning it creates a different dynamic. I am happy to sit tight and have every confidence we will be rewarded. I have seen quite a few companies recently put out RNSs advising results will come the following week, so again IMHO nothing in that untoward. Despite claims to the contrary.
Today 08:42

TF, why not go back to your wonderful ADVFN, where you have six people on filter!!!
Today 08:36

Might i just add the reason LSE have misgivings about posting live data is for the reasons we saw this week. Of course there is nothing wrong with calling the trades, but not suggesting on no grounds whatsoever we are heading prettty unchallenged to 21p.

Cheating and misleading has no place in my agenda, shame it obviously is for some whilst trading it.
Today 08:31

Ruck, nor am I , but after Grand Challenge Results a distinct possibility.

I still feel this conference on the Sept 30th is very important, well timed, and can see developments with those attending.

I believe, as ever, TF had completely forgot it is the same one that i posted last week, and suddenly its a different conference because someone else posted it.

Ramping is giving out information that implies the share price will blow, it was never going too, and im just very pleased we sit comfortably away from 10p!!
Today 07:57

Is it really?? It is fortunate i have my own level 2 and do not rely on certain peoples . With the minor resistances thrown in.

false interpretation of it.

Been very honest with my criticism of BOD lack of communication lately, i was called a deramper for that. Now you calll me out as a ramper, which one is it?

I din"t criticise your involvement in any way, only thanked you for the help you give this BB at events we speak in, by taping them, so a bit mystified why you should post that BS.

Interesting that a few people mailed me to state their displeasure about it, which i felt anyway, but you obviously don"t agree. I will continue to post links and conferences which are of interest to us, sorry you think that is ramping.

Too many times i have just stopped posting what is happening live as it bears little resemblance to what i can see. I wanted to mention it, and hope on the back of it, PIs are not buying in on hot air. We do not need it, news flow is coming, my guess is we will be pleasently surprised, i am surprised you defend it. ATB
Today 05:42

And with regards to ADVFN, I said i have just not read it since ONW went there.There were many things i picked up there, but just did not want to spend my time embroiled in insults and bullying.

You, on the other hand like it...............ADVFN is OK with 6 or so 'filtered' - !!!!!! Weird.
Today 05:36


You say..............Now that ONW is not around - (myself I regret that and the absence of others like Ivy), I think it unkind to be 'thankful' for that - all contributions welcome I say. Even yours LOL !

So all contributions are welcome eh!!!!..................ADVFN is OK with 6 or so 'filtered' - one can then read the sensible stuff, like Gooosed, BS, Timbo, Inan and others. Sometimes I unmask the filtered horrors for a look !

Then you say........My first comments were - ''this conference looks 100% the business'' and ''this CIC would have been a worthy stage for a Prof. Lindy presentation''. How is that demeaning ?

What you actually sid to me, was................C7 - ''Just a hunch, but the Conference itself has our name written all over it''. I will be the first to congratulate you if you are right and something re. Scancell emanates or materializes at the CIC but I respectfully point out, atm the CIC does not have our name written over it at all does it ?

Please make your 7th person to filter, i don"t think you have a clue!!!!
Today 01:08

Ruck, i can still remember when 32p was a support level after two directors sold a few sahares at that price, some time ago.

Didn"t really get into that rise this week, the ramping is nauseatious as are cj#laims of charts and where we are going. It was pretty obvious with trades drying up tickick up to 14, joining six MMs on 14p that we were spiking out for now, but told 15p offered mild resistance. LOL.Certainly enough as ever to put me off reading the BB and helping somebody achieve there trading needs.

A nice rise all the same, we at least know when results are due, and hopefully a few surpises will take us further.

TF , under your regular "Good ole goosed" headline, he was talking about the conference i informed you of on September 30th, but you post it as new news, but without the demeaning comments you came up with at the time. Personally, and since ONW thankfully left us, i have removed ADVFN from my windows, feeling good for not reading it all, that is personal and very welcoming f or me.

All the ramping in the world, and so blatant, doesn"t help us, it was like reading the VAL BB, Hopefully it stops it is very offputting. So lets hope for some good news all the way to the Grand Challenge results, i have a feeling we will be feeling more like extending patience after it, without the ramping which i have a feeling is obvious to all. Have a good weekend.
Thu 19:59

20/09/2018 16:38 125,000 13
Thu 15:21

Another recent bio star, 200 trades a day, chased up over 30p at one time......................

Share Price Information for N4 Pharma Plc (N4P)

Live PriceLast checked at 20/09/2018 15:18:19
Share Price: 3.90 Bid: 3.80 Ask: 4.00 Change: -2.80 (-41.79%)

We are doing rather well IMHO
Thu 15:00

Oxmill, now that is a fact!!
Thu 14:50

Buys 185k

Sells 100k
Thu 13:05

Another delayed trade from 11.41

20/09/2018 11:41 52,631 13.45
Thu 12:45

That last trade 77k buy was delayed, and a premium of .30/,40 Paid.
Thu 12:42

0/09/2018 11:12 76,928 13.805
20/09/2018 10:29 36,000 13.2
20/09/2018 08:14 16,843 13.47
Thu 12:23

From their July RNSAfter the year end, the Company invested £150,000 into Scancell Holdings Plc (Scancell). Scancell is a company well known to the Directors and Investment Adviser (and also to shareholders who have attended our recent AGMs). It is developing a number of exciting new potential breakthrough cancer treatments and has had some very positive news flow during the last 12 months. The company is quoted on AIM, and in April, closed a £7.5m placing, and OT2 now owns 1,250,000 shares. The qualifying investment will also help OT2 manage any future liquidity needs (see VCT Market Changes below).

Plus 13.7% today.

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