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Last Posted: 11 Jun '19

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11 Jun '19

I feel the same and after getting too many wrong in the past, I hope I am an improved judge. Everything about the way it is being set up and developed suggests a BoD determined to grow the business ambitiously.
7 Jun '19

Probably not, someone has just bought 1,000,000 for 0.3299, then a small sell and a buy of 63,324 at 0.334. So even if nore are sold we have probably seen rock bottom. I just wish I had some spare cash!
4 Jun '19

Disillusioned investors on this BB may rush to get out. But new investors who have not experienced the frustration of being locked in with no news may look at this deal... and rush to get in.

I shal wait unless there is a massive and tempting move up on relisting.

Thanks okenia and all for the valuable analysis.
23 May '19

I don't know what it all means but the share price is not collapsing
23 May '19

I don't see how the 30m is a sell. Someone has just bought 284,618 at 0.351 followed by 2 buys of 1,000,000 ate 0.351. If 30m was a sell on top of 35m the price would surely ahve crashed down. There should be an announcement soon!
23 May '19

30,000,000 bought a 0.3165
23 May '19

35,000,000 have just been sold, I have level 2. Price 0.315. An earlier small sell 138,437 so probably small PI was at 0.336

So the discount for 35m is not that much! What does that suggest?
23 May '19

A lot of shares were sold yesterday but the share price is pretty stable so someone is buying or the MMs would have lowered the Bid. Sells were big numbers, buys generally relatively small but lots of them. It suggests a lot of private investors see a real opportunity, I certainly do.
21 May '19

OilNovice. Many thanks for that.
21 May '19

The drop is 4.17% but that is not really significant, drops of that size have happened with smaller sells and it doesn't take many buys for it to go to 0.38. Does this suggest there is strong underlying support? Comments for anyone with more experience than me welcome.
9 May '19

I agree with Lottohopesí logic. The suspension is frustrating but Iíve consoled myself with the hope it will al be worth it and like Lotto, I donít think this is unjustified optimism.

In addition to his analysis, it just does not feel as if these Directors intend running a life style AIM outfit of promises, placements in an ever repeating cycle.

Ten years ago when I was naive and trusting, I invested in two AIM mining companies whose Directors were full of promises.

I gave up and sold both after more than a year of nothing, happening apart from more empty promises in useless RNSs. Is that better than the silence of PERE, which may actually be for a good reason?

Today (I just checked) both their share prices are much the same. But the Directors have made a very good living at PIís expense... for 10 years or more!

PEREís Annual Report simply does not feel like that.

As Lotto mentions, they have made acquisitions so clearly they are not doing nothing.

Isn't is also significant that their intention to trade on the main market for listed securities of London Stock Exchange?

Why do that if you intend running a sham lifestyle company? Far better to be on AIM with less scrutiny, less onerous reporting requirements and less cost.

Like okenia I ended up here after following PJ into what was China Africa Resources but decided to tick with it when it all changed. I still hope that proves rewarding!

It is very frustrating but I do wish everyone here will all find investing in PERE proves to be a profitable decision - eventually. GLA Brycen.
30 Apr '19

Thanks, which is why the spread remains small presumably?
30 Apr '19

I meat to add, is a mm possibly accumulating shares to fill a large order? any ideas?
30 Apr '19

Does anyone have thoughts about what seems to be a fair number of sells incl one at £15k but the share price is still at 30 for a sell?
12 Apr '19

TW's opinion was that the placing was at too low a price, causing unnecessary dilution. But it does mean the company is well capitalised to deliver stock to Boots quickly. I am holding my shares, this does not seem like so many small AIM stocks, to many of them are all hype and no substance.
9 Apr '19

I don't know for certain but if the placement was not to bucket shops to flip it is probably to a mixture of existing investors and close associates, who know the company's potential.
8 Apr '19

I think it means the broker placed the shares direct with an investor, or investors, maybe institutional or wealthy PIs. I see that as a good positive signal for CPT.

High risk dodgy companies are of no interest to institutional or wealthy PIs. Shares would be placed with bucket shops at a massive discount, to be flipped to small PIS in a hard sell. I experienced that with Beaufort, before they were closed down!

If any investor now holds in excess of 3% there should be a notification.
29 Mar '19

The 10,000 is definitely a roll over, it is a large amount so someone is confident! You don't have to pay slightly more, instead you can buy back slightly fewer shares, it's what I used to do, either way pays transaction fees. It avoids putting in any more cash to fund the rollover.
29 Mar '19

The 10,000 is definitely a roll over, it is a large amount so someone is confident! You don't have to pay slightly more, instead you can buy back slightly fewer shares, it's what I used to do, either way pays transaction fees.
29 Mar '19

No definitely not. To take such a risk you need deep pockets. If the shares fall you have to sell at the end of the second T20. It is very stressful and although you can make a lot of money for very little outlay, you can just as easily lose it.

After a year of doing rollovers I felt lucky to have broken even and stopped doing them!

You may be right, when did someone buy so many share in the first place? But it does have the hallmarks of a roll over, apart from the very large sum involved!

I am happy holding here and whatever the two transactions are, they have not materially affected sentiment or the share price.

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