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8 Mar '19

CSN assessments confirmed and possibly a few new strings to the bow...

Permitting Update:

o The Company has received a number of favourable assessments from various regulatory bodies including two
from the Nuclear Safety Council relating to the pre-operational Surveillance Plan for Radiological and
Environmental Affections and the pre-operational Surveillance Plan for the Control of the Underground Water.
The Company awaits the recommendation report from the Nuclear Safety Council to the relevant Minister.

o The Company has been informed that the local municipality remains unable to grant the Express Resolution on the award of the Urbanism Licence due to a number of outstanding items. These outstanding items have been previously disclosed and are currently being addressed by the Company.


o Soil samples collected near the Salamanca mine have, in addition to uranium, noted significant anomalies for
other elements such as gold, lithium, cobalt, tin and rare earths.

o The company has applied for twelve new investigation permits for all the other elements covering more than
350 km2

26 Feb '19

In a few weeks time the PSOE will no longer be in power. It's taken only eight months for Spain to demand a change.

The volume of shares traded has swung dramatically from ASX/LSE; 1.7m in Spain today to 40k here in the UK. Spain now drives the SP. There has been a relatively positive sentiment expressed in the markets since the new year by those who know much more than you or I do.
26 Feb '19

If this is as cut and dried as you suggest, we would have seen a dramatic share price collapse on the Bolsa. It's remained steady today despite this "news".
26 Feb '19

The candidates will not be "elected" as you suggest. They will not acheive the necessary majority. The PSOE are attempting to impose these appointments against proper parliamentary process.
26 Feb '19

You're celebrating a bit too soon are you not, matnotan?

"The PP and Citizens, as they have explained in individual press conferences, do not consider supporting this candidacy, which is voted on jointly and not each candidate individually. Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera have criticized the "politicization" that the team of Pedro Sánchez is doing to the institutions and believe that with this process the PSOE only seeks to "name their own" before the end of the legislature.

Without the favor of these two parties, the candidates would not have the support of three fifths that, according to the CSN law, they need in Congress."
22 Feb '19

An update on the latest CSN proceedings:

The PP and Citizens do not intend to support the government's proposal for the renewal of four of the five councilors of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). This means that if the proposal does end up going to a vote after the legal challenge, the three fifths majority required to pass the appointments will not be achieved.

21 Feb '19

Hi Woody60,

An ISA protects you from Capital Gains on your shares so unfortunately you can't offset any loss here. You don't disclose any gains or losses on your tax return within an ISA. If you held shares outwith an ISA you could offset losses on other gains. I hope this helps.
19 Feb '19

Good news indeed. This is now highly unlikely to happen as below:

"Congress halts the renewal of the CSN due to doubts from the PP about the procedure.

The doubts of the PP were reflected in a letter on Tuesday to the Bureau of Congress, which has chosen to ask for a legal report from the lawyers of the House to resolve these doubts, according to Europa Press confirmed parliamentary sources.

This decision paralyzes the renewal procedure of the CSN for a week and narrows the room for manoeuvre to debate and vote on the appointments proposed by the Government, especially taking into account that on March 5 the Congress will be dissolved".

17 Feb '19

It would appear that this attempted reorganisation of the CSN is nothing more than an example of pathetic posturing by the PSOE (as well as the exhumation of Franco!). These are clearly the actions of a government on it's way out.

Last week, Ribera's proposed Law on Climate Change and Energy transition was knocked back by her own cabinet. Any changes will have to be approved by a new goverment. She has seen her position dramatically weakened; any changes to the CSN will surely be similarly rejected and postponed.

17 Feb '19

I can't say that I'm in any way an expert with technical charts, but Olla News staff seem to be bullish here.

Any news/ RNS could of course help the SP significantly further as already mentioned here.

"Tracking some stock ratings, we can see that the stock’s Moving Average Rating is currently pointing to a “Strong Buy” for WISHBONE GOLD PLC (:WSBN). Traders may be monitoring many different indicators in order to get a grasp of where the stock may be moving in the near future. Taking a look at the Oscillators rating, we note that the reading is pointing to a “Buy”.

15 Feb '19


This sounds like insane propoganda and I would firstly like to ask for clarification on the timescale of this proposal passing through congress, especially bearing in mind the forthcoming general election.

How it can be justified to appoint an anti-nuclear propogandist to a body which is, by law and statute, impartial cannot in any way be acceptable in any modern democracy.

I quote the article below:

"The Government has decided to recompose the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), an organ that in recent years has been dominated by the PP and involved in controversy. The Council of Ministers has agreed on Friday to propose the appointment of four new councilors and councilors of the CSN. Three of the names are proposed by the PSOE and one proposed by Podemos. The socialists recover control of a fundamental organ for the future of nuclear energy in Spain.

In the list of proposed names is a member of Ecologists in Action and a reference for the anti-nuclear movement, Francisco Castejón, the person who had proposed Podemos during the negotiation. The other three names proposed are the professor of atomic physics Elvira Romera Gutiérrez, the energy spokeswoman in the PSOE Congress, Pilar Lucio Carrasco, and the industrial engineer Josep María Serena i Sender. Castejón, besides being an ecologist, is a doctor in Physics and a member of Ciemat. "I will be neutral and transparent," he said after learning the proposal for his appointment.

The PSOE had tried to agree with the PP the renewal of the council of the CSN, the highest decision-making body, which has five members. But he has not achieved it and has decided to propose these four names. When the process is completed, of the five members of the council three will be there at the proposal of the PSOE, one of Podemos and another, whose mandate continues, from the PP.

The nomination proposal must now pass through Congress, specifically, by the Commission for Ecological Transition. It must vote each appointment and it will be considered accepted if three fifths of the members of that commission vote in favor. In any case, even if they do not get the votes, the Council of Ministers may also appoint them. The parliamentary sources consulted assure that, although adjusted, the deadlines to complete the appointment process are sufficient".

14 Feb '19

There is little doubt that the present government is strongly anti-nuclear, Paul. Teresa Ribera has announced her intention to close all nuclear power stations by 2035. Brexit has nothing to do with the BKY project and the current impasse.

The project had previously attracted good support from the PP when they were in power and still does at local and regional level, where the PP are in charge. If the socialists are removed from power, this can only help the BKY cause.

"Phasing out nuclear power, which accounts for a little over 20 percent of mainland Spain’s electricity, was a campaign pledge for the governing Socialists, who took office last summer after toppling their conservative predecessors in a confidence vote".

13 Feb '19

This could prove to be very good news for BKY if the result is a centre right coalition. The removal of Teresa Ribera, the main obstacle in the Spanish government at present, can only help with regard to getting permits through.

"The Socialists are ahead in opinion polls which show them on around 30 percent of voting intentions, but the two main right-of-centre parties together poll at more than 30 percent."

5 Feb '19

It's encouraging to see the buy-sell-buy-sell pattern easing somewhat as well. Maybe the overhang is finally clearing.
23 Jan '19

Yes, it's good to see a nice SP rise for all holders. It's seemingly driven by the Bolsa (up 24% as I type).

As far as I understand, the land question relates to an access road redirected without the appropriate permissions. It's these sort of issues that would have benefited from some more detail in the quarterly report.
23 Jan '19

The Reuters report relates to the Urbanisation Permit. The tenements are parcels of land which have been bought/ intend to be bought by BKY.
23 Jan '19

I remember speaking to Sean Wade about the outstanding tenements back in September and he assured me that none were critical in any way to the project. They were just areas that BKY would like to explore in future.
23 Jan '19

If WSBN can make a success in improving the safety and regulations applied to these artisanal mines in Honduras, this would put them in a strong position to advance their model to other countries with similar operations.

They are doing the work which many goverments don't have the resources to do in improving safety and regulation as well as reducing the polluting effect from processing.

It's a business model I really like and could pay off handsomely in months and years to come if similar projects to Honduras are unveiled.

22 Jan '19

IMHO this report is rather light on the level of detail we would have been hoping for.
22 Jan '19

Has now been released to ASX. Confirmation of favourable assessment from CSN, but official report has yet to be issued to the relevant minister.


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