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London South East Natural Resources Briefing webcast: #Emmerson #Alba #Condor Gold #Gold analysis Watch Now

London South East Natural Resources Briefing webcast: #Emmerson #Alba #Condor Gold #Gold analysis
Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Wed 18:32

That's an interesting delayed trade from yesterday for £24k in the context of this share. Looking at the timing, it looks more like a buy than a sell. Someone's confident....
5 May '19

Espana vaciada.

The young and most educated will continue to leave and work elsewhere (like yourself matnotan) and those who remain will feel angry and trapped. If there are no jobs, people will not stay. There are many people locally who would view the mine as a vital economic lifeline which the short sighted and self-interested actions of relatively wealthy "outsiders" seek to deny them.
1 May '19

Thanks Chris11B. Not much detail on financials but WSBN expects to be profitable this year. That would certainly cause a re-rate in MCAP.
30 Apr '19

The Bonds will be convertible into fully paid ordinary shares of the Company (the "Ordinary Shares") with the initial conversion price expected to be set at a premium in the range of 20 - 25% above the clearing price of an Ordinary Share in the Concurrent Equity Placement, converted to U.S.$ at the prevailing U.S.$:GBP spot rate at the time of pricing (the "Reference Share Price").
29 Apr '19

Indeed - perhaps I do get a bit grumpy a times. No hard feelings I hope Paul..
29 Apr '19

It looks like the C's are ruling a coalition out at the moment. This whole process of getting a new government set up looks like taking quite some time in typical Spanish fashion.

"Another possibility that Sanchez has not ruled out is an alliance with Ciudadanos. The two parties would have enough seats to govern without other partners - an alliance favoured by many in the business and financial world.

However, a Socialist-Ciudadanos deal appeared unlikely on Monday.

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera told supporters on Sunday night his party would lead the parliamentary opposition to Sanchez.

Ines Arrimadas, head of Ciudadanos in Catalonia, added on Monday: “Everyone who voted for Ciudadanos did so knowing that we would not ally with Sanchez.”
29 Apr '19

Not good news. Looks like there's going to be more of the same - PSOE coalition with Podemos and minor parties.
26 Apr '19

Paul, maybe the soup gag has run it's course now. You seem like a bright guy but it's not really appropriate to post comments that would be better sent to Roy "Chubby" Brown's scriptwriter.
26 Apr '19

Paul, maybe the soup gag has run it's course now. You seem like a bright guy but it's not really appropriate to post comments that would be better sent to Roy "Chubby" Brown's scriptwriter.
26 Apr '19

There's some information on the 232 petition and the Uranium market in today's YCA Quarterly Report which may be of interest:

"While trading volumes during the first quarter of 2019 remained above those experienced during the first quarter of 2018, aggressive sellers entered the spot market in mid-March offering progressively lower offer prices in order to complete transactions prior to quarter end.

UxC reported total quarterly spot market volumes at 18.4 million lbs U3O8, up by one-third from the comparable period in 2018, when 13.8 million lbs U3O8 were transacted. Uranium producers and trading entities were the identified buyers, while nuclear utilities reduced their near-term purchasing programs due to ongoing market uncertainty stemming primarily from the Section 232 investigation in the United States.

Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 authorises the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to "conduct comprehensive investigations to determine the effects of any article on the national security of the United States." In response to a formal petition filed by two U.S. uranium producers, the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) initiated an investigation in July 2018 to assess the impacts of the importation of foreign-source uranium.

The USDOC submitted its report and recommendations to the Trump Administration on 15th April 2019. The White House has 90 days to respond to the report and either take "no action" or take its own course of action which could take the form of tariffs or quotas.

The uncertainties surrounding the potential outcome of the Section 232 investigation have caused U.S. nuclear utilities to moderate their uranium purchasing programmes until completion of the 232 process, which may not conclude before mid-July.

Looking ahead to the second calendar quarter of 2019, spot market activity is expected to be determined, in part, by the status of the 232 investigation and the form and timing of the White House response. However, there remains a general expectation that prices will have an upside bias as utilities make discretionary purchases and, importantly, financial buyers look to re-engage the market."
26 Apr '19

I think some of you guys should brush up on your maths a bit ;)
25 Apr '19

I think that the gold from Honduras is / has been traded in the USA as opposed to Dubai for logistical reasons.
24 Apr '19

Can't find anything in the press about the decision, flundra, but I'll post as soon as I find any update. I would be fairly confident that you're right about further court proceedings which may take several months.

It's massively frustrating that a project such as this is held back by paranoid, short sighted and incoherent policies of an already discredited government.

I'm not sure that the BOD can release such statements when court proceedings are ongoing, so there may be good reason for the lack of public communication, however frustrating it may be.

I would recommend dropping the company an e-mail and perhaps arranging a chat with Sean Wade. I found him to be open and willing to answer questions as candily as he could when I spoke to him previously.
24 Apr '19

Good grief, they can't issue shares below par value, which is 0.1p. This definitively means no placing or consolidation at the moment. Best to ignore the twitterati. Lets just see what transpires in the next few days....
24 Apr '19

The political situation may well end up in a similar PP/VOX coalition in Castilla y Leon after the May regional elections too according to opinion polls. The Cs will probably continue to be serial abstainers, so hopefully not too much obstruction with regard to the Urbanisation permit.
Matnotan may further enlighten us here?

An interesting excerpt from the QR is as follows:

"The Company recently undertook a full strategic review where various potential opportunities were identified, including other business development opportunities and a platform for future growth. The Company will communicate these to shareholders should anything develop further."

Could this suggest that BKY may be considering circumventing the need for the near-term granting of the CSN license in the case of further delays, and proceeding with mining of non-uranium resources?

This link is from the website of one of the main environmental anti mine activists, Jesus Cruz. It states that several mining research permits were definitively approved in January. He's not too happy about this, mind you..

The soup thickens....
24 Apr '19

Yes, this might force RP's hand to get a statement out sooner rather than later. Looks like rumour mongering from some on Twitter, nothing more.
18 Apr '19

Yes, it's pretty extortionate and will eat into gains in the portfolio over time. It will be interesting to see how YCA compares. I'm quite tempted to buy back in here at this SP...
12 Apr '19

I think that in time the unfounded paranoia over the use of nuclear power will subside. The statistics and research are there for all to see, if people want to.

It may take quite some time, probably a nationally self-inflicted energy crisis, to reinforce this point.

It would take a very narrow minded view to suggest that all is fine with the future of energy generation; no oil, no gas, no coal, no nuclear..?

There has been no coherent or realistic alternative energy policy put forward..or have I missed something?
12 Apr '19

It certainly looks like a shrewd piece of business for YCA to place at this moment when U prices have taken a fairly sudden dip. Dilution to buy further stock is the short term business plan.

If you believe in the bull case for uranium this share will be a useful tracker to the prevailing price.

The caveat to ownership to me, having bought and sold for a very modest profit in the last few months, is the costs incurred by the company.

There is a commission charge that is siphoned off to a related company plus storage charges for the bought stock.

We'll not see a quantifiable figure until the accounts are published. The question may be that is this a better option than a simple tracker fund such as GCL?

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