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Today 15:21

Just realised why the X and Y figures change!

We discussed this very problem when a poster did not get his expected quote on the OO.

On a day trade for Z shares, Z are new of course on the buy.
BUT when I sold Z on the same day these were taken from Y and the new Z shares were pending settlement!

Knowing this means I can adjust the price paid manually to get an accurate view.
Today 14:14

You can be mislead by the brokers portfolios.
I am correlating my accounts which is easy on X-O because they allow you to go back 10 years and download EVERYTHING into a spreadsheet.

I thought they were showing I had spent more on my shares than I had!

I started with my cash positions on nominee and ISA accounts and indeed proved that what I had paid for my Sirius shares in the nominee account was actually more than I had deposited!
Their figures until then looked possible!

BUT what they did reflect ignore any bed and isa's I performed between my accounts!
Both accounts reflected deposits from my bank whilst in truth the nominee received that cash alone!
So, I bought shares within the nominee account which I subsequently sold on a bed and isa and the funds were credited to the ISA.
My ISA is correct , but money needs to reflect it came from the nominee account and not my bank!
OR, as I have done, I treat the transferred amount as a refund (or withdrawal) to my bank.

Those refunds/withdrawals highlight how I appear to have spent more on SXX shares than my deposits.

Day trading shows the anomaly quite often. You start with X shares bought for amount Y.
You then buy Z shares on a day trade and sell Z on the same day for a profit or loss.
Your account should return to the original X and Y figures but it doesn't.
All these discrepancies mount up over time.
Today 13:26

4m 30 seconds in.
Today 13:24

Hello Tom, Tony talked about it on a video. I have found this one which breaks up when I play it.
As you suspect, I think I have misheard what he was saying. He talks about strong water flows and gradually lowering the water and I think I did as you thought. I understood he meant pressures whilst he was actually talking levels.
I get that now.

5 minutes into this video is the bit I heard or misheard. At the time I knew nothing so it was very interesting to hear what the significance of dewatering was and I'd have believed anything I thought I heard.
Thu 21:18

He has just announced they reduced the dewatering flow because of the high pressure.
Could be a lot more than the expected water - now how was he to know that in advance?
Why is everybody so impatient?
Thu 19:37

taste - you may not care - but you do! - why else are reading these pages today?
Thu 19:34

more = higher percentage of the request
Thu 19:23

If Cliff and Maestro have it right then HL looks like the broker to be with on this OO.
They look to be distributing twice the number of extra shares to mine.
If the numbers are correct it appears to show the more you requested the more you got?
I was about to reply to troy that his ploy risks getting none on some OO but this flies completely in the face of that!

Perhaps Myo got it right (I think it was he who said the % would vary between brokers) and HL were not asked for extra shares by many of their SXX customers?

It will be interesting to see which brokers proved best for their customers when everything is settled.
Thu 15:39

A week might be how long it takes for Sirius to get the right number of shares to each broker?
X-O have not credited the entitlement shares by value yet - and stated they were not tradeable until they did?
I think was in one the posts on here but may have been direct from them?

Shareprice more attractive here than it was before the dog walk.

Used 4 poo bags today - I bought her a Webbox Ham bone yesterday and she 3/4 of it over 2 hours.
She's picked up the rest now and is hackingaway at it. The first 3 bags were that bone, like firm male gonads, bet you did not know there are female ones too? Ovaries are gonads. I checked to make sure they were what I thought!
Thu 15:23

Depends on the packet? I reckon 10 or 20 or deah?
Thu 13:37

Your wife drove you up it I suppose? Wish my wife could.

So we all have 80% of our excess payments to trade with after refund day?
Tempted to pay that amount in today, and trade at today's price, or is it better to wait?
And should I buy SXX or TLOU today? I know - I'll take Poppy out and make up my mind then!
Thu 13:27

On X-O it is easiest to check transaction History to see the wood for the trees.
My entitlement shares are counted in my portfolio by number but reflect a value of ZERO!
On the Transaction History they show as zero value whilst dated the 23rd?

However the excess shares show the true value and count!

Hope that is clear? i.e. Look at History not at the portfolio if you are on X-O.

HL may be different of course but worth seeing if it is the same?
Thu 13:10

So the lesson I learned from this was I should have applied for ALL my Excess shares from the ISA because it was seemingly a straight 20% .
I split them unless they limited to numbers to a number of shares per account.

Perhaps they did? It would be interesting to hear if any X-O customers received less than 20%?
Thu 13:03

How did we know you are with X-O ? We do now! Wasn't that hard was it?

Cheers - mine have now appeared on both nominee and ISA at X-O!
19.87% on my ISA
19.9% on nominee account
Thu 12:48

I know you feed ofdodgy things , but you really should give your source for that 20% bottom-feeder.
I think I have seen you on video? Not much nourishment in that case!

It looks like computers are buying back today - loads of automatic buys.
Thu 12:27

97p target - must mean party now at Wetherspoons :O)
Thu 11:40

Gccra, if you were on Titanic they'd have found it years earlier.
There would be
bubbles hitting the surface with the sound "don't worry folks. Titanic is unsinkable!" :O)

I hope the company comes good too but I don't have a clue how it will happen.
A new social media giant in Africa maybe who wants to reach exactly our best areas, and, unlike Facebook, is willing to pay for it.
Thu 10:59

Grizzly, what is new? We admire Barca and Man City because they have lots of top players and the team looks good when they prove their reputation is deserved.
TG is top player but his match lasts longer than 90 minutes. His history is a definite positive, what he is achieving looks promising but the match is ongoing! Being 10-0 up is not a guaranteed win until the whistle is close to being blown whether that is 15, 10 or 5 minutes?
So people quote the definite plusses! And they are pretty good?
Thu 10:49

When you see the low volumes on ASX it is clear TOU is not a household name in Oz.
Or perhaps Aussies trade on the FTSE?
But the FTSE itself does not show many trades either. I think we are too low key and nobody has heard of us, partly because we have a very circumspect leader, and I don't want it any other way.
Meanwhile our shares are a fantastic price so we should be happy we can build a healthy holding.

The opposite will happen one day, and we'll be asking why is the share price doubling every few weeks?
And we'll be happy for days like today!
Thu 08:47

I am not sure Tony is ready to retire yet. But he may not fancy going through the start up of yet another mine because he needs to be young enough to enjoy the returns from his labour one day.
Imho it seems most likely that he will stick with TLOU and be content to expand it. He knows all the right people on the mining front and just needs the generation experience to have a busy but relatively relaxing time making a fortune for himself and the rest of us. He sounds well respected by everyone, and Botswana is universally acclaimed for being a stable African country - why risk it elsewhere?

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