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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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Today 05:30

Snige think you need to read up on the fall of the Roman empire.
Mon 21:37

In the last 250 years by using fossil fuels we have progressed from sitting in freezing homes in dingy lamplight and travelling by horse and cart. To stopping most disease and hunger, our warm homes, clean water have increased life expectancy from 35 to 80+ years. Any rise in co2 makes the world greener, nothing else. Pollution is soot and nox, co2 is not polution but plant food!
Sun 15:02

Tfe totally right. The 21st century will be marked by the rise of China and the decline of Europe. Principally because the EU is led by corrupt parasitic fools who distrust capitalism and see it as an Anglo Saxon concept. They are more comfortable being led by corrupt elites, f the poor they pay for it.
Sun 14:52

Snige let's build some nice shiny coal fire power stations and stop paying multi millionaire land owners to host inefficient windmills which produce f all energy. Energy bills could come down by at least 30% if this green bs was kicked in to touch firmly. Planets lacks co2 it's 0.04% of the atmosphere hardly a problem. Used to be 10 times higher when photosynthesis evolved.
Sat 19:21

But she smoulders Bruce, what better than a bit of Mojito stuck to her tache? Can see why JC had a go on her.
Sat 17:04

She doesn't care about the environment at all Bruce, she just wishes to look good like all these protestors otherwise she wouldn't have boarded the plane. How many some dodgers can string an intelligent sentence regarding nuclear fusion or fission. They are morons.
Sat 11:57

Oxo sensible post. Just don't think baby should be thrown out with bath water. Use fossil fuels and develop fusion. Best option.
Sat 11:36

Levi every village has an idiot, just this particular idiot believes he's the reincarnation of Plato. He's more like Pluto or possibly Bluto lol.
Sat 11:20

Gate Dianne Abbot is the modern day answer to Nelson. Fact!
Sat 11:06

Snige we have a lot of coal reserves using that for energy would be cheaper for consumers. We are also at a carbon low in earth's history relatively and if it falls 60% all life on earth will die out. Ppl burning it and recycling in to the atmosphere are doing the planet a huge favour and increasing crop yields to boot! Don't believe this carbon crap its merely a new form of Marxism, unless you believe you are made of poison too (carbon).
Fri 18:42

Can you please filter me crowcast I'm tired of correcting your boring posts.
Fri 18:41

Crowcast you are clueless as normal. I was talking about the historical presence of troops in Northern Ireland but as normal you are too dim to get that because he reading age is still on Roger redhat books. You really are the class dunce it's embarassing. One day you might get more than your own upvotes lol.
Fri 16:56

Bruce you are right but remainers aren't interested in reality. They are too busy boarding planes to go to the next climate change protest. I do notice how these carbon morons have turned the propaganda to 11. It's like they can see the looming solar minimum is going to make them look like charlatans very soon.
Fri 13:34 lovely and laughable propaganda piece from the BBC. Why are we paying a licence for this utter crap?
Fri 08:33

And anyway this is a journalist whose being killed a group of complete ******ed fools set on causing trouble. She wasn't a soldier and the perpetrators have no point to make other than they are mindlessly evil thugs.
Fri 08:30

It's not another country and the soldiers are there to stop a civil war between 2 groups of morons whose are ethnically identical.
Fri 07:46

By the same logic as good Friday the person who shot this journalist should be let off. Such an approach never deals with the problem and does not see the obvious evil alive and well within the so called republican movement.
Fri 07:42

This is what was so unsatisfactory about good Friday. It allowed murderers and criminals a clean slate for appalling acts. Nothing clever about it at all, just the subversion of justice for a political end.
Thu 14:30

Anyone on here daft enough to think crowcast has a brain? He's got tourettes on this Turkish question. No answers on why he/she thinks a currency that doesn't have a fiscal union will work in the long run. Just imagine if the Scots had to raise their own funds.....

On QE crowcast the reason we haven't closed the program is ppl like you are in regulatory non jobs that cost society a fortune for no discernible benefit.
Thu 12:34

Donate to cause starvation, deforestation and disease? No think I'll keep using the fossil fuel we are blessed with and wait till real science sorts fusion out before switching.

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