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Today 04:08

So inward investment to the UK tops Germany and France combined. Didn't the remain campaign tell us it would dry up on a yes vote? More lies from remain then. I find the best barometer of whether something is terrible is if Blair and Heseltine like something it's bound to be dreadful. Those two are collosal see you next Tuesday's.
Wed 16:46

It was a transparent attempt by the BBC to make all the candidates look bad. The hard left host, the Labour party activist questioners and the terrible stools. It's the sort of thing one would expect in a place like Russia.
Wed 16:43

No one would subscribe to that total junk. It's a garbage and feminist lbgt plus brain washing exercise. Calling it tripe is being rude to tripe because I like tripe.
Wed 16:39

Jack you are blatantly bru which is both pathetic and ridiculous and I suggest you get a life. You patently haven't got any shorts on here either.
Wed 16:33

Keep shorting son and good luck. But relax. I'm sure you'll close all your shorts the day before this goes up. Must be nice being Nostradamus. I ain't been in this share since 2012 btw.
Wed 16:22


So let's check this off. He an apologist for rape, a fascist jew hater and been suspended as a teacher. Oh and he's a labour party activist too. Good to see the BBC is as impartial as ever. The idiot hosting it nearly wet herself with delight when this Muslim gentleman came on. It was an utterly pathetic trap. Licence fee must be abolished.
Wed 14:07

Aho is a decent leader, he's rather overpaid though. Think wages should be tied to average earning unless the CEO own 10% of all stock. A cap at 75 times is perfectly fine. Remember these ppl don't own the business they are merely the bureaucracy that runs it. The owners are us!
Mon 11:40

Hooky not wasting my time on here posting again. There is nothing offensive about pointing out that when it comes to popular music we are miles infront of Europe. For someone to report such a post suggests ppl need to get a life. Bye all won't be back on here.
Fri 15:01

Soldiers enough of the leave on leave action! :D
Fri 10:19

Haha I was eye candy then and New York women are a different breed! Sex and the city is tame Vs reality.
Fri 09:54

Reminds me of a holiday in New York as a young man. This older I met in a bar there asked me to come back to her flat. She was a very successful lady in a very expensive flat, when we got there she told me if her many flings with famous rock stars and entertainers, then she told me she wanted to tie me up and whip me. She showed me an extensive array of toys and clothes which looked like they belonged in the medieval period. I fled the scene as it wasn't my cup of tea.
Fri 09:39

MrsN perhaps you could get a charity donation for a gigalo fund? It would be what these Oxfam lot were up to. I find it unbelievable and disgusting.
Fri 09:26

MrsN you point out a terrible example, the worst one was the use of sex workers by charity employees. Sickening. Go to a disaster and you head straight to the ho house. The ppl who did that should be severely punished and this farce of overseas aid should be stopped pronto.
Fri 09:10

Your brenda and family sound like great ppl. On the charity side think there is a great deal of pseudo charity which is ppl using it to line their nests. I imagine overseas aid is snaffled up mostly by pseudo charity.
Fri 07:26

David Milliband using the charity god to line his own pockets. Disgusting.
Fri 07:26

David Milliband using the charity god to line his own pockets. Disgusting.
13 Jun '19

Sensible point rafafan. Your point on Milliband is probably right.
13 Jun '19

Well said rafafan hopefully this is the position most sensible ppl arrive at. Brexit really is the question of who are bureaucracy is and how big that bureaucracy should be. As such sensible ppl will realise that the worst outcome is Corbyn which makes all brexit outcomes (,remain, WTO, deal) look very minor in comparison.
13 Jun '19

Jamesroo got his Corbyn fetish going again lol. He loves JC even though he's told him he wants to pinch his Lloyd's share lol.
13 Jun '19

If you look at post clown that prediction was on brexit being resolved. As nothing has changed this will trade in the 150 to 160 range and you will have your lovely large paper loss and feel the need to heckle others for your own poor choices. Such a loser I'm embarrassed for you Bru.

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