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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Last Posted: 24 Mar '19

24 Mar '19

Hargreaves invest divi money between 11th and 18th of the following month. Therefore if Gsk pay divi on 4th April it will get invested between 11th and 18th.

Sometimes a bit annoying because if the divi is paid on 15th for example HL will wait to following month but you can always turn to cash and do it yourself although charges higher
11 Feb '19

Guessing the fact Hargreaves use the divi cash today to buy shares will not do any harm to the SP. that may have some impact today
11 Feb '19

Guessing the fact Hargreaves use the divi cash today to buy shares will not do any harm to the SP. that may have some impact today
29 Jan '19


Interested to know which fund?


3 Dec '18

Expensive - bloody expensive. Surely in current climate cannot justify a premium on the current SP of that
29 Nov '18


I know it is different but similar in that they have a huge asset underground that is in short supply but no plan to extract and monetise. Also in good awful cold places that have restricted working time. FML had 20bn of assets in ground but with no plan to extract it is worth diddly squat
29 Nov '18

This reminds me so much of FML. Brian Savage was also involved there and it ended up a car crash - 6 figure loss but taught me loads

Appears no end in sight of this downward spiral - difficult to see wh9 will buy now until confidence on funding given
26 Nov '18

Cossy - used to be a time you could not get tickets for the event it was so popular. I am guessing there is only so many times people are prepared to hear the same story.

Time for talk is over - we need to understand how they will take this through to production now. I think we have been waiting a good few years now. A partner is needed
13 Nov '18

Not good enough to keep the SP flat. With poor overnight US and APAC sessions am guessing an initial spike followed by drop. Would have preferred a small divi cut as still not clear how they will address the grow8ng debt issue
12 Nov '18

Would be nice but unlikely. Guessing we will end up flat - doubt if things have not leaked out so guessing most is factored in.

5% would be lovely. The US markets are not going to help either the general sentiment
8 Nov '18

Ofah- exactly.

Question is - do they know good news and manipulating down for own interest or is it bad news and fleeing.

Not complicated - that is the choice people have to take.

All these people on here thinking they can influence the share price of a FTSE 100 company by posting drivel(positive and negative) are either very sad or do not understand how trading in a company this size takes place. I doubt the collective share holding of ind on here is greater than 0.001% so not po8nt trying to influence.

Just share views but refrain from the drivel or go onto the Aim boards if want to influence
23 Oct '18

Are you sure? There seems to be loads of sellers and has been for weeks now.

Have you seen volume - seems to lots going through tbh
23 Oct '18


Please do not trust those figures. I have thought that in the past and followed a company down to 0 looking at figures like that every day. There is not 50m extra shares just sitting there ready to be bought - someone needs to be selling the same amount.

Last time I tracked like that lost a 6 figure total convincing myself the mm’s were playing games
18 Oct '18

Tin hats tomorrow - Dow has tanked aga8n!
12 Oct '18

Buys? How do know they were guys?
11 Oct '18

I am still cautiously adding and will leave my dividends on reinvest.

The directors recently bought a chunky amount which gives me confidence this is a blip. Short term these falls are painful but longer term will work out favourable if reinvesting divi

That is what I keep telling myself anyway
30 Aug '18

Very surprised the dir3ctor could sell shares this close to news like this. Surely he was aware of the discussions in background
28 Jun '18

I am in no doubt that there is a huge value in the ground. No one is questioning the numbers - the only important question who will extract it and will current PI’s realise any value.

RY adding to numbers will not help now. The last two finance deals suggest it is not easy for them to attract blue chip finance houses so unless anything has changed surely we will be adding a new deal with another shady bunch which will cost the small PI’s

There are too many people on here with rose tinted specs(me included) who have ignored the negative posters in the past. Need to read all posts - talk of filtering is just childish and naive
28 Jun '18

Some people are easily pleased!!

RNS smacks of desperation

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