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16 May '19

Bought a few more. x-d in under a month and it's current price may be due to Trumpaphobia which could be alleviated towards the end of June. Or get worse. Who knows?
14 May '19

Got out last August. A loss worth taking as it's turned out.

VOD rolling out 5G in July I believe but unfortunately I suspect they won't be the company that benefits the most.
14 May '19

"Eckoh continues to see momentum with larger-scale opportunities

The group has an excellent sales pipeline and continues to see momentum with larger-scale opportunities at enterprise level in both divisions."

14 May '19

I have both! It's some consolation. And I am looking forawrd to the Aviva divi on 30 May and LGEN on D-day.
13 May '19

I think you are massaging the figures there. It's actually £0.90 lower than it was 25 years ago. In that time the FTSE has doubled its value. Of course to be fair you would have to factor in dividends.

I wonder how much the CEOs have been paid in that time? No, don't tell me, better not to know.
10 May '19

He is simply a self-serving narcissist surrounded by like minded sycophants.

I see that the ghostwriter of 'his' book now regrets his complicity:


"the prospect of President Trump terrified him. It wasn’t because of Trump’s ideology—Schwartz doubted that he had one. The problem was Trump’s personality, which he considered pathologically impulsive and self-centered. ..

“I put lipstick on a pig,” he said. “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.” He went on, “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”"
9 May '19

75% of French speed cameras were trashed in the protests lately. In February French road fatalities rose by 17% and the government has started replacing the cameras with radar towers (Mesta Fusion 2). These can check what a driver is up to in many ways. They can track multiple cars in up to 8 lanes over 200m.

Inattentive, lane swerving drivers will soon have no hiding place on French roads!

9 May '19

Yes in that sense it's a bonus. And so I have got some more in at today's price.
9 May '19

Can you buy shares in Trump's companies? No? Didn't think so. As far as I am concerned there'd be no barge pole long enough anyway. How about you Finley1? Would you trust Trump with your money? Just as well you can't I'd say.

As for Trump telling people how it is, I am afraid he is simply a liar.

The Huawei business is ironic because Pompeo says the company has to comply with the state and that's bad. Then he comes over to Britain and says our government has to do what Trump wants WRT to Huawei or else. Doesn't matter if it sets back our 5G (IoT) programme after all why should Trump care about us so long as we toe his line.

Trump supporters are either cognitively challenged or else they are on the make and to hell with every one else.
8 May '19

.. just like that.

Keep thinking I'll buy more on the dips too.
8 May '19

Trump the world's most influential businessman:

"Trump's tax returns reveal his businesses 'lost more than $1bn in 10 years' .."

"Trump's reported losses equated to more than any American tax-payer had lost for that period which is alarming considering the presidents constant boasts about his business and financial acumen."


At the end of that period Jeff Bezos started a bookshop.

Mind you, in March 2018 U.S. President Donald Trump accused Amazon–and Bezos, specifically–of sales tax avoidance, misusing postal routes, and anti-competitive business practices. Amazon's share price fell by 9% in response to the President's negative comments; this reduced Bezos's personal wealth by $10.7 billion.
Weeks later, Bezos recouped his losses when academic reports out of Stanford University indicated that Trump could do little to regulate Amazon in any meaningful way.

While Trump uses his mouth (and Twitter), Bezos, like him or not, uses his head.

Yes, I think Trump is a clown and idiot, but a very dangerous one.
7 May '19

Ah, you say that now but once SEE's ship comes in you'll be the local babe-magnet. You mark my words.. You won't be able to fend 'em off.
7 May '19

Not being a shorter, all I can do is take the opportunity to buy on the dips. In that sense Dodgy Donald may have done me a favour, not deliberately of course. And he doesn't act alone on this manipulation, I bet. Feel sorry for all those US investors who didn't vote for him and whose retirement funds are the poorer.
7 May '19

You sound like someone with a particular grievance against HSBA.

At the end of the day banks aren't there to implement measures that should be governments responsibility, they are simply in the business of making profit in whatever company in whatever country offers that opportunity.

I don't invest to lose money so if a bank showed signs of doing that I would have to withdraw my investments from it.
6 May '19

Ooops forgot it was a holiday int the UK. Tomorrow then?
6 May '19

Buying opportunity this morning?
6 May '19

The server constantly crashes. Needs a DMS fitting.
4 May '19

Have a feeling in my water I should top up soon.
2 May '19

Wish they would put the percentage change first and then the currency change in brackets!

I'd like to buy a few more but a 30p fall isn't worth it altho' it'd be a disaster on other stocks.
2 May '19

Aviva hasn't had any significant shorters since early 2015. I guess it's like prodding a rhinoceros and not worth the risk.

Does any stock do what the brokers predict?

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