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29 Nov '18

That's the meeja for you. Love to stir things up.
28 Nov '18

It's reported that warehousing in strategic locations has been booked up for the period running up to Brexit. Retailers who wish to stockpile have been thwarted by a lack of available space.

It's not known who has suddenly commandeered the space or what it has been used for although it includes refrigerated facilities. Rumours are being put about that the culprit is Amazon who sees Brexit as an opportunity to catch the UK's food sector on the back foot and so establish an advantage that they can retain long term.

Amazon have failed to confirm or deny the rumours.
28 Nov '18

Follow the money!
28 Nov '18

Given the ageing population in many advanced countries that kind of tragedy is ever more likely.
26 Nov '18

Was interested to read here and there that Aviva is going big in renewables, wind specifically.
25 Nov '18

So nothing really apart from your opinion of the board (which to some degree I share but with no real evidence).

I have been digging around to discover what horrors might lurk in Aviva's cupboard but apart from their Italian exposure (which is not necessarily disastrous) have failed to find anything.
23 Nov '18

Has to be at this price.

If not why not? I'm not bothered about the pref shares issue. It's sorted, end of.
23 Nov '18

2200 will be fine for me.
19 Nov '18

Nice find Rocka999

"Asked if Ocado could take its technology into the Brexit negotiations;-), Tatton-Brown said the company was ambitious but it had to be careful it was not distracted from the job in hand."


"The way we have gone about that is we've effectively split up our teams, and of a team of call it 1,200, 50 of them are now in a separate unit which is focused on future innovation," he said.

"Future innovation includes: how do we use the technologies, the capabilities that we've developed, in other areas. There could well be other uses in grocery, other uses in retail and frankly could well be in sectors well away from retail."

All good stuff.
17 Nov '18

Talking of the banks, Aviva did have a narrow escape there. As I expect you know back last century they were well in with RBS - bankassurance and all that. There's no question that Fred Goodwin had the company in his sights. All that investment potential - he could have ruled the world!

Aviva a growth stock? You said it yourself, it tracks the ftse (on a good day!). You want a growth stock you have to take more risk than that.
17 Nov '18

Yes you have to be careful. But I have 1 stock up 22.9% this year and another 24.81% Have been in and out of GSK my recent purchase is currently up 3.3% in 11 days and that after going ex-div. I can hang on with Aviva taking dividends because at the end of the day if Aviva goes bust we are all bust. It's not a growth stock.
16 Nov '18

"At £2.40 and the return I am getting with AV and others I make a nice amount of money. I would however have liked to see some growth as with !my other shares bought around the same time and market conditions. That was my point!"

So there you are, it ain't all bad. You can't win every time.
16 Nov '18

Like I say, if it upsets you so much look elsewhere - there are some real bargains out there unless you believe we are all doomed! If I had £2.40 average you wouldn't see me for dust!

As for Wilson, my concern is that he is a symptom rather than a cause, even more reason to sell. After all the next div is a long way off, what are you waiting for?
16 Nov '18

Yes I was serious. I was unable to reconcile your figure with the performance of the other companies. If your average is below the current sp and you have such a dim view of management compared to its peers then maybe the logical action is to jump ship. After all at our level we have no power to influence matters in any other way.

There are quite a few companies whose share prices have dropped lately solely due to external events. That's why I sell and buy. My average is relevant because I prefer not to realise losses; you say your average is below the sp so in effect you should not make a loss and will be quids in if say, LGEN or PRU continues to out do AV..
15 Nov '18

"LGEN and PRU haven't fallen 20% in the last few months though ,that's the subtle difference!"

To be fair, over the last year AV fell 14.4% compared to LGENs falling 3.2%. It's down 18% from my sp avg but I did some buying and selling and still have quite a bit in cash after selling at 525 so it looks much worse than it is. Tomorrow could be a buying day so long as the price stays down.
15 Nov '18

Well, given that the Pru and LGEN have seen considerable falls today, I can't help feeling that there might be some general cause altho' I can't think what that could be.

Any ideas?
14 Nov '18

Well at least that made me laugh..
14 Nov '18

Right now I have a lot of stocks I wish I'd sold a few months back. This is just one of them.

TBH if SM had soared today I'd have been outa here, fast like the rest of you! Maybe if the board had painted a rosy picture the share price would have been like Icarus and right now would be crashing back to earth. I've a number of stock on the radar that look cheap I could get into low down. They aren't going to give me that opportunity, are they?

Whatever. I don't intend to realise my losses today.
13 Nov '18

A journey I make is 750 miles. It takes me between 18 and 20 hours. I reckon an autonomous vehicle should knock 5 hours off that and I would arrive pretty fresh. In fact I would probably fly and it'd pick me up at the airport at destination.

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