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Exclusive: Hardman & Co call the lithium market: is a change in trend happening?
Tower Resources identify 18 million barrels of contingent reserves worth $118M in Cameroon

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Fri 22:35

Bryn - thanks very much yes that is very helpful information. Should be able to get this finished some time tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the thanks BTW, on behalf of myself and all the other great contributors.
Fri 20:55

I presume people might wish to see this - has anyone got any information on any trades after 15:40 - it's not obvious what exactly happened after this point.
Fri 17:14

Raz10 - sometimes you get the last half dozen or so trades duplicated on LSE, temporarily at least, which seems to be some sort of glitch - so the real test is whether there is a duplicate on the stock exchange site here:-

yes there is - so the 350K looks like it could be one of those regularly seen duplicate pairs.
Fri 17:11

looks like someone got mugged yep Rob
Fri 17:05

And another 100K faramog
Fri 16:53

Nope nothing I'm afraid. I'm hopeful we may see something next week.
Fri 16:30

Might this be in preparation for a joint listing ?
Fri 16:23

yes exactly - can't have those day traders walking away with much profit today, or they'll be back tomorrow to move it up again !
Fri 14:39

is this article tweeted about - if so then that is a great way to publicly respond if there is no comment facility on the article URL - is it accessible or do you have to go via paywall
Fri 14:05

of 41.2 is currently above Buy price of 41.099

I just checked it, twice
Fri 13:23

updated for your lunchtime perusal:-

Very tight spread now - might be just about to move up once more.
Fri 12:01

Talk about backward looking - no wonder I never made any money when I paid an attention to what those magazines said.

No mention of planned threefold Vanadium production expansion.
No mention of Mokopane which is the largest high quality but undeveloped Vanadium resource in the world
No mention of Imaloto coal project nearing bankability.
No mention of Bushveld Energy, of VRFB's or energy storage

I'm certainly bewildered - how is it possible to write about BMN without knowing these things ?
Fri 11:49

knuttie - don't hold back, tell us what you really think.
Fri 11:25

I have to agree gkb47 - no other Vanadium producer is as well positioned wrt the VRFB industry and BMN+BE - Mikhail is chairman of the Vanitec Energy Storage Committee as well as the head of the South African Energy Storage association. They have plans to build a a gigawatt hour Vanadium electrolyte plant and enter the African utility energy space. Truly mind blowing stuff.
Fri 11:15

biganuf - no there is no way that I am aware of to see whether the trade was conducted as a DMA or as a MM-brokered trade. Though I would be delighted to be informed if the case is different and there is a way to get that information.

Thus we estimate that there has been c. 10M more buys by PIs than sells by them in the last 4 weeks. Who has bought those 10M ? well of course it is a combination of lots of different people and maybe there has only been 1,2,3M bought for a big buyer. What we do know though is that the MMs don't appear to have those shares yet to give to the buyers.
Fri 10:16

Not for calamari, natch but would anyone else like some trade analysis ?
Fri 10:11

Roscon - gold is actually a bad example of a commodity because its value is not representative of its true industrial value as so many people buy it as purely an alternative to paper currencies. Thus it becomes susceptible to all the ebbs and flows of speculation ... and unless you are a good speculator or technical trader you may end up paying top dollar for being just behind the curve.

Vanadium is perhaps a perfect commodity because it is so unknown and it's value is almost always determined by real supply and real demand. Having said that the concentration of primary Vanadium mining in just one of two hands means that when the market is tight it can get really tight as the suppliers squeeze the last dollar of profit out of their ill-prepared and understocked customers.

The other way in which the Vanadium market is not a good example of classic supply-demand economics is down to the fact that 2/3rds of Vanadium comes as a by-product of steel production (at the dirtier and least economic end of the steel production spectrum) so when steel prices are suppressed because there is a glut of steel, Vanadium prices actually go up because it's the uneconomic steel plants that cut back production first.
Fri 09:45

Roscon - that's exactly when commodities come into their own. Real stuff that real people need to build real buildings. Short of nuclear armageddon or a vanadium meteorite crashing into the pacific we are going to need increasing amounts of Vanadium each year for the next 10-20 years and that stuff has to come out of the ground because it does not come out of the air, unlike a lot of business nonsense that is out there in crypto or 'financial services' (betting).
Fri 08:43

not as much as this one

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