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EXCLUSIVE: Oil analyst Barney Gray discusses the latest from Tower, Coro, Colter, Reabold & United Watch Here

EXCLUSIVE: Oil analyst Barney Gray discusses the latest from Tower, Coro, Colter, Reabold & United
UPDATE: #COPL set timeline for Q2/Q3 Nigeria drilling programme

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Today 07:54

is already back to try and manipulate the price down.
Today 07:39

yeah the whole m8 thing really gr8ed - evidently thinks he's in a smashy and nicey sketch.
Today 07:29

Endion, chances are if they placed their shorts via a spreadbet platform, and took advantage of the leverage on offer, that they will not be given the choice and will be faced with a cash call.
Wed 16:50

Dav3J - indeed it was exactly that trade that caused the price monitoring extensions.
Wed 16:17

Expert I think you should be investing elsewhere if you cannot be bothered to wait for 5 years.
Wed 15:32

Expert - Yes I do know Smishman - he knows his stuff and is not a trader but invested in BMN based upon the fundamentals. The recovery seen today is therefore highly unlikely to be what he was referring to.
Wed 14:53

Knuttie this keeping up with the youngsters on the slops is hard work you know. Jolly indeed !
Wed 07:46

from DragonEV on twiter:-

Yesterday we saw most #Vanadium products in #China gone up by RMB10000/t, expect for VN which went up by RMB15k/t. As more & more companies return from CNY, expect to see some price movement across the Vanadium space.
Wed 04:02

Furthermore and to correct yet another misleading statement by Inner-Harmony much shorting happens via spreadbet platforms. If there is an existing long position on a stock on those platforms then if someone wishes to place a short position on the same stock then that short bet is hedged simply by a sell from the existing block of shares that was covering the long position. Thus at the point that the short bet is placed the spreadbet platforms are not undertaking public shorting and do not need to borrow stock or even report a short position to the FCA.

If you did not know this Inner Harmony then you really should have.
Wed 03:57

Inner harmony - I assume that by using the letter 'a' you are implying that I stated that the Market Makers have a naked short.

This is misleading as of course as in the UK naked shorting is illegal. The Market Makers are simply working a sell, which they are permitted, nay some would say., required, to do to 'make a market'. Please do not put words in my mouth again.
Tue 16:46

Mrremmy not yet - I like to show things bit by bit, with evidence to back up every single step of the way. If I came straight out with the global energy storage predictions then some people my find the numbers a little bit hard to believe.
Tue 16:44

BBN - interesting that despite that article being published less than two weeks ago it is already the most read SA news article in 2019.
Tue 16:40

zeus - you can see an interview with Tobias, and get a 20% discount on the book here:-
Tue 16:30

Mr Remmy, - those are the correct answers for the full valuation of VRFB systems - just for the UK and just for 25% penetration into the grid energy storage sector.

The values for the Vanadium needed just by itself would be half of those numbers 5 Billion $ by 2030 and 25 Billion $ by 2050

That is just the UK - who shall we try next ? Germany or California ? What about China, or India ?
Tue 16:19

Inner-Harmony - stop trying to undermine my credibility so obviously. I don't post sells because I haven't sold any. The 100 thousand pounds was from my wife's ISA which I explained at the time. I'm sorry if you cannot keep up, but really you should try and make an effort because it undermines your own credibility even further.
Tue 16:08

you are so funny Inner Harmony - I have to say that I very much got Bushveld Minerals right, as evidenced by the fact that I bought millions of shares at 2p.

I have no interest in the day to day fluctuations of share prices caused by amateur traders like yourself, only so much as to be able to expose the games and misinformation in the market for exactly what they are.
Tue 15:20

As usuall inner-harmony has got it all wrong. It is easily possible during the regular auctions by two participants that have Direct Market Access.

Of course if they were to arrange to do this in order to get a low Share price registered then this would be market abuse, and illegal.
Tue 14:16

As a comparison the UK's National Grid predicts in their recent Future Energy Scenario's ( ) document between 6 and 10 GW Energy storage in 2030, rising to between 27 and 50 GW by 2050.

BMN Academy question 2 - UK

2) Following the analysis given in question 1(8GW (25% penetration), 40,000 Tonnes V, 8 Billion dollars potential revenue for VRFBs) rerun the analysis for 25% penetration of the UK's 10 GW (2030) and 50 GW (2050) energy storage targets. Give the potential market for complete VRFB systems and Vanadium only (75 USD/KgV)
Tue 14:02

yet again at 2pm.
Tue 14:01

Enough of all the smutty inuendo - we are having a great time skiing not far from Wessy's place and I'm filling in the quiet bits with catching up on my reading of 'South Africa's Energy Transition' which interestingly predicts 13 GW battery storage by 2040 and 16 GW Battery storage by 2050. That of course is just for South Africa.

The CSIR'S call for unbundling of Eskom is described in detail and it is clear that president Cyril Ramaphosa is following their prescription very closely. I advise anyone with any kind of significant holding in BMN to buy and read this book. It will fill in the gap between where we are now and where we will be in 10 years time.

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