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14 Apr '19

If coppers going on a run, only Mr Orange will bring the market down with an alarming tweet.

Craig you need to take up a sport.
14 Apr '19

I'm going to wait for a good dip and leave it in for a few weeks.
14 Apr '19

Don't use the Beta chat it is rubbish!
13 Apr '19

Billy's comments on TA yesterday got me thinking.

I reflected on my ups and downs in the market over the past three and a half years.

During the aftermath of the commodities crash in 2016, I was making good money using what was essentially Brucie's Play Your Cards Right - guessing the ups and downs - and I made good money!

Then I discovered technical analysis - good.

This enabled me to choose the price I wanted to buy and sell at more effectively.

But, and this is the critical part, I also used to simply look at the charts and guage a shares general volitility, and when I felt it was time to buy or sell then I would use TA to get the best share price - and I made money.

Then, I had a run of good luck simply using TA every day - and made what seemed good money. It was fun!

Looking at my stats I now realise it was the rush of simply buying and selling that I enjoyed but I was making, overall, less money.

This was because buying and selling using Fast Stoch requires you to trade almost every day to continue making the same amount of money I earned using my previous approach.

Then, when I had a bump with KAZ in late November last year I found that regular trading had become more challanging and TA didn't work as effectively - it has taken me four months to recoup 10%.

But looking at the share volatility - if I had adopted my previous approach of sitting back and getting an intuititve feel for the share price I would have made significantly more money.

So, I will adopt a more patient trading strategy and review my results more regularly.

Cheers, Billy!
12 Apr '19

Craig is definitely more experienced!!!!

12 Apr '19

I do not trade purely on charts, Billy.

If I observe a pattern, like Billy said, I may decide to buy or sell on that basis.

TA is not perfect and there are many ways of making money.

I only started investing in 2015 and only started making money a year later when given sound advice and found my way to this forum. I am new to this game, Tom.

There are much wiser and more experienced people on this board (e.g. Billy).
12 Apr '19

JMO was the poster to ask about TA - he was brilliant.

Over the past year, I made a 40% return on my pot by using TA.

I simply use the Hargreaves Lansdown TA on their website.

TA works well with GLEN and KAZ using these TA techniques:


I use this as a supplementary technique to determine whether the share going to change direction - if it hits the roof of the band, it will generally fall - if it hits the floor of the band, it will generally rise.
Also, when the Bollinger Band narrows significantly there is almost always a sharp change in the share price - up or down.


I use this as a supplementary technique to determine whether the share price is up or down trending.


I use this as a supplementary technique to determine whether the share is overbought or oversold.


I use this as a main technique to determine whether to buy or sell a share.

It it hits 100, I *ALWAYS* sell. If it hits 0 or below, I *ALWAYS* buy.

Fast Stoch and RSI are my primary tools to determine whether to buy or sell.

They do not always work but they almost always work.

JMO used to recommend backtesting these techniques on individual shares to determine which TA techniques are the most effective and how they work.

He was self-taught and recommended watching Youtube videos on TA, joining TradingView and one of the other forums with professional traders investors on it.


I lost 10% on KAZ at the end of November and at the start of April I have only just made that 10% back!
In mining stock, major external factors, e.g. RNS relating to corruption, will trump TA.
12 Apr '19

Good to hear Ifonly is doing ok and you've recouped on GVC.

Do you have L2 access, Redtom?

I simply use Bollinger Bands, MACD and Fast Stoch to trade GLEN.
12 Apr '19

Day how is Cornwall this morning?
12 Apr '19

Sold at 329.5

I had nightmares last night about buying Indivior.

Hope Ifonly's passengers/captives are safe in his bus.

GVC up to 620.
11 Apr '19

Indivor bounced 6.5% this morning.

Is this worth a punt at this price??

Also, TA indicates GLEN massively oversold so bought in at 325.
10 Apr '19

Tom - is Invidior a recovery play like PFC or a new Carillion? Congrats on todays trade!
9 Apr '19

No Deal Brexit = less likely.

Brexit = may not happen!

Why any of this?

Those billions could have been put to good use... Tax cuts for investors for a start! (And removing the need for food banks in a first world country.)
9 Apr '19

Copper is falling but GLEN bounced at 326 sharply!

Who was doing the buying and why?

It'll be a long wait until 305.
9 Apr '19

You've been giving SXX a lot of thought recently, Craig. So, is it a long-term hold or a short-term investment?
9 Apr '19

Coppers heading north.

Also, looks like a there might not be a No Deal or there might not be a Brexit.

8 Apr '19

Are the TA results being distorted because so many small investors trade GLEN and also use TA?

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