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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Fri 17:39

Further clarification - I would only invest in solid mining stock.
Fri 17:38

Thedriver - Up to a point.

I recently reviewed my trading strategy and soon realised:
(a) I can make money out of it.
(b) I did not make as much money as my previous strategy - waiting for BIG DROPS and then investing for recovery.

So, I have returned to the strategy that was making good money!
Fri 15:50

The Bollinger Bands are narrowing.

This suggests there will be a sharp change in the direction of GLENs share price.

I bought back in this morning at 260.
Thu 21:26

When you say escape. Are you planning on clambering down the drain pipe!
Thu 21:24

Make sure you maintain contact with family, Day. They are the ones that matter. I didn't realise until later how the treatment affected me. Be good to yourself. You are worth it. :)
Thu 19:37

Vanilla people do not invest in shares. Fact.

The Dow is down 1.5%

If Kaz goes back to the low 400s I will load up and wait.

Guaranteed now I've sold the Trade Deal will be resolved amicably.
Thu 17:58

Day hope you are feeling well mate. Being stuck in hospital can grind you down. When are they letting you out on licence?
Thu 15:52

Ken when I was out in the me, the day would stop for prayer time.
The time and length varied throughout the year.
I was once locked in a giant supermarket for a few hours while everyone else went to prayers.
After a while, it was great fun zooming around in the shopping trolly.
Thu 15:38

Yep. My sentiments, Inforapuntor2.

Also, nobody seems to have picked up on the fact that UK politics seems to be changing.

The markets do not like uncertainty.
Thu 14:59

We are all ifonly1 now.
Thu 14:55

I sold at 262 this morning.

Hope it's the right call.
Wed 20:34

I am selling in anticipation of further falls after the election.

If this is a breakthrough for a third party then this may have implications for the markets.

Craig over the Bank Holiday:
Wed 15:10

I might sell before the Euro Elections.

If the Conservatives and Labour have seats taken by the new Brexit Party, then we are in uncharted territory.

The markets do not like uncertainty.

If it looks like Brexit is only the start - the markets will get very twitchy.
Tue 18:06

There's a crackin interview with Dorian Yates and Joe Rogan on youtube.
Tue 15:14

I would not be surprised if they decided to take the company private.

It happened to VED.

This share price is very low compared to its current performance and future potential.
Tue 13:58

Billy what impact will a big Brexit Party win have on the markets?

I'm thinking if we've seen the end of Conservative and Labour dominance then the markets will become shakey.

They are a known quantity whereas the Brexity Party is unkown.

I think something big is happening or about to happen.
Tue 13:36

Gentlemen, check this out:

Steak -

Chicken breast -

These are buffed versions.

Start with the simple water or red wine pan sauce to learn the technique.

It took me 3-5 times to get "The Flavour" but when you get it NOTHING tastes like it.

You'll be scraping the pan with a spoon!
Tue 09:26

My weight went down as well, day. It will be worth it when you stomach muscle heals bud.
I cooked a lot of steak. Pan sauces are better than restaurant sauces.
Get a skillet without a non-stick coating.
Take the steaks out of the fridge at least 10 mins before cooking.
Heat the pan and add butter.
Pat the steak with a kitchen towel to remove the surface water.
Add salt and pat onto steak.
Cook both sides.
Remove steak to plate and let it rest for at least five minues.
Reduce heat.
Add water or red wine (Zinfandel or Pinot Grigio is good).
Stir the natural browning on the bottom of the pan.
Swirl in a piece of butter.
Pour in the juices that have been released from the steak while it was resting.
Add salt to taste.
Plate the steak and pour on the sauce.
Enjoy with fries and a glass of red wine. :)
Mon 21:21

When the trainee nurse folded back my blanket, I could feel her breath and could tell she'd never seen one before.
Mon 20:38

I reckon daytrade must be being ****** off by some fruity nurses. He hasn't replied.

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