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Last Posted: 19 Mar '19

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19 Mar '19

Yep, the potential here is absolutely enormous, which is why I've continued to buy more, even if I do have a pessimistic outlook.

If I'm honest my expectations are extremely low so I'm grateful for the optimism you bring to this board. If this does miraculously get pulled off it will be a life changer.
19 Mar '19

Just a bit of fantasy here whilst we wait (extremely) patiently for this holy grail of an RNS but...

If the RNS that announced sign-off from all relevant parties, as well as SPA terms and all that good stuff was released before trading tomorrow, what do you think we'd be opening at?

Do a JOG and gain 500% in one day? I realise this is totally hypothetical but it's nice to imagine isn't it.
15 Mar '19

Guarantees a placing before positive news, sorry lads and ladies.
14 Mar '19

I'm also buying more tomorrow morning, even though I have no faith whatsoever good news is even remotely close. Just won a decent amount at Cheltenham (knowing absolutely nothing about horses) and it's pay day so I might as well have a punt on this!
14 Mar '19


All I can say is be very, very cautious with COPL. I'll let others who have been here a lot longer than me explain the whole situation but briefly:

We were supposed to be drilling last year if the timelines were to be believed, delay after delay, placing after placing, BoD still paying themselves hugely over-inflated salaries even as shareholder value rapidly diminishes.

That be saying, if this actually does ever happen, the returns could be massive at these levels. Definitely a big if for me at the moment though. Fully expecting a placing before any significant positive news.
8 Mar '19

Your logic seems very logical! I'm still calling a placing though...
7 Mar '19

Correction - my opinion is not a strong buy!!!!
7 Mar '19

Agreed Sub, I was ready to put more cash into this after the elections were done and dusted but very hesitant to do so now. I absolutely expect a placing before any positive news so will reconsider then. I have serious doubts that this will happen now, at least not in the short/medium/long/ever term at which point there will probably be about 50 billion shares in circulation (exaggeration but you get my point, dilution beyond the next placing will be catastrophic in my opinion.

Also, Arthur purchasing shares in the previous placing isn't a positive for me - he's still getting paid his over-inflated salary so he doesn't really have a whole lot to lose if this goes south.

Please, please, please prove me wrong!
4 Feb '19

I don't believe in all the Code 1 rubbish - probably just financial institutions balancing positions.
30 Jan '19

Can't blame them though. I'm sure there are some that have been here since the 10p days - only so much faith you can cling on to (and only so much averaging down you can do). This share could easily get diluted to complete oblivion whilst we wait for the holy grail announcement.
30 Jan '19

Firstly, I believe that a placing will most definitely be announced prior to us getting the final approval announcement (and I hope I'm wrong because the dilution would be catastrophic). Secondly, I have no faith whatsoever that the new timeline will be met. Honestly, I can see us all in the same position here in 2 years, after about 5 more placings, talking about the same s*** with a share price at 0.01p.

That last bit was a joke but it still wouldn't be a massive shock!

Debating on whether to sell the remainder of my holding and buy back post placing.
14 Dec '18

Didn't get my sub 0.3 but not complaining
12 Dec '18

All true, but I'm a greedy bastard so the lower the better! In all seriousness I'll be happy no matter what - just rather it doesn't go up to 0.4 or something, everything gets delayed again and the SP tumbles back to the low 0.2's - which you can't deny is a very real possibility!
12 Dec '18

The SP better start creeping down again, I cannot buy anything until Friday - just started renting a new place and the deposit has sucked me dry. Below 0.3 please!!!
10 Dec '18

After an 8 month hiatus from COPL, I'm coming back on Friday, unless the SP skyrockets - just couldn't stay away could I. Only putting a small amount in because I really don't trust Arthur but the risk vs reward here is just too great to ignore. Let's hope my username is an omen for all of us.
27 Apr '18

Let's be realistic, we still most likely have a fair few placing shares to churn through, which will start to be sold as soon as we reach 0.65ish. Putting Italy and Romania into production is encouraging but, this is AIM, and it is the Spanish drill programme which will really get things moving. In the shortish term I'd hope to be at least 0.8p. We've had promises of 2p+ before the Romania and Italy drill as well remember!!
13 Mar '18

In Bladey's defence, I don't think he was mentioning 10 bagging on MKA...I think he was replying to one of my comments!!!!
7 Mar '18

Undoubtedly a future poet laureate, this is just the beginning for you apple!
7 Mar '18

I heard the works of William Wordsworth were first discovered on the LSE BBs so this could be the chance of a lifetime for someone.
7 Mar '18

Might as well have a few English language lessons whilst we're waiting for news though, I think everything else has been covered. Time for some literature, have we got any poets out there?

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