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FTSE Small Cap Constituents

FTSE Small Cap Index

The following shares make up the FTSE Small Cap.

FTSE Small Cap ConstituentsPriceVolumeChangeLowHigh
pin to quick-picks4imprint Grp. (FOUR)2,490.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picks888 Hldgs (888)153.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAbdn.asn Inc (AAIF)217.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to Thai (ANW)562.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAbdn.nw.dwn (ABD)255.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAbstd Asiafocus (AAS)1,070.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAlcentra Gbp (AEFS)97.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAllianz Tech (ATT)1,582.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAllied Mind (ALM)63.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAnglo Pacific (APF)201.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAnglo-eastern (AEP)528.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksArrow Global (ARW)194.4000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksArtemis Alpha (ATS)289.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAshley(laura) (ALY)2.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAshoka India E. (AIE)103.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAssura (AGR)57.2000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksAvon Rbr. (AVON)1,400.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBaill.g.shin. (BGS)178.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBaillie G.jap. (BGFD)782.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBaring Emerging (BEE)779.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBatm Advanced (BVC)48.2000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBbgi Sicav (BBGI)158.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBh Global (BHGG)1,465.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBiotech Gwth (BIOG)686.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBlackrock Brna (BRNA)178.7500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBlackrock Com (BRCI)77.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBlackrock Fr (BRFI)137.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBlackrock Great (BRGE)353.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBlackrock Lat A (BRLA)466.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBlackrock Sml (BRSC)1,414.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBloomsbury Pub. (BMY)234.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBluefield Solar (BSIF)135.7500.00%0.000.00
pin to (THRG)538.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBraemar Ship (BMS)180.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksBrunner Inv.tst (BUT)791.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCap.®. (CAL)24.1000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCapital Gearing (CGT)4,165.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCarclo (CAR)19.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCarpetright (CPR)13.9500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCentaur (CAU)52.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCharles Taylor (CTR)252.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksChemring Grp. (CHG)150.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksChesnara (CSN)359.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCircassia (CIR)29.7000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCity Lon Inv (CLIG)406.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCity Merch.high (CMHY)182.7500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksClarkson (CKN)2,370.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCls Hdgs (CLI)244.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksConnect Grp (CNCT)37.4500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksConsort Med. (CSRT)910.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCostain Grp. (COST)343.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCqs Nat (CYN)92.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCqs New C.h.y.f (NCYF)59.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCustodian Reit (CREI)114.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksCvc Credit Gbp (CCPG)106.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksDevro (DVO)180.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksDialight (DIA)460.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksDiverse Inc (DIVI)93.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksDunedin (DNE)354.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksDunedin Inc. (DIG)271.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksEdin.drgn.tst. (EFM)403.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksEdin.wwide Inv (EWI)187.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksEp Global (EPG)315.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksExillon Energy (EXI)50.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksF&c Uk Real Est (FCRE)94.2000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFdm Group Hldg (FDM)926.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFid.sp.val. (FSV)266.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFidelity Asian (FAS)440.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFidelity Japan (FJV)144.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFindel (FDL)168.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFinsbury Gth. (FGT)863.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksForesight Solar (FSFL)122.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFuller,smith'a' (FSTA)1,110.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksFundsmith Emerg (FEET)1,240.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGame Digital (GMD)27.2000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGames Workshop (GAW)3,894.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGcp Infra. (GCP)127.2000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGem Diamonds Di (GEMD)85.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGoodwin (GDWN)3,200.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGreencoat Uk (UKW)140.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGreggs (GRG)1,813.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksGulf Marine (GMS)13.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHansa Tst Plc (HAN)1,015.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHansard (HSD)36.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHardy Oil (HDY)4.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHelical Plc (HLCL)349.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHend.eur.focus (HEFT)1,192.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHend.euro. (HNE)1,092.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHend.far East (HFEL)368.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHend.high Inc (HHI)174.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHend.small Cos. (HSL)882.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHenderson Div (HDIV)91.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHerald Inv. (HRI)1,308.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHg Capital (HGT)2,140.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHill & Smith (HILS)1,300.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHilton Food (HFG)978.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksHuntsworth (HNT)86.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksIcg-longbow (LBOW)100.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksImpax Env.mkt (IEM)304.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksInt.biotech. (IBT)612.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksInvesco Asia (IAT)296.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksInvesco Inc Gth (IVI)272.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksInvesco Perp Uk (IPU)511.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksIte Grp. (ITE)74.1000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJkx Oil & Gas (JKX)57.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJohn Laing Env (JLEN)113.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJp (JAI)374.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJp Morg.chin (JMC)295.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmor Indian (JII)727.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmor. Jap.sml (JPS)384.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorg.eur (JESC)361.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorg.smaller (JMI)219.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan Clav (JCH)714.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan G (JETG)279.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan Glbl (JGCI)90.7000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan Glob (JEMI)136.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan I (JETI)148.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan Japan. (JFJ)409.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan Mid (JMF)1,090.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJpmorgan Rus (JRS)564.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJupiter Euro. (JEO)755.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksJupiter Us Sml (JUS)1,040.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksKcom Grp (KCOM)70.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksKenmare Res. (KMR)200.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksKeystone It (KIT)1,610.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLamprell (LAM)63.3000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLiontrust A.m. (LIO)640.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLms Capital (LMS)50.3000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLookers (LOOK)93.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLow & Bonar (LWB)14.62500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLowland Inv. (LWI)1,392.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksLsl Prop (LSL)275.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMacau Property (MPO)157.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMajedie Inv. (MAJE)268.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to (MMC)1.9600.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMarshalls (MSLH)630.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMartin (MCP)386.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMartin C.glbl (MNP)272.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMcbride (MCB)106.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMccoll's (MCLS)80.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMckay Secs. (MCKS)246.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMears Group (MER)240.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMenzies(j) (MNZS)484.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMerchants Tst (MRCH)494.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMiddlefield Prf (MCT)95.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMj Gleeson (GLE)820.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMontanaro (MTE)952.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMontanaro Uk (MTU)114.8200.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMorgn Sindl Grp (MGNS)1,318.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMoss Bros. (MOSB)21.4500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMothercare (MTC)20.4500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMountview Est. (MTVW)9,925.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMucklow (A&j) (MKLW)525.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksMurray Inc.tst. (MUT)820.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksNcc Grp (NCC)164.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksNorcros (NXR)199.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksNorth American (NAIT)1,475.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksNorth Atl.smlr (NAS)2,950.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksOnesavings (OSB)443.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksP2p Global Inve (P2P)828.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPacific Assets (PAC)292.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPacific Horizon (PHI)347.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPantheon Int. (PIN)2,125.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPendragon (PDG)22.6500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPetropavlovsk (POG)8.1000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPhoto-me Intl. (PHTM)88.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPicton Prop (PCTN)92.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPolar Cap Gbl (PCFT)134.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPolar Cap Glbl (PCGH)200.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPolypipe Group (PLP)416.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPorvair (PRV)546.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPrem Foods (PFD)35.7500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksPrimary Health (PHP)130.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksReal Est.cred (RECI)173.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksRenewables (TRIG)121.4000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksRenold (RNO)32.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksRicardo (RCDO)680.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksRm (RM.)231.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksRobert Walt. (RWA)580.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksRuffer Inv. Co. (RICA)212.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksS & U (SUS)2,070.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSafestore (SAFE)632.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Asia (SDP)459.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Asian (ATR)366.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Inc. (SCF)294.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Japan (SJG)184.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Orient (SOI)259.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Real (SREI)57.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSchroder Uk M&s (SCP)540.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksScot.amer.inv. (SCAM)393.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksScot.orntl.smll (SST)1,010.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSdl (SDL)524.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSecs.scotland (STS)174.2500.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSeverfield (SFR)73.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksShires Inc. (SHRS)268.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSpeedy Hire (SDY)54.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSportech (SPO)35.7000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSqn Asset Fin (SQN)94.1000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksStand Life Uk (SLS)482.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksStarwood Eur (SWEF)106.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksStd Lfe In Pty (SLI)91.2000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksSthree (STHR)309.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksStobart (STOB)152.6000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksStvg (STVG)382.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTarsus Grp. (TRS)308.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksThe Euro Inv (EUT)836.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksThe Vitec Grp. (VTC)1,110.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTopps Tiles (TPT)78.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTr Euro.growth (TRG)905.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTribal Grp. (TRB)70.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTrifast (TRI)229.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTritax Big Box (BBOX)149.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTroy Income (TIGT)78.8000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTt Electronics (TTG)250.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTwentyfour Inc (TFIF)113.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTwentyfour Sel (SMIF)90.7000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksTyman (TYMN)253.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksUtilico Em.mkts (UEM)222.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksValue And Inc (VIN)254.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksVectura (VEC)72.5000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksVolution (FAN)176.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksVp (VP.)833.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksWincanton (WIN)243.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksWitan Pac (WPC)330.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksXaar (XAR)101.0000.00%0.000.00
pin to quick-picksXp Power (XPP)2,520.0000.00%0.000.00

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