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Forex Prices for Australian Dollar - Japan Yen (AUD/JPY)

AUD/JPY 6 Month
Open Price80.0965
High Price (Mid)80.0488
Low Price (Mid)79.9628
Year High84.1547
Year Low74.0019
AUD/JPY Intraday

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Other currency pairs for Australian Dollar

Currency Pair Currency Name Bid Rate Ask Rate Last Updated
AUD/AEDAustralian Dollar - UAE Dirham2.626052.625696:21:02
AUD/ALLAustralian Dollar - Albania Lek77.256180.40936:21:02
AUD/ARSAustralian Dollar - Argentina Peso29.752329.84496:21:02
AUD/BBDAustralian Dollar - Barbados Dollar1.401011.464126:21:02
AUD/BDTAustralian Dollar - Bangladesh Taka59.236161.50446:21:02
AUD/BGNAustralian Dollar - Bulgaria Lev1.239231.24846:21:02
AUD/BHDAustralian Dollar - Baharain Dinar0.2674070.2711366:21:02
AUD/BIFAustralian Dollar - Burundi Franc1292.31341327.47166:21:02
AUD/BMDAustralian Dollar - Bermuda Dollar0.716840.7167176:21:02
AUD/BNDAustralian Dollar - Brunei Dollar0.9540810.985616:21:02
AUD/BRLAustralian Dollar - Brazil Real2.806412.808426:21:02
AUD/BSDAustralian Dollar - Bahamas Dollar0.7113940.7200716:21:02
AUD/BWPAustralian Dollar - Botswana Pula7.497337.698366:21:02
AUD/BZDAustralian Dollar - Belize Dollar1.411131.474246:21:02
AUD/CADAustralian Dollar - Canadian Dollar0.9559510.9560316:21:02
AUD/CHFAustralian Dollar - Switzerland Franc0.7256130.7257746:21:02
AUD/CLPAustralian Dollar - Chile Peso473.5421473.45996:21:02
AUD/CNHAustralian Dollar - China Yuan Offshore4.790524.79066:21:02
AUD/CNYAustralian Dollar - China Yuan4.759244.821326:21:02
AUD/COPAustralian Dollar - Colombia Peso2228.95742291.80076:21:02
AUD/CRCAustralian Dollar - Costa Rica Colon424.7076424.63586:21:02
AUD/CUPAustralian Dollar - Cuba Peso0.6964870.7344236:21:02
AUD/CZKAustralian Dollar - Czech Republic Koruna16.336416.35596:21:02
AUD/DJFAustralian Dollar - Djibouti Franc124.5778130.25626:21:02
AUD/DKKAustralian Dollar - Denmark Krone4.750114.756:21:02
AUD/DOPAustralian Dollar - Domican Republic Peso36.311736.30546:21:02
AUD/DZDAustralian Dollar - Algeria Dinar84.890985.49576:21:02
AUD/EGPAustralian Dollar - Egypt Pound12.280112.30756:21:02
AUD/ETBAustralian Dollar - Ethiopian Birr20.403420.71466:21:02
AUD/EURAustralian Dollar - Euro0.6361840.6361546:21:02
AUD/FJDAustralian Dollar - Fiji Dollar1.516351.532086:21:02
AUD/GBPAustralian Dollar - United Kingdom Pound0.5500550.54987417:18:59
AUD/GHSAustralian Dollar - Ghana Cedi3.637173.667776:21:02
AUD/GTQAustralian Dollar - Guatemala Quetzal5.463435.462486:21:02
AUD/HKDAustralian Dollar - Hong Kong Dollar5.60945.609066:21:02
AUD/HNLAustralian Dollar - Honduras Lempira17.508417.50556:21:02
AUD/HRKAustralian Dollar - Croatia Kuna4.731134.732786:21:02
AUD/HTGAustralian Dollar - Haiti Gourde61.095361.0816:21:02
AUD/HUFAustralian Dollar - Hungary Forint203.4126203.8146:21:02
AUD/IDRAustralian Dollar - Indonesia Rupiah9908.359810197.73786:21:02
AUD/ILSAustralian Dollar - Israel New Shekel2.567082.571756:21:02
AUD/INRAustralian Dollar - India Rupee49.584249.58186:21:02
AUD/IQDAustralian Dollar - Iraq Dinar835.1027872.99366:21:02
AUD/ISKAustralian Dollar - Iceland Krona85.853586.24366:21:02
AUD/JMDAustralian Dollar - Jamaica Dollar91.200193.4586:21:02
AUD/JODAustralian Dollar - Jordan Dinar0.5048850.5082956:21:02
AUD/JPYAustralian Dollar - Japan Yen80.020780.01126:21:02
AUD/KESAustralian Dollar - Kenya Shilling71.155973.67886:21:02
AUD/KRWAustralian Dollar - Korea Won812.3302813.49636:21:02
AUD/KWDAustralian Dollar - Kuwait Dinar0.2165590.2177596:21:02
AUD/KYDAustralian Dollar - Cayman Islands Dollar0.583780.609056:21:02
AUD/KZTAustralian Dollar - Kazakhstan Tenge269.6069273.33566:21:02
AUD/LBPAustralian Dollar - Lebanese Pound1054.1921104.71416:21:02
AUD/MADAustralian Dollar - Morocco Dihram6.685997.064896:21:02
AUD/MOPAustralian Dollar - Macao Pataca5.657935.910146:21:02
AUD/MURAustralian Dollar - Mauritius Rupee24.149325.57016:21:02
AUD/MVRAustralian Dollar - Maldives Rufiyan10.851611.23416:21:02
AUD/MWKAustralian Dollar - Malawi Kwacha523.3446528.26126:21:02
AUD/MXNAustralian Dollar - Mexico New Peso13.436813.44596:21:02
AUD/MYRAustralian Dollar - Malaysia Ringgit2.971042.973666:21:02
AUD/MZNAustralian Dollar - Mozambique Metical43.210644.63676:21:02
AUD/NADAustralian Dollar - Namibia Dollar10.110110.39226:21:02
AUD/NGNAustralian Dollar - Nigeria Naira257.5001257.4556:21:02
AUD/NIOAustralian Dollar - Nicaragua Cordaba23.527823.52346:21:02
AUD/NOKAustralian Dollar - Norway Krone6.08346.086936:21:02
AUD/NZDAustralian Dollar - New Zealand Dollar1.069151.06936:21:02
AUD/OMRAustralian Dollar - Oman Rial0.2740460.2758656:21:02
AUD/PABAustralian Dollar - Panama Balboa0.6999530.7315096:21:02
AUD/PENAustralian Dollar - Peru New Sol2.360482.36016:21:02
AUD/PGKAustralian Dollar - Papua New Guinea Kina2.36952.470466:21:02
AUD/PHPAustralian Dollar - Philippines Peso36.867837.04676:21:02
AUD/PKRAustralian Dollar - Pakistan Rupee101.2882101.32696:21:02
AUD/PLNAustralian Dollar - Poland Zloty2.721192.722286:21:02
AUD/PYGAustralian Dollar - Paraguay Guarani4385.30684549.23376:21:02
AUD/QARAustralian Dollar - Qatar Rial2.603822.604026:21:02
AUD/RONAustralian Dollar - Romania Leu New3.027653.029856:21:02
AUD/RSDAustralian Dollar - Serbia Dinar75.000875.1366:21:02
AUD/RUBAustralian Dollar - Russia Rouble45.666145.70136:21:02
AUD/SARAustralian Dollar - Saudi Arabia Riyal2.676872.682386:21:02
AUD/SCRAustralian Dollar - Seychelles Rupee9.1706210.43956:21:02
AUD/SDRAustralian Dollar - International Monetry Fund0.514830.5146636:21:02
AUD/SEKAustralian Dollar - Sweden Krona6.652936.65386:21:02
AUD/SGDAustralian Dollar - Singapore Dollar0.9689930.9690866:21:02
AUD/SZLAustralian Dollar - Swaziland Lilangeni9.9588610.21026:21:02
AUD/THBAustralian Dollar - Thailand Baht22.742122.75066:21:02
AUD/TNDAustralian Dollar - Tunisia Dinar2.13822.157856:21:02
AUD/TRYAustralian Dollar - Turkey New Lira4.172864.18146:21:02
AUD/TTDAustralian Dollar - Trinidad&Tobago Dollar4.756324.945536:21:02
AUD/TWDAustralian Dollar - Taiwan New Dollar22.04222.05636:21:02
AUD/TZSAustralian Dollar - Tanzania Shilling1618.22461681.3216:21:02
AUD/UAHAustralian Dollar - Ukraine Hryvnia19.03119.40656:21:02
AUD/UGXAustralian Dollar - Uganda Shilling2650.19422706.57716:21:02
AUD/USDAustralian Dollar - United States Dollar0.7150680.7149796:21:02
AUD/VNDAustralian Dollar - Vietnam Dong16353.645316856.9816:21:02
AUD/XAFAustralian Dollar - CFA Franc (XAF)417.2378417.10246:21:02
AUD/XCDAustralian Dollar - East Caribbean Dollar1.922461.942356:21:02
AUD/XOFAustralian Dollar - CFA Franc (XOF)417.2433417.10796:21:02
AUD/XPFAustralian Dollar - French Pacific Island Franc75.913975.88936:21:02
AUD/ZARAustralian Dollar - South Africa Rand10.050210.0556:21:02
AUD/ZMWAustralian Dollar - Zambia Kwacha8.754778.815726:21:02

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