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can this go back to the 70's
Tue 19:01
It shouldnt do but if it does great time to buy on the cheep. Still right now this shareprice is a total joke....
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Hang in with what you can afford
Tue 18:22
The ould oil business is a dirty old business I worked in it for two thirds of my working life. The oil will always get to market and you need to keep your stake in it if you can.. If you believe the oil is there as I do don't be swayed by the shenanigans. People will apply a lot of time and effort to get your share of oil. Chin up all long termers and good fortune to you all.
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RE: investors relations
Tue 18:20
hi mulder
scully here lol
just a couple of points
i dont really see any issues here that the fca feel would warrant any investigation
i think the trick here is not to get caught up in the sp of the day
you have to stick with the fundamentals
and outside ot the political arena the fundamentals are strong
but i think gkp is wasting money on having an investors relations department when they obviously dont have a clue how to deal with investors
especially when people they are speaking to can be down up to 50 .000 pounds in their investment
to be so contemptuos to people with such high investments in the company shows bad management and human resources in hiring these people
i think the h1 results will put a bit more clarity on revenues and balance sheet etc and should bring this back over a pound
my only concern is quick it drop backs and the fact there is now another 100 mill shares waiting to be issued
but as frustrating as this is i do feel it will all come good
i feel once they hit 40 bopd the krg will be more relaxed and there will be less talk of removing the operatorship from gkp
trust the higher power
a tip you may already know
pog released some excellant news
these shares are at an all time low but with todays news with the company over their financing and the general political climate driving the gold price up this will be a multibagger within 18mths imo
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Tue 18:12
You're right it does stink to high heaven and hopefully they wont be able to keep it this way for too much longer. We have achieved so much since and including the court case and yet we are to believe the sp is a TRUE reflection of where we are as a company.
I prefer to think of true current value of around £2 with plenty of undisclosed upside.
Therefore to sell at the current sp is nothing but foolish IMO unless of course they keep dropping it, but my crystal ball isn't working so I'm staying put.
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No point moaning
Tue 17:49
Sell high and then start buying some days after after the inevitable fall.

Hopefully this trend will change with increase production and regular kRG payments

but for now, if you can not beat them then joined them !
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hate to say it
Tue 17:39
But I'd actually be happy with £1.50.
Peeeed off with gkp.
Never going to invest in another stock with a massive amount of retail punters... Causes to many problems for all shareholders with all the BS spoken.... I better go then!
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Tue 17:38
out of 4 boats, one got unloaded and paid for. I know United Emblem is headed east for orders and now in Red Sea and I suppose there is one other boat that is currently afloat apart from leadership of course.

GKP has done 10 lifts to date of 200k+ barrels boats. Presumably, they are selling the trucked ones without problems. I think Eu oil traders are just buying these whenever they are loaded. Seems smooth sailing so far.
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United Leadership
Tue 17:34
Is the exported oil actually legal then? GKP stil seem to mainly be selling oil to local markets and exporting via truck? Is the pipelined oil actually finding a buyer though, as thats the oil which really matters, or are they being scared away via illegal threats?

As you say Carv, a lot is riding on us turning some kind of decent numbers in very soon. Something still doesnt add up here, assuming that the KRG can legally export and sell its oil. Sub 100p hasnt been a flash in the pan, its been for months and months now, amidst a set of facts which seemingly keep improving on paper?
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which year
Tue 17:27
do you think this company will show a profit ??
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RE: investors relations
Tue 17:19
I agree with your assessment of this useless lady called Anastasia 100%. I spoke to her a few months ago shortly after the crash from 140 to 100. When I finally got through to her on the 10th attempt she did not seem to give a damn about us investors and basically batted me away with a 'tough luck' message. I have not called her again.

Her main message was to not go on forums like these!

I did report GKP to the FCA because of the manipulation but they have done f**k all as usual.
These 2p falls that will continue for the next week = sure fire market manipulation yet again.
Has anyone noticed the volume is always higher on the troughs and falls away on the mini peaks?

Yet the FCA stands idly by and does nothing.
Another 7 days at -2p = 70p. At this point the manipulators will cause a mini rise again to ~90p to bank their profits.
Probably release another bogus rumour like the Chevron one to achieve this.

BTW I note Share Prophets and NickiMinaj have become very quiet all of a sudden in terms of GKP. No more special conference calls then I assume?
For the records our 'friend' Anastasia also denied that one as well.

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