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Unilever Share Chat (ULVR)

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RE: Ray Dalio
16 Mar '18
Bad call. They£d do better to short American donkeys, like Amazon, Facebook and all the other American tech trash, that trades at obscene valuations rather than cash cows that generate billions in profits and pay heft dividends. As usual the bubbles originate in the land of gun slaughter.
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RE: FT report about Dutch HQ
15 Mar '18
Generally The French German Dutch Supermarket Food Production is miles
ahead of The UK big four.
The production levels are astonishing.I mean choice and ranges.
UK cannot compete.
There are many trade secrets and much know how.
Everything in a Country hinges of food.Quality of food.
If the population has poor food brains dont develop properly and you get a
tribe of cretins who cant think properly!
There are many working class in our land who think 3 sausage rolls from Greggs at a pound
consitutes an aedequate childs lunch.Complete idiots!
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HQ going Dutch-German instead of UK
15 Mar '18
Pulling out of London and cant say we blame them.London is a bit of an old jar of Marmite really.
Economies of scale will make for more efficiency in seller if a bit alienated Rotterdam.
The Govts mismanagement of Housing and Transport and Crime Control in london is driving firms away.
Riff Raff from all 4 corners of The Globe is not helping either.
Benelux chooses to enforce mega tight EU Residence Permit rules.
All the way from Calais to Antwerp its tightly controlled.All EU incomers report to The Police every 3 months.
If they are not working the permit is refused.
UK could do this if it chose.But it doesnt.
Thats why the streets of Brugge are so clean and free,
UK doesnt need to leave The EU to control incomers it just needs to enforce UK RESidence Permit rules
for EU citizens.If they are not working or criminals then OUT.
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15 Mar '18
is going Dutch, although this is no surprise as it offers more security over being taken over and if you have had one scare I can see why they chose that option. Not great for Britain!

The dutch getting rid of withholding tax and ULVR being allowed to issue divis as capital until this has been sorted shows the behind the scenes carve up going on. Doubt the local market trader would have had the same treatment.

Still the UK government would be getting stick if they had "assisted" this big corp.
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Ray Dalio
5 Mar '18
One of the world biggest asset management firm is shorting Unilever to the tune of $1bn and placed $22bn worth of bearish bets on Europe biggest businesses.
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FT report about Dutch HQ
22 Feb '18
Error, the Dutch have a population of just 17million. The historic Dutch Uni/Van den berg margerine business has now been divested to KKR for £6billion. What is effectively left is the Lever Brothers soap business. Which always has been Headquartered in UK. This is whats wrong with Europe minnow states running the show. Dutch tail wagging the British dog. I suspect why Unilever did not buy Cadbury, was it would have made the company too British and scuppered the incumbent directors and Dutch Government plans to turn the company Dutch
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FT report about Dutch HQ
22 Feb '18
FT report this morning , Unllever becoming soley a Dutch HQ concern. What do you expect with a Dutch Ceo and French chairman at the helm. Lord Lever would turn in his grave at the prospect. Britain with a population 65 million. the Dutch with 21 million. All I can say to investors support British companies Reckitt, GSK, ABF instead. I'm not investing in anything that's a land grab by a foreign state. No wonder the Ditch Premier was all smiles when he met Mrs May at Downing Street the other day.
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Just read this on a tweet
13 Feb '18
They should be ashamed........Unilever! A very much changed company these days.
Management a very much changed breed than 50 years ago.
Half of them don't know what's going on on the shop floor.
Maybe they don't need to.?.
Announced today they are removing advertising Bon Google & Facebook. They also moved Birds Eye Production away from this country.
They also Robbed my wife of her Pension after more than 30 years of good hard working service.
Not the only one ! .several hundred qualifiers was handed an application slip by the shop Stewards .
This was the only official system I'm aware of otherwise you have not been entered . No follow up , if you was away on holiday you was not handed an application form.
Our impress afterwards , well the company won't let the one or three be left off the official list .But They Did.
A time limit was set if this claim was not handled within a set time it was lost.
Claim was made after this time but was rejected even using a local MP to add weight to the claim. No go .
So my wife and anyone have lost out, after it was instructed by the European court these pensions had to be paid.
A guesstimate loss todate £45000/ plus. And counting. 23 years.
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RE: starting
12 Feb '18
I make it a 3.8 percent forward dividend yield nimrod22, if we take the 147p I saw estimated for 2019 and apply it to a 3835p share price. Not a bad entry point IMHO! I hold a big proportion of my portfolio in ULVR since buying on weakness in 2013.
Posts: 648
9 Feb '18
to look oversold. Should be a good point to start buying in stages.

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