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Opinion:No Opinion
RE: On the retreat
23 May '19
WGR - Like your post. Sums up decades of experience in an easy read.

But one thing I can't get my head around is when the government has destroyed all equity value by allowing the City to rip anybody off who isn't a short-term merchant then what does the future of the economy/finance then look like?

I mean the only companies with equity value in 30 years time could be technology companies. However this is not a world that most people want .... most people feel forced to use technology more than they would like as otherwise they are worried about falling behind. I think the stock market is missing a trick by not allowing new natural resource companies to IPO - the world is a large place and although the UK is small there will be a global market for all different types of natural resources for decades to come. Eventually once the gas runs out people will go back to burning coal - it's just not possible to provide 100% of the world's electricity needs from gas and renewables - and nuclear is dangerous, dirty, and deadly for over 1,000 years after production ceases.

Also I think the market is missing a trick by not IPOing food production companies....sueprmarkets have to get their raw ingredients from somewhere .... I think it's time for a boom in global food production financed by the private sector and supported by the government-mandated redistribution of land - which is hereditary and not suited to modern times ...and not just. Just because a family has owned a massive estate for 1,000 years doesn't give them the moral right to leave the ground fallow/under-utilised if there are 10,000 people in a nearby town, half of whom would like to use that land for food production. When you discuss ethics it has to be on a human/individual level in my opinion - a human who is currently alive and wants to farm a piece of land currently lying idle has more moral claim to it than another person who prevents them on the basis that 1,000 years ago one of their family members squiggled on a parchment with some ink and somehow that gave them the right to the land forevermore - what nonsense if you ask me. We are all human and we need to cooperate ....people who think they own things just don't understand their lives are but a small blink in the history of humanity and nothing is owned by anyone...we merely look after it for a while to try and benefit both ourselves, our fellow citizens, and future generations.
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RE: On the retreat
23 May '19
The kids of today are capitalist idiots not savants.
They all look like they posssess only one pair of ripped dungarees that they wear all the time.
Have funny ideas about veggie food and fair trade
protesting about climate and trashing the likes of .square mainstream M&S.
They have no liking or understanding of m&S.
They dont 'do'shopping.
Most think steel is made by the poo fairy and hevent an inkling that the collapse
of British steel and its neighbour in North France yesterday means no steel
for rails railways cars or high rises.
You cannot import 30 million tons of steel from China.
HS2 cannot be built without steel.
But the millenials probablyh think it can be tele transported ala Stonehenge
from Russia which communist countries will refuse to sell us
so our infrastructure collapses prior to Corbyn Communism
PS the gender bender agenda is financed by the cometics industry of Debenhams probably.
An attempt to get men to buy female cosmetics?
Posts: 2,072
Opinion:No Opinion
On the retreat
23 May '19
The problem is their customer base is dying off.
And the new 'customers'are different.
Millenials dont make good customers.
Its not just a question of 'serving every generation'
The new customers dont go for what the old customers wanted.
Its not just a question of names packaging.
M&S would need to completley reincarnate to reach these people.
EVERYTHING is wrong from the moment a millenial steps in the door.
A 1000 things.
Its so bad it cant be turned around.
The older customer doesnt get this.
At all.r
They are unable to view it through millenial eyes.
Its a bit like Punk in 1977 when University Punks came to view the entire
British Society of 1977 as just a joke.
That society too died.
Sadly there are no 'BIBA'minds at M&S.
The sorts of managers there are very narrow conservative
bilnkered people at a loss to explain why the agenda of 1980s
that they had been told 'worked'is failing.
Blue suit wearing stuck up little people commercial English lower middle class
without the broad mind and knowledge of old school University ala 1970s/60s.
They are incredibly banal as The French say.

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