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Thu 21:32
Apparently Warren Buffett has increased his holding in Apple, fairly substantially , following the Drop !

He might be correct ! Who would have the temerity to challenge him !

I , just a small fly here , sold out today . I went back to my first posts and realised that exuberance had taken over the psyche !

Why do we want FACE ID rather than TOUCH ID ? There is something about haptics !

As Tesco says - why pay more ?

Maybe , it is down to augmented reality!

Trouble is , that may be a while away , like the self driving cars ; although I gather the target date for the latter is only 3 years away, for a major manufacturer !

So , I suspect that the shorters will be at large for a while yet !

The risk in staying out , Is a takeover !

A real Conundrum !
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RE: In
Thu 20:26
Velo -- you'll get that 20 -- 23p cos that was support for such a long time - I used to trade it around there and did OK -- but I wished I'd held on to the shares I bought at around 12p ( documented in a post of mine somewhere on here ) doubled my money but had no idea they'd go anywhere near £1.70 just set out my goal to sell around 24p

The reason I don't think it will get down there is that there has been a step change in the value of the company since those days and the 50's was where this share was even before the 24p days when there was much less demand for the product. The price action chart let's you know there's something going on long before news gets out and interpretation needs a mix of imagination, technical charting, fundamentals and common sense. Sometimes I've predicted lows purely on chart but it didn't happen cos something had changed fundamentally and it cost me ( I got out of a short and warned a friend to do the same but he held -- it finished him with shares) but it taught me not to ignore a clear Breakout.
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RE: RNS T.ROWE PRICE ASO selling up!!!
Thu 17:49
“If they simply loaned out the shares to shorters they wouldn’t have to inform the market via a RNS as they still own the shares.”
Not so. And if you don’t know that when an entity - in this case, an institutional holder such as TRP - loans out shares, those shares are sold into the market leading to the purchaser of those shares now becoming the ‘holder of record’. And that because the new ‘holder of record’ now enjoys voting rights over those shares, the lender (if maintaining a holding over certain thresholds) must update the market with the status of their holding, then perhaps it would be wise to rein in the hyperbole, drop the over emphasised punctuation and get yourself clued up.

Such misinformation can only be caused by either a lack of knowledge, a gross oversight or a willingness to cause further discomfiture among holders - the reasoning for which I shall leave others to speculate.

per ardua ad astra
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RE: RNS T.ROWE PRICE ASO selling up!!!
Thu 17:24

They have reduced as per the RNS, If they simply loaned out the shares to shorters they wouldn’t have to inform the market via a RNS as they still own the shares .
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RE: RNS T.ROWE PRICE ASO selling up!!!
Thu 17:12
So they took back 0.13% of loaned shaes and sold 0.9% of their holdings.

@ Mike they have definately reduced here. All those 6% of shares was already loaned out.

My reason for not touching this share is more risk vs reward. I have no idea where this will go for now. I would like to see the share settle first.

Not trying to point out all the bad things here. Just playing devil's advocate. This board needs all kind of opinions.
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RE: RNS T.ROWE PRICE ASO selling up!!!
Thu 17:01
They have reduced their position by 1% and recalled shares from shorts by 0.15 % so overall this is not massive on the other end Oppenheimer added 2 % so between the two there are still more shares added. T. rowe are in bed with us and leavinhlg like this would not profitable for them recalling shares from shorts is very likely to happen the price is likely to hit 70s in a couple of weeks. IMHO.
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Premium Chat Member
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RE: RNS T.ROWE PRICE ASO selling up!!!
Thu 16:55
Not selling but lending out to the shorters, which they have been doing for the last 12 months. Polar Capital probably.
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RNS T.ROWE PRICE ASO selling up!!!
Thu 16:39
3. Details of person subject to the notification obligationiv
Name T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
City and country of registered office (if applicable) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.)v
Name T. Rowe Price International Ltd
City and country of registered office (if applicable) London, United Kingdom
5. Date on which the threshold was crossed or reachedvi: 12 November 2018
6. Date on which issuer notified (DD/MM/YYYY): 14 November 2018
7. Total positions of person(s) subject to the notification obligation
% of voting rights attached to shares (total of 8. A) % of voting rights through financial instruments
(total of 8.B 1 + 8.B 2) Total of both in % (8.A + 8.B) Total number of voting rights of issuervii
Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was crossed or reached 9.42% 6.03% 15.45% 776,017,340
Position of previous notification (if
applicable) 10.45% 6.16% 16.62%
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Like IQE—AMS cuts revenue forecast
Thu 13:51
* Company is a major supplier to Apple

* Joins Apple suppliers feeling pressure (Adds Dialog Semiconductor, analysts, background, updates shares)

By Kirsti Knolle

VIENNA, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Austria's AMS, which makes facial recognition technology, became the latest Apple supplier to cut its revenue forecast, adding to growing evidence that the latest iPhones are not selling well.

The Swiss-listed group cut its fourth-quarter revenue outlook by 15 percent and pushed back its medium-term targets, blaming "recent demand changes from a major customer".

AMS, which specialises in sensors, did not name Apple as the customer, but analysts estimate that the U.S. giant accounts for 40 percent of the Austrian group's sales.

Apple shocked investors two weeks ago with a lower than expected sales forecast for the Christmas quarter, prompting suppliers including U.S. firm Lumentum, British chipmaker IQE and screen maker Japan Display to issue warnings that pointed to weakness in new iPhone sales.

Like Lumentum, AMS supplies Apple with software components needed for its FaceID technology.

Anglo-German chip designer Dialog Semiconductor, which struck a $600 million deal with the U.S. tech giant last month bucked the negative trend when it said late on Wednesday it does not see a drop in demand from Apple.

Dialog justified this by pointing out that it supplies many more products than the latest iPhones.

For the past year, investors had largely been willing to overlook stagnating unit sales of the iPhone because average selling prices kept rising. But Apple now faces fierce competition from mid-priced phones from makers such as Xiaomi Corp.

The California-based firm started selling its latest phone generation, the iPhone XS and XS Max in September and the XR model last month.

The new AMS guidance suggested between 11 and 18 million fewer iPhones would be produced in the fourth quarter than an initially estimated 77-82 million, Credit Suisse analysts said in a note to customers.

"This is largely in-line to read from recent Lumentum warning," they said, adding the Lumentum guidance would have implied an impact of 15-20 million iPhones.


AMS shares gained as much as 6.4 percent to 29.65 Swiss francs after a steep drop in early trade.

They have lost nearly 30 percent since Apple's latest earnings release and are down 70 percent since the beginning of the year and some investors see a buying opportunity, said traders.

AMS expects revenue to come in between $480 million and $520 million in the three months to Dec. 31, compared with the $570-$610 million it forecast last month.

The adjusted operating margin for the quarter is expected to reach the low to mid-teen percentage range after previous guidance for the margin to rise to 16-20 percent.

AMS also abandoned its 2019 revenue target of more than $2.7 billion, saying it now expects annual double-digit revenue growth for the coming years.
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Thu 13:21
a constant flow of news to national press - repeat national press - is needed from the company. will elaborate later when ive mastered this dratted computer.
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High volumes and trading
Thu 10:48
Share prices do not equate merely to balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. If that were the case, a lot of high-tech companies wouldn't have lasted long after their public listing. IQE has been a share for day traders for some time now. It's prime material, based on its fluctuations and volume. That trend continues, and this may help see it rise to historic levels earlier than expected. So long as it is partnered with faith in the company. Once that sticks, you can say goodbye to the shorters. Faith in the company and belief in its products are the driving force of any stock.
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RE: Good and bad
Thu 09:35
Unfortunately the accounting world is now ruled by pedants who insist on only reporting ‘GAAP measures’. Whenever you use ‘non-GAAP’ measures, there is a requirement to provide sufficient explanation about how the measure was calculated. EBITDA is itself a non-GAAP measure, and would need to be defined, and when you put ‘adjusted’ in front, you’d have to define that.
Gone are the days when we used to have audit reports which were 32 words long, and auditors had to form their own view about ‘true and fair’, and not caveat everything to limit their liability.
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RE: should go up a bit today -62p
Thu 08:55
Following an initial spurt in the share price, there has been concerted selling to maintain the share price at the recently-established low levels. It is difficult to ascertain whether the floor has been reached yet. This will depend on the valuation that institutional investors currently ascribe to the stock. However the share price will need to rise from here to 70p+ levels before retail investor confidence is restored. In my view, the share price has been hammered this week, and the restoration to previous levels could take a considerable time. The BOD will need to do all they can in the interim to restore market confidence. They project themselves as amiable and smart intellectuals, but I get the impression that the share price has been driven down to the current levels due to one ill-timed and vague RNS at 16:20 last Monday. My opinion only - perhaps an over-simplification of what actually went on to effectively reduce a company’s MCap by 30% in virtually half a day.
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Thu 08:16
Downgrades it's outlook as well due to reduced demand from "a customer."

I'm choosing to assume that IQE's out sized drop in EBIDTA is simply because the order was reduced at the last minute. They've made these wafers and they're just sat in a warehouse. Could result in a similar out sized gain when they're re-ordered.

Stepping back. The 3 new iPhones are going to sell a hell of a lot more than the iPhone X over time. If they don't Apple is in serious trouble. If the iPhone user base drops so does the user base of the ecosystem and all their other revenue streams will dry up.

iPad is a bonus. They still sell tens of millions of them a year I believe.

So, someone's misread initial demand and ordered too many components. For the above reasons I hope for aggressive promotional activity; and good discounting and holiday periods to get demand back on track. This will just have been a bump in the road if that happens.

One word of caution, a lot of people I know have indeed been moving from iOS to Android and aren't looking back. Maybe Apple are on a real decline?

Long term looks rosy for all the other diverse reasons already stated by others. Takes a brave person to buy at the moment though.
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War and Peace
Thu 07:55
It's noticible those writing the above book, continually report on shorting and negative aspects have been in action here for a while.

To write so much in a knowledgeable way takes an awful lot of time and research but to then say they wouldn't touch the share after spending so much time on it in recent months tells me a lot.

This fellas last post is full of its and scares while in fact we are where we are for a genuine reason of cancelled orders from Apple.

Imo Apple have become too big for their own boots and offer overpriced products in a market that has changed. Many as waking up to the clone phones for £150 & £5/month data deals to £60/month is no longer an attractive option.

As has been said though the products created here go much further than mobile phone use and I firmly believe the company will turn around this set back.
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should go up a bit today -62p
Thu 07:53
I think the sp should go up a bit today at 62p.
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RE: Got stopped out
Thu 04:14
Apple down 2.8% again the stop may have saved me more losses🤯
Posts: 1,889
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Got stopped out
Thu 04:09
That’s my lot will walk away with my 790 loss
Will follow GS in BIFF.
Director also steamed in a little while back
GL everyone still in ☹️
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RE: Not alone
Wed 23:42
IQE's profits will be down this year following Apple's pause in purchasing VCSELs, because sales of iPhones have been lower than Apple had hoped. However, over the longer term there is still likely to be strong growth in demand for IQE's VCSEL wafers for the following reasons:

(1) Models of Android phones currently under development from many mobile phone manufacturers are expected to contain VCSELs for face recognition, in order to compete with that feature in the latest iPhones.

(2) The next generation of iPhones is expected to contain a "world facing" 3D depth camera (which can be used for Augmented reality). This will probably contain a VCSEL array of much greater power output than that used for face recognition.
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RE: Good and bad
Wed 23:39
What I did miss on the Trading update was how they put in bold the following.
'Adjusted EBITDA....EBITDA after adjusting for the impact of one-off, non-cash and non-operational items'

Just bizarre for a trading update to be explaining a standard business term. Technical terms fair enough. Maybe better to just put the name in a bracket after the acronym.

Could the hit on ebitda be due to costs of the new facilities, other costs such as tax, stock inventory or writedown of assets? They issued shares for £90 million for this new facility. Is this now starting to eat into the bottom line? That or maybe a one off write off somewhere? That might explain the increase in revenue but big drop in ebitda. This is a firm very much heavily investing in new facilities and research.

Be interesting to see what they have in the bank at end of year. Also what they value stock inventory as. Increased inventory would increase costs while not providing revenue. Pending terms with clients they supply. Could they have really stopped Apple reducing an order? Probably more a macro environment thing. Could they have arranged business deals to protect themselves more? I wonder if they do long production runs and at times get caught out with stock. Their last few updates have talked about stock in the channels. Flooding markets with stock and hoping it sells seems hit and miss. This brings us back to the question of how clued up are the people running the business? More scientist than business people?

In terms of outlook for next 2-3 months. Not sure we can really expect any news. We know where 2018 is at. See what happens board and CFO wise. Director buys here? Would have to be big buys! CFO maybe? I think he would wait 5-6 months to bed in.

The question is what will happen to the share price once funds and shorters have fully adjusted to the new world. Will the major shareholders here keep propping up the share if it continues to fall?

As for share price firmly in the 50-60p range. Last year they made circa 14.48m profit. Real risk this year that could be much lower. See what tomorrow brings but I wonder if 50p could be tested here. For investors here I hope not.

For now I won't be touching this share. A friend of mine recently sold for 89p. He knew my view on the share. I suspect many here will keep topping up whilst the share continues to fall. Vicious circle of losses at times doing this! Shorts still at least 10.5% here. With perhaps up to 15-20% of shares still shorted?

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Not alone
Wed 23:30
We've dropped about 40%. But Lumentum is down about 33%, Aixtron 21% and AMS 46% - all from sometime this last month. And while Lumentum is clearly in the same timeframe as IQE the others are not, so it looks more general. That perspective helps me. (And it helps me not to just fire off against the board, whom I have no specific complaints about: shorters are not in their control - they can be almost a compliment, nor is Apple over-ordering). What shakes you a bit is the sheer power of Apple.
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RE: Good and bad
Wed 20:28
Join the club man,rode this from the bottom to the top , Bought right up too 1.70 on the cheap as chips bullshit on Advfn . From +£275k up to -£55k down . Suppose greed got the better of me , But like you I know it’s going to come back strong and going to ride it back to the top again . May even knock it on the head if it reaches 80/90 . Just had to let some steam out ..
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Good and bad
Wed 20:19
O the good side the company has 30/40million in the bank ,if I’d subscribed to the fund raising I’d be piss..d off there well down . I increased my holding today by 50.000 shares my average is now 90 but I’m still 60k down so it’s a waiting game the drop was well overdone makes you think the MMs are in cahoots with the shorters.I don’t think you can squeeze the share anymore so onward and upward. Ok yes would like to see the BOD get there head from up there Ars..s.
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RE: Board
Wed 19:11
I dont know if its ok to say Dont worry but hold on this will come out nice. We will some good news very soon. The drop has definately shook the board and they will now work around to hit the target. Long term guidance is intact. Large fund increasing stake is promising but takeover may not please us much provided if its above the share placement value. We want Lite to do well
Posts: 101
Opinion:No Opinion
Wed 18:56
As a lth all these predictions depress me. I want to hear from the board......given history they are inept at selling a good story. Genuinely believe in years this company will do very well. 50 percent down some of us have to weather the storm.

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