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New amendment law 32
Today 08:00
is it good for CEY? Please comment
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RE: Amendments to the new law
Today 01:24
This news came out today as a surprise to everyone. I 'm looking forward to reading all your thoughts and comments about it. I will also keep an eye on the media as I'm sure we will hear a lot about these amendments from many people in Egypt... especially the part about the compensation instead of enforcing the judgements and voiding the contracts.

Also still waiting to find out how these amendments, if approved, would fit in the appeal against law 32 currently considered by the SCC. If approved soon, would these amendments be added to the current appeal?

I managed to find one reaction, from the Vice-president of the state council:

And he is totally against these amendments. He says (How could compensation cancels a judicial ruling invalidating a contract?)

"More in the link"
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Amendments to the new law
Today 01:18

Following presidential instructions, the National Security Committee has prepared a draft of a law to amend law 32 :

Law 32 consisted of 2 points, the amendments consisted of one addition to each point.

Point 1 (briefly):

(Without breaching the right to appeal for the owners of the personal and physical rights of the contracted funds, appealing to invalidate state contracts, procedures or decisions is for the contracting parties only, unless there is a final ruling from the criminal court convicting one or more of the contracting parties).

"NEW" Addition to point 1:

(From the date of this clause, no criminal cases related to contracts, procedures or decisions could be activated without obtaining a written authorization from the council of ministers).

Point 2:

(Without breaching final rulings, the court rules, on its own, not to accept cases or appeals related to disputes listed in point 1 of this law in anyway different to what is specified in point 1, including cases and appeals filed before the effective date of this law).

"NEW" Addition to point 2:

(According to the judgement of the council of ministers, in the event of the impossibility of enforcing final judicial rulings, the enforcement could be done by a way of compensation. Impossibility of enforcement is considered if the economical consequences of the enforcement do not compare to the losses incurred by the state).

These amendments were sent to the legislation department at the state council and also to the supreme committee of legislation amendments.
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Egypt Incidents
Sat 15:20
That bombing was claimed by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, the most active militant group in Egypt. It attempted to kill the interior minister in Cairo in 2013 in a car bomb attack. They have not (yet?) formally pledged its support to IS.

The incident happened in the north far away from Sukhari (not that it diminishes in anyway my sympathy and condoleances to their immediate families as well as the Egyptian people).

Western diplomats briefed on intelligence reports have said privately for weeks that the level of antigovernment violence in northern Sinai was rising again, despite the contrary claims of Egyptian officials. Attacks by militants in Sinai have killed hundreds of soldiers and police officers since last year’s takeover, and including Friday’s attacks the militants have killed more than 40 this week alone, according to the Egyptian state media.

Militants have also continued to set off bombs periodically in Cairo. An explosion this week near Cairo University wounded at least 11 people — six of them security officers. A bomb outside the Foreign Ministry late last month killed two police officers.

Some English articles:
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Well said chaps!
Sat 14:31
As said by our other friends Siko my condolences to the Egyptian people and especially to the families of the soldiers you mention!
I am sure the Egyptian people are glad they kicked out Morsi and at least they have some more capable people in charge now to deal with the extremists!

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Sat 11:25
Very sorry to hear that news about the innocent soldiers, who were performing their civic duties, I feel for the families. We in Europe regard egypt as a strong country with an inate sense of justice- the people of Egypt are decent and strong- you will not be beaten by these so called religious fighters. MrH
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Egypt hostages
Sat 11:20
This is so sad for the innocent people involved. There are far too many people in the world who want to impose their ideology on to others and don't care how much suffering they cause to do it. They are just thugs and terrorists and care nothing for ordinary people struggling to make a living. I hope the Egyptian government can undermine and eradicate them both politically and militarily. Its a pity these events don't get more coverage in the western press!
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Sat 11:05
VERY SAD ! HAMAS ! they have been there for a number of years , and morsi did not do any good when he awarded Egyptian citizen ship to many thousands , later revoked by sisi , isis and the state, want the instability through out the middle east , to bring a religious war ? this in Egypt is a mistake , this country will not accept this , they will get there asses kicked in the days/weeks to come , sad sad day , feeling for the families , big time , I hope I never knew any of them . I will find out in the days to come ? my thought's and my prayers go out to all the families of the dead .
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Sad day in Egypt
Fri 21:58
Today was a very sad day in Egypt.
At least 28 soldiers have been killed so far and Egypt announced 3-day mourning.
There are rumors of some soldiers taken hostages, but not confirmed yet.
Al-Sisi heads a meeting for the National Defence Council confirming that Egypt will take revenge.
The army is sending more troops to North Sinai now with expectations to evacuate civilians from large areas in Sinai in order for the army to hit hard.
I'm watching Egyptian TV now and the Egyptian people are very very angry.. regardless of their political views.. Military service in Egypt is compulsory so those soldiers who died were innocent people and did not choose to join the army. They all finished their degrees and just serving for 1-3 years period. I personally served in the army for 15 months.

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